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Bifrost base

General Ruben stormed into a meeting room containing most of the Wrecking Crew, "I thought I made it clear the Mark 6 5s were last resort."

A shadow fell over Ruben, "I thought different."

He turned to see the Supreme Commander standing behind him, "Sir, I was under the impression you were heading back to Chicago."

He nodded, "I was before discovering an Asgardian in Iowa, there's an attack headed this way."

Ruben gave a curious look, "You think they might make it past 3 God Slayers?"

He took a seat, "The Asgardian? Not alone. The Creed he travels with though has a mind on par with Tony Stark and he has a highly trained Shield team along as well. Seems to be a very dangerous combination."

Ruben dropped into a chair, "In that case what can we do for you?"

Near Valley City, North Dakota

Molly stared at the God Slayer, "What in God's name are we supposed to do?"

7 gave a rough sigh, "Running would be the safest option."

Morton eagerly nodded, "That's a fantastic idea."

Magni tightened his grip on his hammer, "I've done enough running."

Quartermain called up on the comm, "What are we doing?"

Morton replied, "We're probably all gonna die."

"Is there a plan B?"

7 hit the comm, "I have an idea, though the probability of survival is still minimal."

Quartermain looked over to Fry who dropped his head, "Their gonna get us killed aren't they."

Quartermain shrugged, "More than likely, but I thought you were going to Valhalla."

He narrowed his eyes, "I was hoping it would be a little later on."


The first of the God slayers fired off a blast that tore the roof away from the airport. The group looked up from the main lobby as they ran for the exit. 7 hit the comm, "You find that cable?"

Fry answered from the airstrip, "Plenty, where do you need it?"

7 then looked to Magni, "Can you make it rain?"

Magni thought for a second, " I can try."

As the hid behind a shattered wall Magni concentrated on the hammer as it began to crackle with energy. It began to drizzle a bit as the clouds rolled in, 7 whispered, "We need a lot more than that."

Magni grumbled, "I've never done rain before."

The rain began to come down harder as the young god glared at 7. He looked around, "That's better, now focus on the fact that the people who built those things are the same people who turned your home into a prison. I can think of no better way to show the power of Asgard's fury than to bring down the crown jewel of the Iron army's arsenal."

Thunder clapped loudly as gale force winds blew on the machines and rain poured down in gallons. As the God Slayers marched in search of the team their heavy feet began sinking in the softening ground slowing them substantially. They attempted to fly but the mud blocked their thrusters grounding them. Fry made his way further out and began making snares with the high strength cable 7 had sent him to find. David came up behind him, "You feeling at all like Wile E. Coyote here?"

Fry looked over,"Who's that?"

David chuckled, "Ancient cartoon Madam Web used to hand out on vids to spider kids."

Fry shrugged, "You'll have to explain it later."

Quartermain and Morton lugged a heavy spool of of cable up to the group and dropped it at Magni's feet and dropped down for a rest. They gave the god an annoyed look as he tossed the spool on his shoulder as if it were weightless. Magni tied the thong at the base of his hammer to the end of the cable as instructed and stepped out to announce himself to one of the machines.

"Have at thee."

The God Slayer turned its guns on him as he threw the hammer past its head and leapt out of the way of its assault before recalling the hammer wrapping the cable around its neck. He caught the hammer and yanked forward causing it to topple over. Its hand was caught in one of Fry's snares. It attempted to push itself back up but its weight caused its hand to sink into the mud. Magni then tied off the cable around its neck. 7 then ran up its body and uses his repulser's highest setting to cut a hole revealing its inner workings. Magni then brought down a lightening bolt down disabling it.

David called up to 7, "That ain't gonna work twice."

7 looked down, "I'm working on it, get in position."

The second God Slayer took aim for 7 as he stood on the back of the fallen machine. He leapt away as the blast vaporized the upper body of the downed sentinel. 7 hit his comm, "Walker get ready, I'm bringing one to you."

