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Marvel Iron Age: Lady Deathstrike # 11

San Francisco:

Mr. Nobody paced back and forth on his yacht. He had lost the plans to the Ultimate Nullifier; the Iron Army was closing in on the woman responsible and no way to find her. “What’s the situation with our hired help?”

His henchmen five of them stood in a line in front of Mr. Nobody. One of his henchmen stood straight and took a step forward. “Real pros, sir. Armed to the teeth and ready to go on your word. One problem though.”

Mr. Nobody stopped and stared at the man, “And?”

The man cleared his throat. “The tip on the thief’s home was spot on. Only the guys we sent are dead. It looks like she packed up and ran. No ideas were to.”

“I know!” Said a female voice coming from know where. In front of Mr. Nobody a suit of armor worn be the Iron Army appeared seemingly from the air. The soldier was wearing a stealth variant of the armor. She took off her helmet, long blond hair rolled out of the helmet and settled on her shoulders. It was Lieutenant Amanda Trask of the San Francisco Iron Hall.

“You’ll need to hurry if you want her though.”


Ngumi packed a few cloths, her combat suit and her sword and raced out of her apartment. She got the information out of one of the burglar’s in her apartment. Mr. Nobody was looking for her and hired dozens of mercenaries to look for her. Only they wouldn’t. She was leaving the city.

She arrived at an old aquarium that was once an old S.H.I.E.LD hide away. It had a weeks worth of food, supplies, and emergency supply of credits in any number of fake accounts she could access. She walked around, a duffle bag in on hand and her sword in the other.

“This isn’t right.” She said looking around the place. Someone had recently been here. The entrance was still open and a couple of things were out of place. Like someone was looking for something. She walked to an old water tank; the glass was shattered with a fine layer of dust over it. Next to the tank was a starfish.

Ngumi grabbed it and twisted it to the left, then to the right. The tank buzzed and ratcheted across a track opening up and revealing a hidden room. “Who is that?” A small voice whispered loud enough to be heard.

“Shut up!” Whispered another small voice.

The entrance shut behind Ngumi. The lights turned on and brightened the room. It was small, two cots were set up along the wall and a little used computer was on the wall facing them. Ngumi looked under the cots and stared at them curiously. Two little figures were under them, huddled and shaking. “Come out. Slow!” Ngumi ordered.

The two figures did nothing for awhile. Then a little hand came out, then a leg and the top of one of their heads came out; a head full of silver hair. “Aunty… Aunty Gumi?” Whimpered the little figure.

Ngumi gasped as if the air had been sucked out of her lungs. She dropped her duffle bag and her sword, racing to the little bodies under the cots. “Kikumi, Kylie!” She got to the other side of the room in no time and flipped the cot.

Two little girls shot up and latched themselves onto Ngumi’s legs. They started to cry instantly. Both of them trying to tell the same panic filled story at the same time; shaking and freighted. “ Shshsh…” Ngumi said softly. Ngumi bent down and picked both girls up in each arm. Ngumi knelt down and held them tight. “Tell me what happened as best you two can. I’m here now.”

Ngumi could only imagine what had brought them here. These were Silver Sable’s kids. Something was wrong. Leann always kept her children safe. What went so wrong that she left them here by themselves? “First… first there was this call…” Kikumi started,

“Then a bad man, a …a scary man broke in!” Kylie finished. “We did everything mommy told us to, but he got in anyway and knocked Kiki’s teeth out!”

“Shut up!” Kikumi shouted. “Then mommy and some lady came in and a bunch of bad ugly guys that looked alike busted in and fought mommy, the lady and the bad man!”

Ngumi swallowed hard and shook her head. “Okay.” She said fast. “Then what happened?”

Kylie buried her face in Ngumi’s shoulder and started to wail. Kikumi sniffled and held back her tears, though her hoarse voice still cracked as she explained. “They killed them. Mommy and the lady. Then… the bad…” Kikumi stopped and looked away. “Scalphunter. That’s what the lady called him.”

Ngumi’s body was stiff and she couldn’t breathe. Her lips curled and she closed her eyes. “Okay.” Ngumi took a deep breath and exhaled, “Okay.”

Ngumi started to tremble and it was getting harder to breath. She bit her bottom lip and held her eyes shut tight. The girls started crying again and Ngumi opened her eyes back up. “Okay. It’s okay.” It wasn’t. Nothing was okay and wouldn’t be for these little girls again.

