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(This takes place near the end of Battle for Asgard)

Hela's Throne room

The death goddess looks on in shock as Asgardian dead begin to rain down on her realm by the thousand. As she watched she hears footsteps coming from behind. She turns to see Damian Hellstorm walking toward her, "What business do you have here?"

He looks around, "Just overseeing my new patch of real estate. Think it could use some paint maybe an ottoman."

She glared down on the sarcastic hell lord, "Be gone from my realm."

He smiled, "I see you didn't get the eviction notice."

She stomped over towering over him, "I ordered you gone."

She waved her hand to banish him but he batted away the mystical energy thrown at him. He then gave a feigned yawn, "You have two options, 1. You give me your realm and I allow you a position in my court or 2. I take it and kill you or worse."

She laughed at Hellstorm's bravado but stopped at the sound of a heavy stomping sound. The room shook as the massive demon entered behind Hellstorm. She smirked, "You seem to have a greater issue."

Hellstorm turned to see the demon Surtur behind him. Hela was awe struck as the lord of the fire giants knelt before the hell lord and asked, "How may I serve you my Lord?"

Hellstorm turned back to Hela,"Depends on her."

She stepped back with a defeated look, "It is yours."

Damian chuckled, "Delightful. Surtur cut the place free from whats left of the trees."

The fire demon nodded and left.


Hela's realm was merged with the now consolidated Hell scape now ruled by Hellstorm. He gave an evil grin as he looked upon the new addition to his kingdom then turned and was suddenly on Earth holding a book in a small dank room where one of his demons held a prisoner. Hellstorm walked over to the dwarf chained to a chair, "I will ask you one last time. Is this or is it not the true Darkhold?"

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@joshmightbe: I liked it, can't wait to see what Hellstorm as planned with his new addition to his kingdom.

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@DickGrayson: I have big plans for Hellstorm now that he's the undisputed ruler of all Hell. The bit at the end was a bit of a hint about what he's up to.

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@joshmightbe: It'll work considering He has no soul to lose... If he finds the Darkhold, And if he uses it.

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@DickGrayson: And having Surtur as an enforcer doesn't hurt.

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@joshmightbe: No, no it doesn't. :)

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@joshmightbe: Ahh the Darkhold, I remember that little impish dude who carried it (had their own series in the 90's I think) Daimon is certainly liking this 'undisputed' title :)

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