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Inwood Hill Park, New York

The massive Crimson Dynamo unit touched down with a thump. Anatoly disengaged the servo-locks and clambered out to see Anthony fall out of the storage compartment.

“Did you not hear me?” yelled a slightly hoarse Anthony “I’ve been starking yelling and banging for hours! My back is all starked!”

Anatoly stepped behind Anthony and chuckled “Nyet, I did not hear” He grabbed Anthony in a bearhug and cracked his spine “For a circus clown, you complain a lot”

“Wow!” Anthony smiled and felt amazing as his spine realigned “I’m a performer not…a…clown” Anthony looked around at the debris still littering the ground “Stark! I’m right back where I started?” Anatoly looked at him, scratching his beard.

“It was here my life all went to stark!” said Anthony “Some starking tin idiot with a wasp up his starkhole changed my life! Maybe I’m getting a second shot”

Anatoly smiled “You are smelly drunken clown who likes to complain! I am pleased to call you friend” Anatoly hugged Anthony “I leave you now”

“What? You’re going? Why?”

“Now that I have my birthright, I must do my part” said Anatoly “I am to be meeting a SHIELD agent in Min-ee-ap-oh-list”


“Yes! This is place. I made contact with them during the flight. So I will be leaving”

“That sucks!” said Anthony, a little down hearted “I could really do with some help”

“I am convicted felon in an illegal suit of armour with spider tattoo!” laughed Anatoly “I stick out like bull in shop. Fate wants you to do this on your own”

“Thanks” Anthony extended his hand “You saved my life, several times”

“Dah! Be well Anthony” said Anatoly kissing him roughly on both cheeks “I hope you find your evil brother” Anatoly got back into the Crimson Dynamo armour.

“So do I” Anthony waved as the massive red suit spluttered and coughed and finally shot up into the sky. Anthony looked around at the remains of the circus “Right! Let’s get organised”


Iron Skirt Bar, Latverian Quarter, NYC

Alexander Salazar brushed himself off and got to his feet. Standing on the steps was Rolandas rubbing his jaw; several angry bar patrons behind him.

“We normally turn a blind eye to those who cross the Iron Army,” said Rolandas gruffly “But in your case, I’m calling them now!”

“What’s a friendly bar brawl between friends?” asked Anthony

“We’re not friends!” yelled Rolandas “Every night this week you come make trouble! No more!” He stormed back into the bar, the heavy metal door slamming behind him. Anthony contemplated going back inside and gutting everyone like the stupid cattle they were.

“Bah!” Alexander spat at the bar and walked off up the block.

“I-dent card!”

Alexander smiled as the Iron Soldier stepped out of the shadows “Oh officer, you don’t know how happy you’ve made me!”

Inwood Hill Park, New York

Anthony spent three days salvaging through the remnants of his former life. There wasn’t much left, he’d already been over it weeks ago, plus the scavengers and looters had been over it since then. But he got a spare bow and a change of clothes out of it, plus some peace and quiet. No giants lizards, no exploding gas fields, no Iron Soldiers, no forest devils, no diaherrea!

Anthony looked at himself in the busted mirror that formerly belonged to Helga’s the Siamese Bearded Fat Lady “Not bad, not starking bad at all”

Anthony headed in towards the city a second time. Almost on cue it began to rain

New Latverian Quarter

Master Sergeant Natalee Toomes looked up at the Iron Soldier that had been killed and hung up on a power pole as a warning. His helmet, gloves and boots had been removed and metal spikes embedded through them. His throat had been slit and his eyes gouged out. A sign written in blood had hung around his neck “Long live Doom! No trespasing”

“What do you think Master Sergeant?” asked one of her crew.

“I think we cut him down and start looking for an illiterate New Latverian” she replied as she fired up the electric tendrils of her armour and clicked on her megaphone “Iron Sentinels! I want this quarter locked down! Nobody in or out! Hunter Division! We go door to door, starting…” Toomes pointed at the Iron Skirt Bar “There!”

Rolandas and Algirdas stood in the doorway of the Iron Skirt, glaring back at the soldiers.

“This is that Salazar boy’s fault!” muttered Rolandas folding his arms

“Get inside and hide what we can.” whispered Algirdas as he watched three Hunters march towards him. From the roof across the street Alexander Salazar chuckled like a schoolgirl at the troubled he’d caused.

New York City

Anthony Salazar wandered the streets, keeping himself small and relatively inconspicuous. His face was no longer doing the constant rounds on the holo-screens, replaced by someone called Darius Stane. He breathed a slight sigh of relief; he wasn’t public enemy number one anymore.

“Okay Alex,” vowed Anthony “You hide and I’ll seek. And when I do, you’re a dead man!"


{Also this concludes my run on Hawkeye as a solo title. He'll pop up again in Tales of The Empire to conclude his hunt for his brother but for now, for me he's done! Joshmightbe may do a story or two after this, but this was my last on Iron Age Hawkeye, who is kinda awesome! So if anyone wants to take him for a spin, please be my guest. Hope you enjoyed. batkevin)

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Good chapter I can't really think of anywhere to go with Hawkeye from here so I'm done with this particular story tho I am open to revisiting it at some point down the line

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@joshmightbe: Yeah, I may use Anatoly/Crimson Dynamo in a crossover with Augustus Holland & SHIELD when lets me :)

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@batkevin74: I'm still looking forward to him meeting up with Distain

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@joshmightbe: Yeah gonna do something with that. Also do you have any issue with me taking back over X-Faction? AweSam has ninja'd away so...

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@batkevin74: go for it

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@joshmightbe: Cool! Maybe up soon

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@batkevin74: So Alex bad, Anthony good? Yes

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@4donkeyjohnson: Correct