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Near Valley City, North Dakota

Morton whispers into his comm, "We have 5 Hunter class soldiers up here, 7 says it sounds like more outside."

Quartermain and David immediately began looking for a defensible location. In the gift shop Jenkins grabbed a pad of post it notes and disappeared into a symbol on the floor as Molly crawled into a vent. Magni and Fry crouched behind an old fuel tanker. Magni reached for his hammer but Fry caught his hand, "Not yet, we're trying not to draw all their attention at the moment."

Magni gritted his teeth, "Fine."

He reached under his cloak and pulled out an uru dagger, "Better?"

Fry nodded.

Walker, 7 and Morton hid in a maintenance closet. 7 sniffed the air and looked back on several shelves full of dusty bottles of cleaning chemicals. He went over and grabbed several of the bottles and ordered Morton and Walker to find any containers they could find as he started mixing chemicals, "Try not to breathe too deeply."

3 soldiers entered the gift shop. Molly gripped the adamantium blade 7 had lent her and waited for Jenkins' signal. Jenkins rose from the ground and placed a post it with an arcane symbol on the backs of two soldiers and energy erupted from their eye and mouth slits and their armor fell empty to the floor. The third soldier turned and Molly came out of the vent and drove her blade through his neck.

Five soldiers entered the bowls of the airport and noticed a large wall built with suit cases and one of them chuckled as his repulser warmed up, "I-dents now."

There was no response so the soldiers opened fired tearing the wall to shreds. They then went over to inspect the pile. Two caught pulse blasts in the eye slits from Quartermain's rifle. The other three were caught by David's suit which bled in through the mouth slots and forced itself down their throats to suffocate them.

A soldier in the main lobby noticed a light coming from the slightly open door of the maintenance closet and went to investigate. He opened the door and was bathed in a liquid that instantly began to eat through his armor and as it hit his skin he noticed Morton pulling the vent cap back on as they slipped away.

Outside a soldier checked around the fuel tanker and Fry grabbed his ankle from below the truck. He looked down and Magni came off the top of the truck driving his dagger through the armored man. Another rounded the truck so Fry fired a pulse round in his face as he rolled from under the truck. The two then ran off to get a better view of what they were up against. Fry popped his head around a corner and his eyes widened, "Well guess the dogs run in bigger packs here."

Magni looked over Fry and noticed the two dozen hunters Fry was talking about.

In the main lobby a soldier stood over the half dissolved soldier in the doorway to the maintenance closet and hit his comm, "We got hostiles."

Soldiers entered the building weapons primed as others formed a perimeter around the building. Magni and Fry leaned behind a luggage cart. The god looked down on Fry, "Would now be the time to use my hammer?"

Fry gave him a nod as he looked on eight soldiers nearing, "Seems like a good idea."

7 climbed to a central ventilation shaft and sat on a ledge and attached detonators to the several containers of his chemical concoction and listened for the sound of passing soldiers. He heard one tromping by and threw a container and dropped back down the shaft as he heard the container explode and the soldier scream as the solution hit him.

Molly sat in another vent in telepathic communication with 7. She moved to see the soldier tossing away his helmet before the chemical could hit his skin. She concentrated on him and had control in a few second. He turned as more soldiers entered and he began to fire on them. He killed two before the took him out then hit their comms, "We got a telepath, keep your helmets shut."

A few soldiers walked into the decayed food court and noticed the walls were plastered with post it notes with mystic symbols on them. One walked over and took one off the wall. Several soldiers were impaled by spikes that seemed to erupt from the post its. Four had dropped to the floor just in time to avoid the spikes. One of them grumbled, "I starking hate magic."

In the basement soldiers stepped over the bodies of the dead hunters as David watched camouflaged against the wall. Quartermain tossed out some small bombs on a timer as he moved around a high gang plank above the soldiers. They went off in various locations making a lot of noise but no real damage. As the soldiers split up to find the source David waited for one to be alone before snatching him up in a tendril and attempting to smother him. The soldier in a panic hit his flame thrower which caused the suit to shriek in David's head. He dropped the man and made a run for it as the soldier called for help.

The soldiers gave chase and eventually cornered him but David had a strange sensation in the back of his head and everything went dark for a few seconds. When he came to he looked around at Hunter armor shreds filled with what looked like raw hamburger, "What the hell just happened?"

Quartermain came over his comm, "You alive?"

David replied, "Yea, I'm good. You out?"

