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(This links in with http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-mockingbird-the-avenger-part-3/652268/ and also

http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-beginning-part-9/652503/#5 So have a read of them for some backstory if you wish, it does stand alone but has connections to the greater Marvel Iron Age landscape. This is rated M15+ has some violence, themes, coarse language (not really) and stuff. Hellcat is owned by Marvel, I just used the name on a new character. All rights reserved by Marvel/Disney; it's their sandpit, I merely play in it)


Australian Outback, Uluru

Samantha looked out across the red dust as the sun slowly sunk. She adjusted her shades that hid her striking green eyes and looked over at her friend Brian who was trying to have a pee.

“Are you done?” she asked jokingly “Any longer and you’re playing with yourself?”

“Stop looking!” he protested “I can’t go with people watching”

“If I get shot by one of them iron buggers because I’m on lookout for you and your bladder, I’m going to smack your head in!”

“If you stop talking to me” growled Brian “I could go!”

Samantha scanned the plain. The giant breathtaking red rock Uluru took up most of what she could see. It was flat, red and quiet; deceptively peaceful in the territory. Since the Golden Hulk had disappeared a few months ago it had gotten a lot more dangerous. It had always been dangerous with the crocodiles, red backs, scorpions, killer roos, taipans, mutant cassowaries and feral dingo packs plus the Iron Army using the whole place as target practice; but since he vanished the tin men have been out in force.

“Shake it and let’s go!” snapped Samantha “I’m a girl and I don’t take that long to pee!”

“Hold your horses!” snapped Brian zipping up “It’s not like the Seer has a closing time like Dusty’s”

“The pub? Is that all you can think about?” Samantha glared at her obsidian skinned friend, the light catching him so he almost shone.

“Sam, I’ve just lost liquid. I need to replace liquid”

“Well why don’t you drink yo…” Samantha stopped mid sentence at the sound of a repulsor whirring nearby, she tackled Brian into the dirt.

“What the stark!” whispered Brian lying flat in the dirt “How did they get so close?”

“I don’t know!” Samantha said through her teeth “But shush!”

The pair lay as flat as they could, and went as quiet as they could as two Iron Army soldiers hovered nearby, dust blowing up.

“Well I can’t see anything?” said the first soldier

“I’m telling you I saw a girl” replied the other

“That’s all you think about” chuckled the other one “Look it’s nearly knock off time so let’s just head back to the Hall and I won’t tell anyone about your bad eyesight”

“You’re a dropkick y’know” said the other as the pair headed off.

After a few tense minutes Brian and Samantha got up. Brian smacked Samantha in the arm

“What was that for?” she said smacking him back.

“You were on lookout!” Brian hit back

“I was! But did you notice the nice new paint job they’ve got? Red to blend in with the sand. I didn’t see them!” Samantha laid on a flurry of blows causing Brian to panic, curl up and try to protect himself from the firm but friendly barrage.

“Okay, okay” he protested “It’s getting dark. We better get to the Seer”

Cave of the Outback Seer

Samantha and Brian stood out the front of the cave entrance. Various bones were scattered about the place, Iron Army helmets and empty bottles. It was eerie.

“I don’t wanna go” said Brian holding onto Samantha’s arm “Let’s go home”

“You wanna go, go!” said Samantha sternly “But I have to go in. Years ago the Seer told my dad that when I was twenty one I had to come here. Well I’m twenty one and three days”

“Oh man I got a bad feeling about this” whimpered Brian, who then jumped as a dingo cry echoed across the night

They entered the cave slowly, Brian clutching onto Samantha for dear life. As they went further down into the cave it opened up into a large chamber with a fire burning in the centre. Sitting on an old battered couch was an old Aborigine woman drinking a beer.

“Don’t you b@$t@rds knock!” she snapped, the words echoing in the cavern. Brian nearly bolted but Samantha caught him and held him beside her, as much for her sake as his.

“Sorry, I’m looking for the Seer?” said Samantha


“Do you know where they are?”


“Ummm okay. Where?”

“Here ya drongo!” she snapped, hurling the can across the cavern “Me!”

“You don’t look like a seer?” Brian blurted out before hiding behind Samantha

The Seer stood up and marched over to them. Brian screamed and ran out of the cave. The little old woman glared up at Samantha “You’re Harrison’s little girl aren’t ya?”


