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The New Jersey/Pennsylvania

“Hang on” Anthony pointed at Anatoly “What is that?”

“This?” Anatoly jiggled the GPS device.

“Do you mean to tell me, I’ve been wandering around the woods, avoiding krangs, nearly getting blown up, with no starking idea where we’re going and you’ve had a starking map the whole starking time!” Anthony’s hands curled into fists, his teeth clenched “Are you a starking idiot?”

“Now y…” Anatoly was silenced as Anthony let a punch fly, cracking him in the mouth.

“You idiot!” yelled Anthony as he swung another punch; Anatoly ducked under it and using the momentum flipped the smelly archer onto his back then sat on his chest with a thump.

“Hit me again,” said Anatoly “And you will no longer have to fear death at the hands of the Iron Army!” He glared at the pinned Anthony “I will explain, yes” He got up off Anthony and extended his hand. Anthony hesitated before taking the big man’s hand and getting to his feet.

“This device has battery limit” said Anatoly rubbing his mouth “Since we are in woods with no charger, I turn it on to check to see if my birthright is still in Pittsburgh”

“Oh” Anthony looked at his feet “Sor…” Anthony’s word didn’t finish forming as Anatoly smashed him in the mouth, putting him flat on his back.

“Apology accepted” laughed Anatoly who extended his hand.

Iron Army Troop Transport, on route to Chicago

Sergeant Ermy sat silently in the jump seat. Across from him sat Major McHatfield, wrapped like a mummy over the burns he’d suffered from the explosion in Long Valley. Towards the back of the plane sat Dr Warren, rocking back and forth like he was having a minor fit.

“If you damn hillbillies and you starking eggheads. stayed in your sectors,” scowled Ermy “Then I wouldn’t be on this plane, probably going to my death!”

“You pompous, arrogant bully!” snapped McHatfield “You sent your pigs after MY quarry…”

“IN MY JURSIDICTION!” bellowed Ermy as his hand instinctively went to his sidearm.

“Stand down Sergeant!” warned McHatfield “I still outrank you!”

“I’ll be starked if I let a major from a tin shed tell me, what to do!”

“I should report you, but I think kicking your teeth down your throat will have to suffice” McHatfield pushed himself up to his feet.

“How many people,” Dr Warren’s nervous tone broke the tense atmosphere “Ever come back from Chicago after they’ve been summoned?” said Dr Warren. McHatfield and Ermy looked at him, then each other and then quietly sat down.


Anthony finally broke the silence after two silent hours of walking “Sooooo what’s in Pittsburgh?”

“The Crimson Dynamo”

“Another circus act?”

“Nyet!” said Anatoly “A suit of armour based on technology from one of the greatest scientists in history, combined with upgrades from Doom technology and redirected Ferrum parts. My brother was putting final touches on it so we may strike like red lightning and possibly cripple the leader of the Iron Army!”

“So a red version of what the tin men wear?” said Anthony

“N…” Anatoly scratched his beard as he thought about it “Da! Essentially da! Now you spill about your doppelganger”

“My what?”

“Your twin”

“Alexander Salazar” Anthony gritted his teeth as the name scrapped like razor blades in his mouth “What a starking starkhole! If I’m going to talk about him, I’m going to need a beer or ten!”

“Bah! You rely on crutch” scoffed Anatoly “If you don’t wish to talk about your br…”

“I don’t want to talk about my brother!” snapped Anthony “He’s an evil sack of stark!”

Iron Skirt Bar, Latverian Quarter, NYC

Alexander Salazar sat at the bar, tapping a knife between his fingers. He looked down the bar to two men who were looking intently in his direction.

“Something the matter?” he sneered as he jammed the knife deep into the table and stood up confidently

Algirdas the owner, stopped polishing the pint glass in his hand and slowly reached under the bar to his taser pistol, just in case “We’ll have no trouble in here”

“Well, tell them cabbage smelling stark faces to quit looking at me!” shouted Alex as he flipped open his trench coat dramatically, an array of weapons dangled from his belt “You hear me? Huh?!”

Algirdas nodded at his bartender Rolandas, who poured a pint and plonked it on the bar “There!” said Algirdas “A free beer to stop your gums flapping”

“What did you say?”

Algirdas pulled up the taser pistol from under the bar, Rolandas drew a pistol also and so did six other patrons. “I said a free beer to stop your gums flapping”

Alexander looked around, counting the weapons, noting the angles and exits. He smiled broadly and grabbed the beer “Cheers big ears”

New Jersey/Pennsylvannia border

“I’ll make you a deal” said Anthony as they bunked down for the night “I’ll come with you to Pittsburgh so you can pick up your Crimson Dynamite…”


“Whatever; but when you’ve got it, you give me a ride back to New York”

“I will sleep on this” said Anatoly with a smile


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I like the little scuffle at the beginning, I'm thinking I'll speed up the trip to Pittsburgh a bit in the next chapter

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@batkevin74Very good.

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@joshmightbe: They've been 'lost' for days and Anatoly brings out a map! WTF! Of course he's going to flip. And I thought it was time to involve Alexander a little bit more

@TheCannon: Thanks

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@batkevin74: I would have finished my chapter today but my daughter's first pet died today so me and my wife had to spend the day in the pet store trying to find identical fish. Anyway I'll try to incorporate Alexander more.

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@joshmightbe: I am sorry for your loss. But as for Alex, if it doesn't fit what you're doing then leave him, I just thought it was time I did a little bit more with him.

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@batkevin74: Okay, I wasn't sure whether I could fit him in but I will if I can