He gave wary look to the crater it had caused then ran toward Walker and Jenkins' position.

Morton and Quartermain came running up as Molly and Jenkins carved a massive symbol into the ground. Magni, David and Fry made their way backed toward the remains of the airport to get to work on the third God Slayer.

As 7 ran past the sentinel planted his foot on part of the symbol as Jenkins slammed his hand down on it. Hard ice quickly formed on its leg up to the hip. It began trying to shake its self loose as Walker charged up a fallen tree and used it as a cannon. Her energy didn't do much to the rest of the sentinel but its frozen leg shattered from the impact causing it to crash into the ground. Again the mud proved to be their best weapon as the machine struggled against it trying to get up. As it writhed on the ground 7 crawled into the opening where its leg had broken off as the rest attempted to keep the machine distracted. 7 used his repulsers to cut his way through the mass off cables and gears holding the thing together.

Outside the group reverted to dodging the weapons as it lost control of them. Luckily 7 disabled its cpu just before it vaporized their last viable hiding spot. 7 cut his way out and started to say something but was cut off as Fry landed hard on the ground several yards from them. He stood up rubbing his back and yelled over, "Last one won't play in the mud."

7's head dropped, "Damn it."

7 looked over, "We need to get back there."


They had attempted to lure the last of them off the asphalt but it had noted the effect of the softened ground after its thrusters had been blocked and made its way back to the run way when Magni and the others arrived to fight it. Fry had been punted away as he and Magni charged the sentinel. Magni hurled Mjiollnir at its head sending it back a step as David looked for an alternate location for his part of the plan.

He climbed up a wall of the old control tower and used his suit's tendrils to make a web with the cables he'd brought at about hip height of the God Slayer. He then sprayed the cables with a sticky explosive foam. He then yelled to Magni, "Get it over here."

The God looked to him, "I'm trying!"

The sentinel swatted the god away and trained its weapons where he landed. Magni brought down a lightening bolt that messed up its aim as he made his way toward David. The machine attempted to stomp on him but he rolled out of the way and again hurled his hammer at the metal giant's head. It barely dented the armor plating before returning to Magni's hand.

The rest of the group arrived as Magni ran under the web. The Sentinel marched through snapping it away from the tower and light pole that held it. It clung to its midsection. 7 tossed a pipe to Walker and told the rest to keep their weapons ready. Magni rejoined the group as David detonated the foam causing several cracks to appear in the armor. 7 shouted to the group on my signal fire everything you have a its gut."

He waited a few seconds then gave the signal. Magni called more lightening than he had ever called before sending it into the God slayer as the Walker fired her energy and the rest fired pulse rifles at maximum capacity causing and explosion that separated its upper and lower body. The group ran off in separate directions as the upper portion pulled its self to a semi standing position and began firing its weapons. 7 looked to Magni, "Can you summon any more lightening?"

He looked over to 7 seeming a bit dazed, "I'm not quite as practiced in weather control as my father. I need a moment to focus."

7 growled, "We have no time, have to do it the old fashioned way."

Magni nodded and lifted the truck they hid behind and hurled it at the sentinel. It blasted away the truck but had bought Magni enough time to get close. He jumped on the thing and climbed up its neck. The rest of the team occupied its arms as the god made his way to its neck. He dug his fingers into a small divot that separated the head from the neck pushing them in far enough to get a decent grip. Magni then yanked with all his might prying the head free. He then drove his hand in and ripped out the cpu controlling the weapon system.

He then jumped down, "I'd suggest we make our exit with haste."

The group nodded.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Cool, only minor problem you keep putting lightening as opposed to lightning! One makes things white, the other ionized particles summoned by storm gods!

Ruben dropped into a chair, "In that case what can we do for you?"

Loved this bit, very funny!

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@batkevin74: I suck with homophones. Next chapter starts the attack on Bifrost base.

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