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2 miles south of Bifrost base

The team prepares themselves for a covert assault on the base. Magni wanted to charge the place but had been out voted. Jenkins searched the back chapters of his book for protection and hiding spells. Morton and Quartermain made sure the pulse rifles were fully charged. Walker sharpened her blades as 7 and the rest studied a schematic of the base.


The Supreme Commander stood in a room with the Hunter division from Valley City, "Who gave the order to fall back?"

The division captain stepped forward, "We were under the impression that the Mark 6 5s could handle....."

Stryfe cut him off, "So you took it upon yourself to countermand my specific orders because you felt like it?"

The captain gulped as he saw the sword in the Supreme Commander's hand. Stryfe walked over to him and continued, "Do you know why there were only 12 God Slayers?"

The man started to answer but a glare shut him up. Stryfe took a breath, "15.8 billion dollars each, that is the cost for a Mark 6 5 Sentinel. If you take your armor and salary into account 1 of them is worth 200 of you. Your misjudgment cost me 47.4 billion. You have exactly two seconds to give me a reason to let you live.

The captain stammered a bit, "Well sir......"

His head hit the floor a half second before his body as Stryfe asked the men, "Anyone else think they know better than me?"

They responded in unison,"No Sir."

Ruben and Wrecker watched through a large mirror. Wrecker raised an eye brow, "I heard he has the heads mounted on his wall at home."

Ruben nodded, "I wouldn't be surprised."


Molly, Fry and David stood on the North side of the base. David noticed Molly staring at him, "What is it?"

She had a concerned look, "Something has awakened in your mind, something angry."

David thought back to the airport basement, "We'll worry about that later, we got work to do."

Fry gave her a knowing look, "It'll have to wait."

Jenkins and Morton took to the south. As they approached the gate Morton turned to Jenkins, "You sure we can't be seen?"

Jenkins shook his head, "Seen? No. But we can be heard so can it."

They slipped inside as a supply truck entered.

At the East end Magni and Walker stood near a fence waiting for a guard to move on. Magni gripped his hammer and whispered, "I could make him move."

Walker nodded, "Yes and you'd get me killed in the process."

He sighed, "Bah, mortals."

As the guard moved on Walker ran to the fence and sliced open a portion and waved Magni in.

7 and Quartermain slipped in through a large water pipe. Quartermain did his best not to think about the contents of the water as they slogged through the underside of the base. 7 looked over to him, "The cannon should be near the center."

Molly managed to telepathically force the North Gate Guards to allow them to pass and then forget about them. The three of them then made their way to a guard shack. Fry tapped on the window and when the guard went to check David yanked him out and drove a claw from his suit through the guards chest. Molly then entered and disabled the monitoring system.

Magni drove his hammer into the skull of a guard as Walker found the base's power generator. She disabled it and instantly the place went dark. They slipped away in the shadows as they saw lights from armored soldiers headed their way.

Jenkins handed a confused Morton a stack of post it notes with writing on them, "I'd rather have some C-4."

Jenkins chuckled, "Trust me, these are better."

The two then split up slapping the small, nearly unnoticeable slips of paper in strategic locations to ensure the group a clear exit.


7 and Quartermain made their way through the base sewer line without much trouble and quickly found the center. 7 attempted a scan but the energy from the cannon disrupted it so the decided to chance it. They climbed out of a manhole outside the structure containing the cannon. As they stood a spot light landed on them. From behind they heard a voice, "You were so close."

The remaining nine God Slayers stood around the area shining light down. 7 looked on and saw the entire wrecking crew standing over most of his team. The Supreme Commander stepped forth, "I can promise a quick death if you tell me where the Asgardian is."

Magni and Walker watched from the roof of a near by barracks as 7 and Quartermain were forced to their knees. Walker caught Magni by the shoulder, "Give me a minute to think before you do something stupid."

He glared down at the woman, "Think fast."

She started to consider the situation when thunder began to ring out over head. She glared at Magni. He shrugged, "Tis not I, nor is it natural."

