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Anatoly stood in the decrepit remnants of a petrol station “Of the surprise, I am not” He held up flaking, ancient paper that crumbled in his hands “We would have better chance of needle in a stack of hay, than finding map”

Anthony smiled as he looked under the counter checking out the ancient rusted revolver under the counter “Well at least we know where we are” Anthony held up a mouldy phonebook with the word Long Valley written on it.

“What are these?” Anatoly held up a bunch of faded mini plastic license plates with people’s names on them “What is a Tiffany?”

Anthony shrugged then paused. A look came over his face.

“What is it?”

“I don’t think krang leftovers were a good idea!” Anthony bolted for a private area trying to hold it in from both areas.


The members of Scranton Iron Hall hovered above the tree line. Major McHatfield listened on his comms; he exhaled waiting for his turn to speak.

“I understand Sergeant”

“No I don’t think you do Major!” came the furious response from the other end “You are encroaching in the jurisdiction of the Allentown Iron Hall! If the fugitives have ventured this way, then the Iron Pigs will deal with it!”

“You forget who you’re talking to SERGEANT!”

“I don’t give a flying stark Major!” yelled Sergeant Ermy “I belong to a proper Iron Hall, while you come out something that ran off the leg of some inbred starker! You cross the 40th parallel and I will personally, fly up to your tin shed Hall and knock your starking teeth in! Do you get me Major McHatfield!”

Major McHatfield seethed “…Yes”

“Yes what?”

Major McHatfield hung up “I hate that guy!”

Corporal Silvestri looked over at the Major “So, what we gonna do boss?”

“Turn off our tracking units, we’re going off the grid” said the Major

Greater Iron Hall of Pennsylvania, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Sergeant Ermy slammed his fist onto his desk “What a starking inbred hillbilly nutcage!”

“Problem sir?” asked Specialist Jackson Barnes

“Seems those clowns from Scranton are about to get a kick up the stark hole!” replied Sergeant Ermy “Assemble a squad Barnes! I want them in the air in fifteen to make sure those idiots from hick town don’t enter our jurisdiction”

“Sir yes sir!”

New Jersey

A-1 landed near the remnants of a fire. A-5 scanned the surroundings.

“What is going on?” Dr Warren’s voice buzzed in their ears

“Targets still on foot” replied A-1 “Heading in an approximated north-westerly direction”

“Immediate vicinity clear” stated A-5

“There’s a lot of chatter from Scranton and now Allentown” said Dr Warren “All units, converge on A-1 and A-5’s position. You will travel as a squadron”

“Affirmative” was the response twelve times over

Long Valley

Anthony and Anatoly walked through the forest in a general direction of west. Anthony moved slowly, still aching from the incident with the escaping meat from his body.

“I feel like stark!” moaned Anthony

“You don’t smell so good either” laughed Anatoly “But you have always smelt this way”

“I hope my brother is feeling this”

“Are you a mutant?” asked Anatoly suspiciously

“No, but we’ve had a connection, being twins. Just hoping that since I feel like stark, hopefully he’s feeling even worse”

“So if I smash you in stomach…” mused Anatoly

“It’s nothing useful!” said Anthony “If so, we’d probably make each other feel like stark all day, every day”

“What is story with your brother?” asked Anatoly

“Well…” Anthony stopped as he spotted an Iron Soldier flying overhead “Down!” The pair watched as the soldier flew off, followed by three others.

“We need transport” said Anatoly watching the soldiers fly away “And map”

“And a bathroom!” said Anthony as he ran off behind a tree


Sergeant Ermy & Jackson Barnes come from the first chapters of Corporal America:





that is all :)

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:


Thanks! (Do you know where that sculpture is? It's kinda awesome)

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@batkevin74 said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:


Thanks! (Do you know where that sculpture is? It's kinda awesome)

No idea I'm afraid. I just googled : "THIS IS AWESOME" and I got that.

Google did not fail.

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Awesome! With I had the time to write like I used to, I'm stuck between this and homework right now. I ever mention I hate script writing?

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@Time_Phantom: Script writing will lead you to fame and glory...or at least maybe a regular paycheck! Glad you liked it

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@batkevin74: Nice touches with the Iron Pigs and the potential food poisoning, I'll do my best not to mess it up.

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@joshmightbe: You'll do fine. Just thought a bit of saber rattling between Iron Halls over jurisdiction (happens in cop shows all the time, especially when they deal with the military) plus Dr Warren trying to prove his new A-Slayers are the bee's knees!

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@batkevin74: Could be interesting to see 3 crews of Iron soldiers going at it over jurisdiction, plus it could lead to a little more added stress for the Army.

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@joshmightbe: A volatile situation about to go volcanic! :)

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LMAO at that pic. Don't know why.

Very cool. Though it would probably make more sense if I read the first seven.

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@TheCannon: True, which is why I've cleverly put links to them at the start of the story, plus links to Corporal America (who I know you like) :)