San Francisco Iron Hall:

General Ahern stood on the roof of his Iron Hall. He had just stepped out of yet another meeting that will give him a thousand more sleepless nights. ‘The things we do to keep order on this starking rock.” He growled.

“General, sir!” His assistant said running to Ahern. “Our stealth team has tracked Amanda Trask to the criminal Mr. Nobody. They have an army of mercenaries heading to shore as we speak!”

“Idiot’s,” Ahern sighed. “They can’t hope to get on land. Not before—“

“I must correct you General Ahern. “ A voice said over the Iron Hall’s PA system.

“What the hell?” Ahern yelled as the roof beneath his feet cracked.

The General wasn’t quick enough to avoid what happened next. An intense pillar of light blasted through the roof, making the section of the building he stood on collapse. Ahern fell off the edge, plummeting to the ground below. Just before his hit the ground his view was altered, the area seeming to twist and then total darkness.

In a moment everything returned to normal. He was on the ground at the Hall’s main entrance gate. In front of him was a sickly pale man in black segmented pieces of armor. Behind him were the burning remains of the San Francisco Iron Hall and dozens of Iron man suits flying off into the smoky sky.

“I am Mr. Nobody. General.” He said pointing at the building behind him. “My men and I will be taking some fire power, releasing some of your criminals inside the population and oh yes…”

Mr. Nobody smiled wide and said, “Ripping this city apart until I find my data.”


The girls were finally asleep after a few hours. She didn’t know what to do. Their mother, Ngumi’s closest friend in the entire world was dead; murdered in front of them. Ngumi felt like she was on autopilot. She suited up. Wearing her combat armor was like a shield against her emotions. She wouldn’t let the girls see her cry. Not now or ever if she could help it.

She sat at the computer screen looking for more information on Silver Sable’s death when the computer flashed an alert.


San Francisco Iron Hall engaged with enemy inside city, Area S.H.I.E.L.D cells alerted. Standby for orders.

“Standby?” Ngumi whispered. Ngumi to a glimpse back at Kikumi and Kylie. They looked so peaceful. Ngumi looked back at the computer screen. “Not a chance.”

Ngumi couldn’t wait. Not now. She couldn’t leave with them and just ignore everything going on around her. Not as long as the city was in danger, whatever it was she was going to help stop it.

Just Outside of the city,

Commander Augustus Holland of S.H.I.E.L.D:

Commander Holland sat in a stealth transport on his way to San Francisco with a small team of two other agents. “It looks like we’re running into a fight.” Said a white haired female agent in the back of the transport.

“That it does, Lodestone.” Holland said, watching the holo-screen in front of him. He was watching surveillance footage of a nearby Shield hideaway. A woman with two children had taken shelter there. The woman walked to the children, kissed them both and exited the facility. “We aren’t the only ones it looks like.”

“Transport is on auto-pilot, sir.” Said a male agent leaving the transports controls. “We’ll be getting the Queen lady’s package headed out of this stark hole.”

“Nothing is ever that simple, agent.” Holland said, examining the other agent. His head was shaved bald and he had a jagged scar from under left eye that settled at his chin. Tattooed on his knuckles were the words, Sin Eater. “We apprehend Agent Takada without harming her, and then we find out what’s happened here. Civilians come first.”

Sin Eater nodded and crossed his arms, looking almost disappointed. “As you ordered Commander.

To be continued…

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I love this chapter and it works well with what I'm doing in my current chapter of The Masters. Stryfe is pissed and one of his points of contention is the destruction of a few Iron Halls

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@joshmightbe: Looking forward to what else Zemo's got going on. Post soon and I'm glad you liked the chapter.

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@Time_Phantom: My next chapter is a bit of a set up to our first official Iron Age Avengers arc. Basically between what Zemo is up to combined with Stryfe's reactions should be enough to motivate the heroes to do something drastic

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@Time_Phantom: WOW!

I just love Ngumi and what you're doing here. Constantly impressive, excellent read, very touching moment in the Aquarium because Ngumi hasn't heard Jess' message and finding the girls...WOW! Just awesome! I am hanging for part 12, in my mind it's already overdue and should be out now for me to read :) Keep up the impressive work

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@batkevin74: You just the nicest things. New chapter should and could be out tomorrow. Finished a rough draft of a new original project so I'm kinda drained at the moment.

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need to know in u have plans for Jessica Mongoose

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I found this image here: http://www.123rf.com/photo_6723982_dangerous-asian-girl-with-katana-in-ruins.html

I don't think her face is quite Ngumi, but the idea is there :)

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