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Long Valley

The Devil tore strips of Macfarlane’s armour, he shrieked like a girl as the odd horse-moose-bat-lizard-thing’s teeth sheared the metal away like butter. The Devil stopped suddenly, its ears twitched and it bolted into the forest.

“Ahhh stark me!” wheezed Macfarlane “Hello? Scranton? Stark it!” He lay on the ground panting at the close call when he saw twelve armoured men fly down “Hey! Little help?”

“Targets are in vicinity” stated A-4

“Agreed and confirmed” added A-6

“Cryptozoological life form detected…inconsequential to search parameters” said A-9

“Hey!” yelled Macfarlane “Could you help?”

The Slayer units all looked at Macfarlane lying in his shredded armour.

“Verifying” said A-1 “Dr Warren?”

“Yes” came the reply

“We have a downed member of the Scranton Iron Hall; one Todias Macfarlane” said A-1 “Injured in some sort of attack by unknown life form”

“Is it Salazar?”

“No sir”

“Then I don’t care!”

A-1 nodded and all twelve units raised their weapons.

“Don’t! Please! C’mon” pleaded Macfarlane


Anthony and Anatoly ran through the woods, leaping trees and rocks heading as fast and as far as they could away from the Jersey Devil they’d spotted.

“Your devil creature reminds me of animals I saw in Indakistan” said Anatoly “Weird mutant creatures”

“You’ve been to Indakistan?”

“I go where job is! Job is in Indakistan, I go to Indakistan”

Anthony smiled “Sounds familiar”

The pair made to it to a clearing when Anthony held his hand up and doubled over, panting and wheezing

“You are out of shape” said Anatoly

“I’m going to hurl!” coughed Anthony “I normally just shoot arrows and have a beer. This jungle adventure racing is killing me”

“I think Iron Army be killing you” said Anatoly pointing to the six men in black armour flying down towards them

“Oh stark me!” said Anthony reaching for an arrow

“It gets better” groaned Anatoly as he gripped Anthony’s arm “There are twelve more behind us”

“Well that’ll make an even double dozen when the lot over there land” said Anthony as he slowly walked in a circle viewing the approaching tin men “Got any get escape tricks left?”

Anatoly looked at the men closing in on them “Just one” He dropped to his knees and put his hands on his head.

“You’re surrendering?” cried Anthony

“Do you have better plan?”

“Salazar and Vanko!” bellowed A-1 “You will surrender into our custody or you will executed”

“Anthony Salazar. You are under arrest. By order of the Supreme Commander you will come with us!” stated Specialist Jackson Barnes

“Now hold the stark on!” yelled Major McHatfield “These fugitives are mine!”

Anthony looked at Anatoly and around at the twenty four armoured men surrounding them “If we play cool” whispered Anthony “We may just get out of this alive”

Greater Iron Hall of Pennsylvania, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Sergeant Ermy clipped on his battle gauntlets and flipped on his comms “Status update Barnes?”

“Minor problem sir”

“Well spit it out son!” he yelled

“Seems Scranton Iron Hall h…”

“WHAT? Did those inbred, stark-faced, hillbillies enter my territory?! I’m on route!” Sergeant Ermy smashed the comms off sending plastic and circuitry flying “Iron Pigs, on me!


Mobile Command Centre, shore of Lake Scranton

Dr Warren smiled as he poured over the data of his Slayer units “Can’t wait to rub this in your face Prince,” he chuckled “I can almost smell your funding evaporating!”

“Dr Warren?”

Dr Warren groaned “Yes A-1”

“Allentown Iron Hall and Scranton Iron Hall are on site”

“A-1, unless you are calling that you have captured Salazar then why must I do all your thinking for you? Do you have Salazar?”

“Negative sir”

Dr Warren hung up the comms and returned to reviewing his data

Scranton Iron Hall

Private Bor Liefeld sat at the front desk, a puzzled look on his face as he opened up a link to his superior.

“Major McHatfield?”

“Kinda busy here Liefeld!”

“Well just wondering, what time I go for lunch?...Sir?...Did you hang up? Sir?”


Anthony looked at the three distinct groups surrounding him and Anatoly. Twelve high tech soldiers looking almost more machine than man. Six Iron Soldiers from Allentown in sparkly and shiny armour; and six soldiers from Scranton looking like they’d seen better days. All of them with a vested interest in Anthony

“Would any of you believe that you’re looking for my identical twin brother?”


To be continued by

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