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This is rated M to MA: due to violence; comic book violence mind you!

It also links into all these other stories so if you want a fuller picture, have a read

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Jessica Mongoose sat at the conference table flipping her I-Dent card over and over.

“Drew, Jessica Drew”

She bit her lip, wracking her brain on where she’d heard that name before. It wasn’t someone she’d killed. It wasn’t someone she was supposed to kill. It wasn’t governors of Peruvador.

“Jessica Drew, who are you?”

She slapped the card onto the table and stood up, cracking the kinks out of neck. She needed a massage. Jessica bent backwards, put her palms flat on the floor and rolled into a handstand, her spine popping like bubblewrap. As her hair draped over her face and the blood rushed up into her head, tears welled in her eyes.

-What the hell are you doing Jess? Seriously, what? This isn’t like running with Lady Deathstrike and the Wild Pack when you were eighteen you silly girl. You joined the Iron Army…-

“Pardon my intrusion” said Vision as he phased up from the floor and into the room.

“S’okay” Jessica flipped back to her feet “Needed to get out of head anyways”

“You seem troubled Jessica. Can I be of assistance?”

Jessica looked at the synthetic man “What’s to stop me from going topside, calling my boss and hauling in you and the other starks?”


Jessica went to speak but had no idea what to say. She nervously put her hands in her hair, flicking pheromones into the room.

“Nothing and no one is preventing you from turning us in to your former employer except your conscious.” said Vision “I hope you will not”

“Hope pfft” scoffed Jessica “Hope left this planet starking years ago”

Vision smiled “No, there is always hope. Hope is why the Iron Army doesn’t rule the entire planet. Hope is why people rise up and question what they’re told, like what happened in the Latverian Quarter in New York. Hope is…”

“What do you know about hope huh? You’re a starking machine!” snapped Jessica

“I am. But I hope, one day to be more human. In the past I have been,” Vision paused, his synthetic face saddening. “Excuse me…” and with that he phased back into the floor.

-Now’s the chance. Head over to the nearest Iron Hall, call out their Hunter division and send them here. Patch through a call to the Supreme Commander and…say what Jess? I was working undercover. He’s a starking telepath! He’ll read you as a coward, a traitor and pull your head off your neck! Stark you Gerald! Why’d you kill Leann? Stark! I hope Ngumi…hope…damn you robot!-

Jessica snatched up her I-Dent card and headed outside in a huff.

Ferrum Tech Research and Development, New York City

Jessica Mongoose stood outside and gazed up at the building, all eighty stories of charred concrete and plexi-glass. Just by looking she saw easily nine access points, seems the eggheads worried about the first three levels and the roof; the middle was ready to be kicked in the guts which is exactly what Zemo and his crew did.

“I-Dent card!”

Jessica turned to the voice to see an Iron Soldier standing beside her.


“Seriously lady, I-Dent card!” barked the Soldier

“Do you have ANY idea on who I am?” snapped Jessica.

“Listen stark for brains!” warned the Soldier “Hand over your card, then I’ll know who you are, okay! Keep this up and I don’t care how pretty you are, I’ll smash your head into the pavement and drag you back for punishment in my Iron Hall”

Jessica went for her gun and then realised she’d left all her weapons back in her room. Slowly she produced the card she had.

- He’s in standard armour, so a palm uppercut to the chin followed by a knuckle strike through the visor w…-

“Okay Ms Drew, move along”


“Why are all the pretty ones dumb as well?” groaned the soldier “Move along! This area is under lockdown whilst t…”

Jessica slammed her palm up into his chin, snapping his head back violently. She lashed out with a knuckle strike which shattered his visor as her hand broke his nose and knocked him out cold. She looked around and then did something she’d done only three times in her life; she ran away!

-Idiot! Idiot! IDIOT!-

Al-Mar Food Court, New York City

Jessica huddled herself into a corner, a stolen scarf wrapped over her trademarked and very recognisable hair.

-Just turn yourself in, turn them in and…they’ll end up like Leann! Those poor kids! Scalphunter crossed a line…stark! Ngumi’s going to kill him, or die trying! Nora will. Hell if Domino is still alive, she might even make a run at him. Maybe I shoul…-

“Excuse me, but may I sit here?”

“Stark off idiot!” growled Jessica not even looking up “There’s a hundred other tables!”

“But only one table with you at it”

Jessica looked up at the moderately attractive man who was dripping in bad cologne. She shot up and grabbed him by the neck and kissed him, her pheromones invading his mouth, lungs and mind. She pulled back and watched the goofy expression on his face.

“Go play in the traffic” she whispered into his ear and the man skipped off happily out towards the street.

Jessica sat back down and tapped her I-Dent card on the table.

“Jessica Drew, pleased to meet you”

Latverian Quarter, New York City

Jessica wandered aimlessly through New York. She’d spent very little time in the city, there’d be no need, she’d arrive at an Iron Hall or Ferrum, get her orders or see her contact and be off. The city was a maze of concrete, glass, skyways above skyways; it was really quite depressing the closer to the ground you got.

-I wonder how that kid is going running The Federation of Somalian Pirates? Probably like the ones before, good at the start and then I have to pay them a visit…

Jessica snapped back to reality to see the street cordoned off by Iron Soldiers and barricades. A Hunter held his hand up signalling her to stop

“No further ma’am!”

