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Marvel Iron Age: Lady Deathstrike # 3

The roof of Bryce tower:

Inside of the Hand’s headquarters across the street chaos had broken out. The ninja had engaged the Iron soldiers and a series of explosions have rocked the building. While Ngumi the former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D sniped from the tower. “I don’t think Alan would like you shooting from his roof top.” Said a rough voice behind, Ngumi.

Ngumi turned her head, with her hand on the hilt of her sword and saw a black figure, waiting with its arms crossed. “Are you one of his, Shadows?”

“Yes, actually…” The figure pulled off its mask to reveal a teenage girl with long brown hair. “We’ve met before, in Chicago.”

“Esperanza?” Ngumi asked, getting to her feet. “You’re a long way from home aren’t you?”

The girl rolled her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair. “Alan is closing the Japanese arm of; Bryce Tech. Ferrum has been making it hard for him since the Chicago incident.”

“He’s not still in a coma.” Ngumi grumbled, as she slung her duffle bag over her right shoulder.

Esperanza’s eyes turned sympathetic and her arms hung low to her sides. “I’m sorry about your friend. Both of them.”

“Don’t worry about it. What do you want? “Ngumi questioned. “If I remember correctly you have a certain rule about killing I do not have. Are you going to stop me?”

Esperanza snapped her fingers and a glider materialized above them. “Alan added a stealth drive to the glider after you had your fight with him.”

The Hand HQ:

The Shadow and Ngumi rocketed to the Hand on their glider. “Top floor, Esperanza!” Ngumi ordered, holding on tight to the girl’s shoulder.

The glider shot straight up the building. They’ve caught the attention of an Iron soldier, who is gaining on the pair. The glider swayed hard to the right to avoid a repulsor blast and shuddered when a rocket exploded under them. “Damn it!” Esperanza shouted. The final floor was just above them and, Ngumi’s grip tightened.

The sound of tearing metal screeched passed the rushing wind around them. Ngumi looked down, the Iron soldiers fist tore through the glider and another shot right through it. Both fists parted in separate directions and ripped the glider in half, causing Esperanza to plummet to the ground below and Ngumi to spin out of control toward the building. Ngumi crashed through the window, hitting the floor hard.

Ngumi’s head rang and it was hard to stand. She was a large office. The floors had wood paneling, wide swooping arches defined the ceiling and a marble stair case lead to another floor of the office. Loud music played from the top of the stair case. Ngumi looked up to see a band playing a nu-classical tune, what Ngumi would have called metal a hundred years ago. Fronting the band was a girl who had the appearance of being in her teens.

What has come over me?

What madness taken hold of my heart?

To run away, the only answer

Pulling me away, to fall upon

The source of my recovery

Sweet shadow taking hold of the light

Another day, has been devoured

Calling me away, begging a question, why?

Ngumi rose to her feet and unsheathed the sword from her back. Rage built up inside her. She was so close to her target and nothing would get in her way. A few feet in front of her a line of eight Hand ninja's appeared from the tactical cloaks in their uniforms, their weapons drawn on the former Shield agent. With her free hand she drew a pistol holstered on her left hip, the ninja charged.

For saving me from all they’ve taken

Letting my armor fall again

Giving me the strength to face them

Feeling it taking over

Now, on a path to take it all away

There can be no better way of knowing

Ngumi fired four times, putting two bullets in the chests of two ninja in front of her. She ducked and connected a kick to the gut of one of the ninja who tried getting close to her left. She cocked her head up slightly and blocked a sword slash coming for her head, and responded by shooting the attacker in the head. Four of them circled her and thrust their blades at the same time. Ngumi leaped forward and parried a blade out of her way, but getting stabbed in the back of her shoulder, and slashed across her lower back in the process.

Ngumi bit her lip to keep from screaming in pain. Two ninja one in front and another rushing in behind her charged her at the same time. Ngumi spun out of the way and kicked him in the back, slamming into his ally, both of them landing on the others blade.

In a world beyond controlling,

Are you gonna deny the savior, in front of your eyes?

Stare into the night!

Power beyond containing,

Are you going to remain a slave for,

The rest of your life?

Give into the night!

The music was a distraction; Ngumi's mind wasn't really on her three remaining opponents, but on their leader. Ngumi had dropped her gun when one of the swordsmen slashed his blade across her ribs, leaving a huge gash that bled profusely. The other two ninja were upon her as well by now. One of them landed a right hook to her jaw that floored her, while the other kicked her in the ribs.

The ninja would go for another kicked that, Ngumi caught. Twisting her body sharply to the left and after a loud snap could be heard over the music, and with her free arm she plunged her blade in the would-be killer’s throat. The last two ninja kept their distance, as Ngumi got back to her feet. Her legs wobbled and she grew dizzier as the fight went on.

This self-discovery

Redemption taking hold of my mind

A serenade of haunting voices

Calling me away, to feast upon

The source of my felicity

Dark maiden taking hold of my hand

Lead me away from hibernation

Strong and unafraid, never a question why

Both assassins charged toward, Ngumi. She ducked as one of them threw a punch, and quickly struck a nerve cluster in his left shoulder, disabling it. The other ninja tried throwing a kick that she caught, responding by launching an elbow into his knee cap and breaking it. Ngumi whipped around with a roundhouse kick to the jaw of her other attacker. In a burst of rage she landed a quick flurry of punches to the ninja's throat and snapped kicked him in the chest.

Both ninja's were down and the music stopped. The girl had stopped singing and her band mates were lying in a pool of their own blood. The girl sat on top of the marble stair case that lead to her desk. A blood stained over-sized katana was in her lap. Her eyes were wide and a toothy smile beamed from her face.

