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March 3 2197

Stalker Raven 34, field journal entry 43

I was never meant to be here, I was considered defective by the doctor. Unlike the rest of the Ravens I was incapable of shape shifting my abilities were limited to camouflaging myself to match my surroundings. The other Ravens got together and convinced him that I could still be useful. And now I'm the last of my kind. The doctor decided my kind wasn't reliable or something along those lines and sent the Creeds out to hunt us down and slaughter us all. I only survived because my mentor Raven 8, sacrificed herself to keep me alive. I'm alone and I have nowhere to go, what am I supposed to do now?

4 years later

Raven's field journal entry 87

I was had just left my contact after collecting my fee for liberating some Ferrum tech for him, when I noticed a familiar face being dragged off by goblin's heading toward the Grind. It was David Hardy, the guy traveling with the rebellious Creed. I owed him one so I headed in the direction he was coming from to see if his friend would help get him back. When I found 7 he seemed unaware of David's predicament but he didn't hesitate to come with me. I told him all about the Grind, it's the closest thing those lunatics have to a city. Pretty much nightmare fuel for all the people outside the cities, the goblins take people there to "fight" for the their amusement. Mostly they force random people to get killed by what ever mutated monstrosity they've managed to catch.

Creed 7, field journal entry 7

I was sitting at our camp site finishing up my modifications on my repulser gloves when the woman calling herself Summer ran up to me, she informed me that David had been dragged off by members of the band of thugs known as the goblins to a place called the Grind. We ran off following the trail left behind. This woman is obviously not quite human given the fact that she had no trouble keeping up with me as I ran. We stopped a few hundred yards from the ramshackle structures that made up the grind, multiple poorly built shanties built around a large dilapidated arena that had to be at least 150 years old by the looks of it. Summer told me that this had once been a city and the Grind had been the home of a professional sports team. There were hundreds of goblins who started to flee like rats as we noticed the place begin to rumble. Summer and I prepared for a fight but they ran right past us without notice.

As the arena collapsed we saw David sitting outside the rubble sweating and breathing heavily. Just as we were about to ask him what had happened a large bloodied mutate burst from the rubble headed for David so I shot it with a full power repulser blast as David jumped to his feet. He said he's explain everything once we got away from this place.

David Hardy's voice journal

After we'd eaten some breakfast 7 started tinkering with his gloves so I headed toward a stream to refill our canteens. I'd been there a few minutes when I heard them pull up. Goblins on their old beat up motorcycles. They jumped me and dragged me off. After about 20 minutes or so they tossed me in a truck with several other people, and we headed toward the Grind. Every spider has heard the stories about people getting snatched up and taken to be dropped into a pit with some monster while a crowd cheered so I had a good idea what I was in store for. I was really hoping for 7 to show up and save my ass again but so far it wasn't looking to be the case.

The roar of the crowd was deafening when the announcer told them I was a spider and who my opponent was. It's name was Ike, I got nervous when I heard the chains rattling then it stomped out. It looked like it could've been a bastard child of the Hulk and a Grizzly bear, it had to be 8 feet tall and furry with huge claws on it's hands, I quickly tried to remember everything the old man had taught me about fighting larger opponents and tried my very best not to panic or scream like a little girl or do any of the terrified actions that were racing through my brain at the time, then they let it off the chain and it charged.

I dodged the first shot which shook the whole place as it's fists slammed into the ground, the second one was easier to dodge and I realized that though it was huge and could most likely kill me with one hit, it was very slow and none too bright. So I came up with a plan. With it's next attack I rolled away from it and grabbed a fist full of rocks off the ground and started chucking them into its eyes, this made him furious and he started swing wildly at one point hitting a wall causing the a large crack in the wall and halting the cheers of the crowd. The next time he slammed down I jumped on it's back and jammed a particularly sharp rock into his eye and held on tight as it thrashed like an angry bull. He started running backward trying to slam me into a wall but I jumped off just in time to see him go right through a primary support wall. Suddenly the crowd started jumping out of their seats as Ike came back through the wall now hell bent on crushing me. I took off as fast as I could to get away from it as he charged. Then he jumped at me with all the power his legs could muster and I jumped out of the way just in time to see him finish the building off as I ran out of the collapsing structure. I dropped to the ground just outside the place where 7 was running up along with Summer.

Just as I was starting to relax Ike burst out of the rubble but 7 blew his head clean off without hesitation, I got up and said hello to Summer who said " I should hang out with you guys more, you're fun" momentarily ignoring her strange definition of fun I suggested we leave before the goblins come back pissed off.

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Ohhhh Summer is a clone of Mystique, niiice.

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@PrinceIMC: She looks like a normal human though and like the Creeds the Ravens also have a mix of some others which is why she can keep up with 7 when he's running top speed

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@joshmightbe: Cool.
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@PrinceIMC: from this point on she's going to be a regular but she's not going to be in every chapter

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Good job