Wrecker shouted to the Supreme Commander, "No worries boss man, the took him down last time without a full crew."

He looked back,"Are you sure?"

A blast of energy came down from the sky and tore through a God Slayer. It fell crushing several of the Hunter class soldiers along with a good portion of the base. A second later the ground shook as someone landed before the Wrecking Crew.

On the roof a smile came across Magni's face, "Beta Ray Bill."

He then spun his hammer as Walker ran over, "Wait..."

When the wrecking crew saw Bill their expressions changed. Wrecker looked at his crew, "What you waiting for boys?"

He charged forward and Bill smashed Stormbreaker into his face sending him flying. Another ran forward but was struck down by Mjiollnir as Magni landed next to Bill. Bill looked to Magni, "I came to aid you in freeing my Asgardian brothers."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Cool chapter, love Magni getting frustrated. Something tells me that the symbiote thing David Hardy is wearing is doing something to him, maybe like Peter Parker of old with the 'let's be one' thing! God chapter, oh is The Supreme Commander using the Muramasa Blade by any chance, to chop people's heads off?

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@batkevin74: Hadn't thought about the sword too much honestly. I just figured he'd consider decapitation a great intimidation tactic.

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@joshmightbe: Well after the Thanos Sanction in New Latveria, Stryfe was a little miffed. Iron Claw presented him with the Muramasa Blade that he stole from Castle Doom (presumably) which mad the mad bastard crack a small smile. From

* Warforce One

The Supreme Commander’s plane roared across the Atlantic, just as he roared inside at the assembled troops in the hanger bay.

“YOU HAVE ALL FAILED ME!” he spat furiously as he paced “EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR NOT FOLLOWING MY EXPLICIT ORDERS!” He looked down to the Iron Soldier that he’d telekinetically twisted into a pretzel, blood seeping through the armour cracks. The soldiers trembled in absolute fear.


He stormed up to the command centre, Iron Claw bowed deeply.

“You best have some good news for me” warned the Supreme Commander.

Iron Claw pulled a sword, dropped to a knee and presented it to his master. A smile cracked across Stryfe’s lips

“The Muramasa blade”


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@batkevin74: Would be a good way to actually make 7 and Molly feel threatened

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@joshmightbe: Well especially if they don't know what it is.

**7 leaps in and gets a massive gash across his chest that burns like nothing ever has before. He looks down to see his flesh torn apart, blood seeping from the wound. He waits for his healing factor to kick in, but it doesn't! Another slice rips open his shoulder.

"This blade sent your namesake to Hell many years ago" commented The Supreme Commander as he drove Molly to her knees with his telekinesis "I think he was this little bitches father"

"Grrrr!" 7's anger boiled over as he leapt in, stopping as he slammed into an invisible barrier.

"And just like him, you make the mistake of thinking you're not an animal!" The Muramasa Blade cut a chunk out of 7's thigh, he yelped in pain "A beast with delusions of grandeur!"

"Same as you then!" sneered 7 as he aimed his gauntlet and fired, but at the last moment his arm shot off to the left, the blast hitting the prone Molly "MOLLY!"

The Supreme Commander telekinetically smashed the injured Molly into 7, the two tangling together. "You make good pets, that's about it!" He spun the Muramasa Blade in his hand "Now where did that brat of Thor get too?"

The air crackled with thunder and lightning as Magni roared in from the sky, his eyes full of fury "HAVE AT THEE!"

The Supreme Commander smiled as he watched the son of Thor smash headlong into the ground "I am over here!" he laughed "But in your mind, I'm being beaten to a pulp by your fists. Let's see if this blade can enviscerate a god!"


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@batkevin74: I'll see what I can do

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@joshmightbe: Don't have to, just me running off on a tangent, do with it what you will.

Doesn't really matter, but since you've got him using a sword and I gave him a sword, may as well make it the Muramasa Blade :)

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@batkevin74: Actually I think I can make it work, still working out the details though

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