"Taichou Ngumi I'm so happy to see you. I hope you liked the song. I remember you always liked the neo-classical stuff." She said in an excited voice. "I was so nervous!"

Ngumi said nothing and limped to the girl. "Classic, Lady Deathstrike move framing the Harada boy's death on me. Makes me miss the Wild Pack so much!"

The girl stood up, her strange smile dissolved into a blank face. She held her sword in her right hand. <I shall send you into the arms of the shinigami, Ngumi-sama. It is as I'd have it done to me.>

"Then let me hasten the arrival!" Ngumi growled, running up the stairs after the girl.

The girl met, Ngumi at the top of the stair case and without much effort kicked her square in the chest, sending the former shield agent tumbling down the stair case. She lifted her sword and rested it on her shoulder. "You know counting me only the four of us are left? You, Jessica, Sable and... me. Jessica tried to kill me last time, Leann blew me up. I had to get a new body." The girl jumped into the air and landed on top of Ngumi, stabbing her in the leg.

The air shot out of, Ngumi's lungs and the pain in her right leg was sharp. "Guess who I picked as the inspiration for the new body." She said, kicking the former shield agent to her back. "Look at my eyes. This is how I remember them. These lips. The hair I had to guess. She had her father’s nose I remember and I'll be damned if I use Holland's nose as a model." Her voice turned into a harsh whisper as she continued. "I think baby Takada would have been so beautiful if she grew up."

Ngumi's face twisted in a mix of rage and pain. The girl twisted the blade, digging through Ngumi's leg and into the ground. "I haven't seen you that mad since that time you found out Leann was preggers. Speaking of which do you and Sable still..."

Ngumi interrupted her with a kick to her belly, knocking the girl on to the floor but also yanking the sword out of her wound. She crawled to her own sword. "Taichou how many times have we done this? Every time I think I've killed you, you always come back. I bet you have the same thought about me. You've "killed" me twice already."

"Then I'll keep trying until I get it right!" Ngumi got to her sword and tore it out of the corpse's neck. She shoved her sword into the wood floor, using it to support her weight. "I'm not leaving, Kira. You know how this has to go." Ngumi's eyes narrowed in on the girl.

The girl was back on her feet and holding her sword in a ready stance. "You always picked the cutest nicknames. Kira... killer, eh?"

The girl bolted to Ngumi moving faster than any normal person should. Ngumi couldn't even react before half of the blade tore through her lower abdomen and out the other side. Ngumi coughed up blood and raised her sword above her head and slammed it back down into, Kira's chest. "Argh!" She growled, flinging Ngumi off her blade and crashing into a window.

Ngumi tried to breath, but only blood came out of her mouth as she exhaled. She put a hand over her wound, blood seeped through her fingers, and her vision grew hazy. "You bitch!" Kira screamed, tossing her sword away and ripping Ngumi's from her chest. "That really hurts!"

She leaped in front of Ngumi and held her by the jaw with on hand, while in the other she carried Ngumi's sword. "Sweet upgrades, huh? Cybernetics are starking cool!" She grunted as she drove, Ngumi's own sword in between her ribs, going through the other side and puncturing the glass.

The glass cracked more and more, they building still trembled from the Iron soldiers below. Ngumi pulled out a small device from her back pocket, small enough to fit between her fingers. Kira never noticed as Ngumi planted it on her. "I win Lady Deathstrike."

Ngumi smiled and leaned back, cracking the glass more and falling through the other side. "And may the shinigami take you." Kira whispered.

A sudden pulse shot through her body. Her arms and legs were no longer in her control and her body fell to her wooden floor in a heap. "That bitch. This is how she took out..."

Ngumi plummeted down from the top floor of the building. Her vision was shot now, and her breath was short. Her body felt numb and cold. Somewhere in the back of her mind she found comfort and was taken at ease into it. She closed her eyes and opened them. A bright flash of light above her blinded her and when she came to she was in the arms of a figure in black. Her vision fades again... there is nothing left.

To be continued.

Authors Note: Hope you like this. More on the way and I claim no ownership of the song I used in this fic. That is owned by Disturbed and of course Marvel owns all the other stuff.

P.S. Why the "I do not own" stuff? Never understood on Fanfiction.net either. These people who we fic from know we don't own it.

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Another great chapter, Ngumi seems to have more lives than a Buddhist cat

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There is a reason for that and I promise it's not plot armor. She does survive things she has no reason to sometimes

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@Time_Phantom: I trust you

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@Time_Phantom: Nice work there. Seems Ngumi has got her hands full yet again and a blast from the past with Esperanza turing up. @Time_Phantom said:

The glass cracked more and more, they building still trembled from the Iron soldiers below. Ngumi pulled out a small device from her back pocket, small enough to fit between her fingers. Kira never noticed as Ngumi planted it on her. "I win Lady Deathstrike."

Ngumi smiled and leaned back, cracking the glass more and falling through the other side. "And may the shinigami take you." Kira whispered.

A sudden pulse shot through her body. Her arms and legs were no longer in her control and her body fell to her wooden floor in a heap. "That bitch. This is how she took out..."

I think the small 'device' will save Ngumi's life :). Another goos read

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@batkevin74: Thanks. This pretty much does it for the Hand arc. Now Ngumi is at a point where "So what do I do now" is what she's asking herself. She'll get some help with that in the form of Alan Bryce's Shadows.

I just hope I didn't give too much of Ngumi's back story away. I'm trying to do that slower.

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@Time_Phantom: Not at all. Still got the whole Wild Pack era of stories

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Awesome work, i need to start writing again.

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Thanks if this has inspired you to pick up pen/pencil and paper or as it were a keyboard then I am doubley honored. Thank you for reading.

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Is this part 10?

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@time_phantom: Bugger! Thought I'd found the "missing" chapter 10