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Scranton, Iron Hall

Major Billiam McHatfield and his men were ordered to the field as a transport landed. A man in a three piece suit and tie stepped out and marched over to the Major, "Allow me to introduce you to your future replacements."

A dozen Iron soldiers marched out of the transport in line as the man in the suit, Dr. Maxwell Warren continued, "These are the new Slayer class armors, pure carbonadium shell piloted by Mark III Legionnaire super soldiers. The suits have near the strength of the buster class combined with the speed of the Expressmen armor. Think of this as a Beta test."

The Major gaped at the soldiers, "What do you mean replacement?"

Warren grinned, "If they succeed they become the standard issue, these pilots are genetically designed Iron soldiers who follow orders to the letter without fail, they don't think, they don't rebel. Perfect soldiers using perfect weapons."

A young soldier named Private Evan Sullivan interrupted, "Did you practice that in front of a mirror?"

Warren looked at him and then back to the Slayers, "A-4 this soldier is being insubordinate."

A-4 raised his arm and fired a repulser blast shattering the armor on Sullivan's leg and tearing it off at the knee. As the soldier fell to the ground screaming A-4 looked down on him, "Insubordination will not be tolerated, your next infraction is punishable by death."

Near Pine Barrens, New Jersey

Anatoly and Anthony sat on a high branch of the thickest tree they could find and waited for the krangs to leave. Anatoly glared at the creatures, "I'd heard of them but this is the first I've seen one in person. All in all I preferred the stories."

Antony chuckled, "On the bright side the Iron soldiers are generally terrified of them too."

Anatoly then asked, "Isn't there supposed to be some kind of devil in this area?"

Anthony looked down,"Urban legend, but if there were they probably ate him."

As the sun rose and the krangs had all wandered off they climbed down and ran in the opposite direction of the krang tracks.

They ran as far as they could before succumbing to exhaustion. They found an abandoned Al-Mar and decided it was a good place to camp. Anatoly looked around at the still fully stocked shopping center with old products rotting away on the shelves, "What made them leave all this behind?"

Anthony walked past, "I guess Latveria isn't big on American history, when the krangs showed up it was like an apocalypse from some ancient B movie, people fled for the cities like rats fleeing a sinking ship. Didn't even take the time for looting."

Anatoly replied, "I could see how the krangs could give you a sense of urgency."

Anthony then smiled, "Finally a bit of luck."

He walked over to the sporting goods section and found a large assortment of arrows and heads for them. He yelled back to Anatoly, "No fancy exploding arrows but we do have a few Barton specials back here."

Anatoly asked, "Are those good?"

Anthony nodded, "They were outlawed a few decades ago, carbonadium/vibranium alloy, plus when you shoot them they fire off like a shotgun shell and can go straight through anything but adamantium. Expensive as hell though, look at this, $5,000 for a half dozen back when they were legal. Thank Thor they're free, huh."

Anatoly looked curious, "Are you a Thorite?"

Anthony shook his head,"No but if he'd like to get me out of this crap I may consider converting."

The two burst into laughter

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here's part 5 I introduced a new kind of Iron soldier to work with

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@joshmightbe: Nice, I'm going to use/reference Dr Maxwell Warren in a story of the Thunderbolts, coming soon :)

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@batkevin74: Cool, I threw in a nod to Original Hawkeye here as well

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@joshmightbe: Yeah the Barton's, also isn't Maxwell Warren the real name of a Spidey villain?

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@batkevin74: Miles Warren was the Jackle, the villain responsible for creating the Original Scarlet Spider and Kain

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@joshmightbe: Ah ha! Part 6 (hopefully labelled correctly) will be up in the next 24hrs give or take

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@batkevin74: I was just making sure no one went through looking for a chapter of this that didn't exist with the disclaimer at the top

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Absolutely epic!