“Pretty thing” she turned on her heels and marched back to her seat “Beer?”

“No…no thanks”

“Suit yourself” she flopped onto her couch “So?”

“So what?”

“Bloody hell! Do I have to do all the work around here” she wailed

“Okay you’re mad; possibly drunk…I think this was a mistake”

“Not so fast Samantha Maria Crowe-Toyama!” she snapped “Daughter of Harrison and Darleen”

“So you know my parents, big whoop!”

“Harrison son of Matthew and Jennifer. Darleen daughter of Eric and Melissa”

“And my grandparents” Samantha’s reply was full of concern and uncertainty

“Matthew son of Maria & Hiro. Jennifer daughter of Rodney and Mandy. Eric son of P…”

“Enough! Okay so you’re a seer”

“Or just obsessed with your genealogy?” The Seer looked deep into Samantha’s eyes “You are the daughter of the death and curiosity. When the world was nicer than today but still an evil place; the bringer of death and the queen of curiosity laid down! You are destined to raise hell, cause trouble and follow the path of the castle” The Seer threw a handful of dust onto the fire and aqua and pink images appeared in the flames; roller skates, skulls, cats, bullets, claws, horses “There will be triumph and tragedy for you Samantha Maria Crowe-Toyama not always in equal portions. You will leave the this great south land”

“Whoa!” whispered Samantha as she gazed into the fire. She saw an old man, bleeding, a skull on his chest, crouched behind some crates. She saw a woman with white hair being swarmed by Iron Soldiers.

“You will make the angels cry!” said the Seer throwing more powder onto the fire causing a massive eruption which burnt out the flame leaving the cave in total darkness.

After several still moments, the Seer’s voice pierced the darkness “That’ll be twenty bucks”

10.am Dusty’s Pub, Australian Outback

Four Iron Soldiers entered the building. The locals and drifters went silent as the four red armoured figures wandered around the bar menacingly “Scan’s detected mutant activity” said a soldier running a scanner over an old man sitting quietly in a corner “Don’t suppose any of you mongrels know anything about that?”

“Just an honest publican trying to make some cash” said Dusty polishing his bar, a slightly nervous look on his face

“We know mutants drink here Dusty” said another “But each time we come here they seem to have gone. Why’s that?”

“Cheap equipment” retorted Dusty, the bar sharing a nervous chuckle

“Well how about we blow a few holes in the wall?”

“How about you stick your head up your starkhole!”

The patrons gasped. The soldiers turned to see Samantha standing in the doorway of the pub, looking an interesting mix of sexy and dangerous.

“What the hell…”

“Hellcat actually” interrupted Samantha ripping off her shades to reveal her glowing green eyes

“We don’t want no trouble here Sam?” said Dusty

“You don’t” Samantha popped five razor sharp claws from each finger “I do!”

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Cool, loved the call back to Punisher's death

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@joshmightbe: Those who do not remember their history are doomed to ask silly questions about it...or something like that :)

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Dusty's? As in SLim Dusty? Love that as Australia is getting a represntation! Wooo hooooo. Nice work! SO she's the granddaughter of Punisher and Black Cat, WOw that's coolio! Looking forwrd to reading more

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"That'll be twenty bucks" lol

Awesome Job! Look forward to more of Hellcat! She's pretty damn feisty.

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@TheWholeDamnShow: Thanks, I was hoping that would get a laugh. Samantha's gonna kick some ass!

@tomdickharry1984: Yes it's a homage to the late Slim Dusty, who for those who don't know he was an Australian country singer who made 106 albums in his lifetime, won nearly every Australian country music award and hell here's a link go look him up http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slim_Dusty (Personally I'm not a country music fan but I tip my hat to a man who worked for six decades doing what he was good at, loved it and proudly Australian). Rant over :)

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@batkevin74: If the internet is to be believed surviving 6 decades on that continent is an impressive feat alone what with nature constantly conspiring to murder you

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Wow, this is very well written. :)

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@batkevin74: LOL

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@primepower53: Thanks man, part 2 going up shortly

@joshmightbe: Australia is a dangerous place :)

Referenced the Golden Hulk, hope you don't mind (just talked about him not used him)

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Epic times twelve!

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@TheWholeDamnShow: Thanks, there's a part 2 as well :)

@GR2Blackout: Thanks!