Quartermain responded, "Yea, get up here as quick as can, its about to get messy."

David looked at the pool of blood around his feet, "You don't say."

Walker stared crouched down at the end of a hall and took a deep breath. Morton stood behind her, "You ready?"

She looked to the wall and exhaled, "As ready as I'm gonna be."

Soldiers turned down the hall and saw them. The marched toward them as Walker charged the wall with energy. It let off a blast knocking away the soldiers. Morton then fired off pulse rounds into the cracks Walker had made in their armor. He only managed to take down two before they were forced to retreat. Walker was a bit winded due to the power output but she soldiered on.

7 had taken out several soldiers from the ventilation system with his chemical bombs while Molly used distraction to take down others. The two were working quite well together.

7 looked down on the last bomb in his hand and Molly read his thoughts as he worked out what to do with it. They were both distracted by a soldier crashing through the wall and smashing hard into the floor with severely battered armor.

Down on the run way Magni charged the soldiers, Mjiollnir crackling with energy as he struck away an incoming soldier. As the soldier flew through a wall of the airport Magni smashed his hammer down on the head of the one who followed. Fry was busy pushing fuel tankers into strategically useful spots as the soldiers were distracted by the young god. Quartermain burst out of an outer vent and met Fry as he pushed a tanker into position. He looked over, "Good, you made it. Got any detonators on you?"

Quartermain pulled several small fire bombs from his pack, "These will have to do."

Fry took one and set the timer before dropping it into the liquid in the tanks, "Now we just gotta hope this still burns."

The two then quickly made their way around to the other tanks doing the same, careful to remain out of sight. Fry then shot off a flare to signal Magni to find cover.

He gave a sigh of relief as he saw the flare. He was beginning to wane a bit from the battle and had taken a few hits he had trouble shaking off. He knocked away the nearest soldier then hurled his hammer upwards and was dragged into the sky behind it as the tankers were ignited.

Magni landed on the roof of the airport and watched the soldiers scramble to avoid the massive explosion. Magni then raised the hammer and shot them down in a hail of lightening.

Inside 7 and Molly took advantage of the soldiers' distraction and made their way to the roof to meet up with Magni. Walker and Morton had the same idea and the four ran into each other on the way up the stairwell. Walker looked to 7, "This is going remarkably well."

7 nodded, "We've been lucky."

David attempted to go out but the suit latched to the sides of the outer vent as the explosion went off holding him in place. When the flames subsided it released him. He stared hard at his sleeves, "Me and 7 are having a long conversation when this is over."

He met up with Fry and Quartermain who commed the rest of the team on the roof, "Everybody still breathing?"

Morton replied, "For the moment."

Fry gave a curious look to a soldier who seemed to spot them but waved the rest of the men away instead of coming for them, "That's a bad sign."

Quartermain looked over to the retreating soldiers, "Ah, crap."

David looked back, "What, isn't this a good thing?"

Fry looked over to David, "They still got us out gunned and out numbered. They know our luck's about to run out and Iron soldiers don't retreat when they have those odds."

On the roof 7, Molly and Magni looked to the sky hearing a sound the others couldn't at first. A rumble caused by massive thrusters filled the air as the Iron soldiers cleared the area. Morton was the first to see it, "Oh What the Stark?"

The rest looked back 7 sighed, "I'd have to guess those are God Slayers." Magni's eyes went wide, "Odin's Beard, they make frost giants look dwarfish."

Three of the massive Mark 6 5 sentinels land on the airstrip as the group look on them with a mixture of awe and terror. Fry looks to Quartermain, "In the word's of Holland. We are totally f@$%*d aren't we?"

Quartermain nodded.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: GOD KILLER SENTINEL! :)

Good chapter

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Size is about right but too many arms. I think 4 is about the max you could have and still function properly but 2 is most efficient

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@joshmightbe: Yeah well that pic is actually the TriSentinel, welded together with magic by Loki, closest thing I could find on the web asides from that weird almost zombie looking one from Genosha which is massive but just wrong.

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@batkevin74: Tri-Sentinel always just looked unwieldyto me. Its one of those things that while fearsome in comics wouldn't even work realistically

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Like this monstrosity! The terror of Big Wheel! Whilst the idea of a Ferris Wheel running amok is quite terrifying, the practicality of it is just rubbish!

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@batkevin74: Or the Shield Heli carrier that looks awesome but couldn't possibly work in real life

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