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Nation of the Plains, Arizona

Thrud sits alone, tears stream down her face. She'd been told of the fate of her father and Asgard. At the base of hill she sits on Bethany Warhorse steps toward her when suddenly she feels a dark presence. She turns to see a man standing out in the dessert. He notices her and begins to walk over. She walked out to meet him, "Your kind aren't welcome here."

He gives the woman a bemused look, "Your little circle stops about a hundred feet west of here, I have free roam here."

She looked over to the marker that shows their border and suddenly a bit of fear creeps over her, "I..I order you away from here."

He felt a tug of invisible force and then begins to laugh, "You don't have that kind of power lady."

He then waved a hand sending her flying back. She hit the ground hard banging her head on a rock. As she felt the blood Hellstorm knelt beside her, "You're gonna try to waste a lot of time here aren't you?"

She then attempted to stab him with her knife but he caught her wrist. She winced as his hand burned her but she couldn't scream or make a noise. Her jaw seemed locked shut. He then placed two fingers on her forehead, "I'm going to do you a favor. Remember your uncle Fred?"

She gave him a fearful look as he continued, "He was a bad man, wasn't he? So bad in fact that I got him. I'm going to let you see exactly what he's been going through since he died. Say hi for me."

Her eyes turned black as she silently writhed on the ground. He then looked up the hill and began walking toward the grieving Asgardian who had been to distracted to notice what had gone on below. She heard a foot fall behind her and turned to see what appeared as her brother Modi. Her eyes went wide and she stumbled over to him, "Brother, please forgive me."

He knelt down and put a hand on her shoulder, "Calm yourself sister. I am not angry with you, but I have something important to give you."

He then pulled out a black envelope, "This will give you what you need to Avenge our father."

She took the envelope and stood. She looked up to ask Modi what it was but he was gone. At the base of the hill Hellstorm looked down on Bethany, "Suppose I should put you out of sight."

He snapped his fingers and she was teleported to her own bed.

Doomstadt, New Latveria

7 and David arrived at Castle Doom along with Molly, Fry and Sam. Molly hadn't uttered a word since they'd left Asgard. Stryfe had ripped into her mind and violated her inner most thoughts. For the first time in her life she felt helpless. She left the men to go for a walk to clear her head while Fry led them the Abomination's quarters.


7 was growing increasingly agitated as it became apparent he was entering a dungeon. Fry took them in and 7 gritted his teeth as the guard unlocked the barred door leading to Abomination's room. He smiled brightly at them and waved. When 7 saw the shackle on his wrist he grabbed Fry by the shoulder and spun him around, "Why is he in chains?"

Fry dropped his head, "That's what I wanted to talk to you about."


Castle Doom, Throne Room

Carol looked up with a start as the large door swung open slamming into the wall. 7 marched toward her with a hateful look on his face as a guard attempted to stop him. He swatted the man to the ground as Carol stood up, "What seems to be the problem?"

7 glared at her, "What the hell is he doing chained to a wall?"

She put up her hands and spoke in a calming tone, "I know what this looks like, but we have our reasons."

He chocked back his rage and spoke in a condescending tone,"I'm sure you do."

Her eyes narrowed, "He killed the Hulk!"

7 roared back, "He stopped a rampage!"

Fry, David and Sam then arrived to see 7 and the Queen glaring at each other. Fry stepped between the two, "Let's take this down a notch."

The two glared down at the agent and 7 took a step back as Carol spoke, "We have no idea how powerful he actually is and mentally he's basically a toddler."

7's rage returned, "So he spends the rest of his life in a cage because you fear him?"

She dropped down on the throne, "We let him out when we need him."

She gave 7 a curious look when he chuckled, "So you want him for an attack dog. Shield, Latveria, Ferrum, all the same. You humans get the throne while the rest of us hope you decide we're useful enough to be allowed to live. You're no better than Sinister."

She chewed her lip for a second, "That's not fair and you know it."

7 shook his head, "I'm taking him out of that dungeon."

She then jumped back to her feet, "You have no authority here. I understand your frustration but the facts remain, he's dangerous and unpredictable. I'm sorry but I cannot allow him to wander around unchecked."

7 pulled a Shield comm out of his bag and tossed it at her feet, "I'm done here, I'm going down and getting my friend."

Suddenly her hand was on 7's throat and the two hovered a few feet off the ground, "I'm a damned Queen, you don't speak to me with that tone."

7 growled out, "Doom would be so proud."

She then dropped him to the ground and lowered herself. Her tone changed, "I..I'm sorry. Take him and go. I won't let him wander my nation but you're right, its wrong to keep him locked up."

She looked disappointed but not at anyone in the room just herself. As she headed toward the door she stated,"I'll provide a transport to the border, after that you're on your own."


7 sat down next to the Abomination, "We're going on a trip, how's that sound."

Abomination smiled and nodded, "Okay."

He then went to gather his things but looked back to 7, "What my name?"

7 shrugged, "We don't really have names."

Abomination nodded, "Want one."

7 started thinking about it but David cut in, "We'll call you Lennie."

7 and Fry gave David an odd look. He shrugged, "Trust me, its the most fitting name here."

Fry nodded, "Let's just keep him away from puppies."


Molly sat in the woods alone on a rock staring off into the distance when she heard someone approaching from behind smelling faintly of sulfur. She turned to see a man in a black trench coat. Hellstorm gave her a wave as he continued toward her, "Miss Creed, I have an offer for you."

She gave him a wary look, having no idea who he was yet the animal part of her brain was screaming for her to run. As she was about to start he stated, "He hurt more than your pride didn't he?"

She halted to look back as he pulled out a black envelope, "What's in this will ensure no one can ever do anything like that to you again. Open it or not, you're choice."

He placed the envelope in her hand and was gone. She stared down at the envelope and considered what it could be.

(To be continued)

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There sure is a lot of these.

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@DickGrayson: yea, I write more of this than anything else

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@joshmightbe: Hmmm mysterious black envelopes...they don't seem like Oscar Winner envelopes :)

Daimon is certainly getting busy. Love 7 Vs Carol, would actually like to see them throw down!

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@batkevin74: The Hellstorm thing will also stretch into Ares and if anyone else feels like tossing the black envelopes into their chapters go for it. He doesn't always need to hand deliver them though.

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@joshmightbe: So I can see, Ha. And Hellstorm would be cool to throw into a chapter of mine, but not right now though, I have plans... Muhahaha!

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