Jessica looked past him to see Iron Soldiers basically stripping down buildings in the LQ, one by one.

“What’s going on?” she asked

“Spider infestation!” stated the Hunter “I also need to see your I-Dent card”

Jessica furrowed her brow as she produced her card.

-Seriously what is the point? They just check the card to see if my picture matches the card? Why in starks name don’t they actually check on it via the database? No wonder the world is in such a state when the rank and file…-

“Okay, now stark off!” said the Hunter flicking her card back at her. Jessica snatched it out of thin air and shifted her body to take him down when she stopped herself.

-You going to fight all of them? Stupid girl! Just tell him you’re Jessica Mongoose, one of the The Supreme Commander’s elite assassins…tell him he should just execute you on the spot for crimes against the regime! Tell him you’ve sided with the bad guys who want to overthrow…-

“I said stark off!” barked the Hunter as two regular soldiers joined him at the barricade.

Jessica smiled, flipped her hair and fluttered her eyelids “I do love a man in uniform. Do you want to get a drink when you’re finished?”

The Hunter’s visor shot up to reveal a forty year old woman “Flattered, but not my thing! Now move along before you get arrested”

Jessica turned to leave when she spotted a familiar face heading her way.

-Oh stark! Toomes!-

Master Sergeant Natalee Toomes marched towards the checkpoint, flanked by several Hunters. Jessica turned, crouched and pretended to do up her shoe as she adjusted the scarf to cover her face.

“Status report Corporal?”

“LQ search and seizure going as instructed ma’am!” the Hunter at the checkpoint threw up a salute as did the two soldiers. Jessica slowly stood up and walked away.

“Any problems?”

“No ma’am”


“…yes ma’am”

Natalee turned just as Jessica glanced back over her shoulder. Natalee scowled “Mongoose!” She turned back to the corporal “Do you know who that woman was?”

“No ma’am. Jessica something or other”

“Jessica Mongoose!” snapped Toomes as she slapped the side of the corporals helmet “Number one on the Supreme Commander’s most wanted list, you starking idiot! People like you make running this city a nightmare! Hunter’s in the air, I want to pin her in an alley preferably away from people but if not, stark happens! You two with me! Corporal, you are now a Private! Do you get me?”

“Yes ma’am!”

“ALL UNITS!” Master Sergeant Toomes roared through her loudspeaker as her armour powered up “JESSICA MONGOOSE IS HEADED WEST! KILL ORDERS ISSUED, DEADLY FORCE AUTHORISED!”

Jessica Mongoose, for the second time today and the fourth time only, ran like the wind as a dozen soldiers and hunters chased after her.

To be continued


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Did you not say your producing this today? you write fast lol I still laugh so much when somebody says stark off, what an insult... LOL

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@Pyrogram: Yeah I had the idea a few hours ago, wrote it up between feeding my little one and posted it a few moments ago. I write'em all down, even the silly ideas on my ever expanding word docs and then go over them. Some are gold, some are $#!+. But I also love stark as swearing! It's like Smurf talk and works if you want a character to go off their head at someone eg "Are you starking serious! What the stark kind of starkhole did to you starking crawl out of stark for brains!?!" :) it works quite well and you kinda know exactly what I mean

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@batkevin74: Man, that made me lol so hard, are you starking serious? genius. And to your displeasure My vamprie thing chapter 2 is nearly done lol

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Mongoose is gonna have quite a bit of life adjustments to make if she survives this. Also I may have to write up a future encounter between Lash and Toomes

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@joshmightbe: It seems Master Sergeant Natalee Toomes is a link between stories. First appearing in Scarlet Spider, then Fantastic Force, then Hawkeye, then a Tales from the Empire now here. I have no problems if she and Lash bump heads, but she is pretty much New York based as head of the New York Iron Hall's Hunter Division so she'll just call back up when fighting Lash, wont he be in for a surprise :)

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@batkevin74: He may not be as worried about Iron soldiers as most others are.

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@joshmightbe: Well this is true, he was designed to be a killing machine!

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@batkevin74: True, also him being admittedly created for the sole purpose of killing Stryfe probably makes him pretty high on the Iron army wanted list now that he's firmly working against them so I have a built in excuse for the fight.

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@joshmightbe: The Iron Army Most Wanted List: Jessica Mongoose, Karl Zemo, Dr Nathaniel Essex, Lash, Callous, Darius Stane, Kaine Reilley, Carol Danvers, Exodus...it never seems to get smaller...wait Doom did drop of the list :)

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@batkevin74: Zemo will be laying low for a bit since Corporal America damn near caved in his skull against a marble floor and Sinister is pretty much beyond Earthly authority at this point.

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@joshmightbe: But they're still on the list even if they're laying low. Doom is the only one to come off it...probably Silver Sable too :)

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Just read it. Great work. Jessica seems to be very reflective about how her life is currently going. She also seem to want this a rematch between Scalpehunter and Deathstrike to really happen. And I say...

Sure but not yet. Great work as usual.

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@Time_Phantom: great fights take time. Great REMATCHES take organising! :)

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