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Waterloo Armory

The Supreme Commander stands over the body of the former base commander of the Sentinel armory as he listens to the report from a terrified soldier, "We lost twenty standard Sentinel units, luckily the more advanced models were untouched. Evidence seems to indicate it wasn't an intentional intrusion."

Stryfe nodded, "Very well, any indication as to the identity of the intruders?"

The soldier nodded, "We've confirmed Creed 7, David Hardy and Magni. We're assuming the rest were the Shield team that aided the Creed's escape in Chicago. We're still working on where they're headed."

Stryfe looked off in the distance, "They're going to the Bifrost cannon."

The soldiers in the room gave him a confused look. He sighed loudly, "Have any of you been paying any attention at all?"


Magni touched down 1 mile south of Fargo, Minnesota near the North Dakota border. He sat Jenkins down and he carved a symbol into the ground. He then cut a finger tip and dripped some blood on the symbol before slamming his hand down in the center. The rest of the group appeared in a flash of light. Morton gave Jenkins a wary look, "I still don't see why we couldn't just do this at the Bifrost base."

Quartermain rolled his eyes, "Well if they just landed in the middle of the base we'd pop up in the middle of one of the most secure Iron army posts on Earth and we'd all die. If we sneak in we have a slight chance of survival."

David looked down at the ground around them as the group grumbled, "Umm, has anyone noticed something off here?"

7 looked around, "We appear to be standing in a boot print."

Fry leaned down and noticed a partial imprint of a serial number, "It's a Sentinel print."

Walker's eyes went wide,"When the hell did they start making them this big?"

7 had a look of recognition, "Its a mark 6 5, they're much larger and more dangerous than regular sentinels. They're made as a back up in case the cannon fails."

Quartermain jumped out of the print, "So God slayers are actually a thing? I always assumed it was just some story they used to scare rookies."

7 nodded, "I wasn't entirely sure myself, if half the stories are true this is going to be much more difficult."

Morton and David replied in unison, "How much more difficult?"

Fry looked up, "Make peace with what ever god you pray to, cause odds are you'll be meeting them soon."

Morton sighed and glared at Quartermain, "If we live, I'm gonna kick your ass."

He looked back, "You want out you're free to go."

Morton gave him a blank stare before turning back to 7, "Any idea how to destroy one of these things?"

7 shrugged, "I wasn't even aware they were real until two minutes ago."

Fry hopped up next to Quartermain, "Look on the bright side, getting killed fighting one of those is practically a free pass into Valhalla."

Magni nodded, "Aye."

The Agent shook his head," I'm Catholic."

Fry shrugged, "Well then, you'll just have to settle for an interesting obituary."

David chuckled a bit," In the past year I've seen psycho mutants, mad scientist, space gods and more giant monsters than I can count. I don't give a flying stark about some big robots."

7 stepped up next to him with a nod and began walking toward the state line, "We have a lot of ground to cover, and the base is probably already on alert."


Bifrost base

The Wrecking crew are given details on the team traveling with Magni by the base commander, General Marcus Ruben. After the briefing he looks over to the Mark 6 5 Sentinel towering over the base, "I'd honestly love if you could keep those damned things from leveling the state, so try not to make them necessary."

The leader of the crew called Wrecker leaned over to his comrade Bulldozer, "It might be more fun to turn one loose and watch the carnage."

Bulldozer chuckled, "I'll bring the popcorn."

Piledriver chimed in, "I heard they have nukes on them."

Ruben cleared his throat, "I don't care if they shoot rainbows out of their asses, they're strictly last resort."

Wrecker chuckled, "You're just scared the Supreme Commander will put your head on a pole if we break one of his toys."

Ruben pointed over to the Mark 6 5, "You run into something that can break that, you have bigger problems than the Supreme Commander."


West Fargo, North Dakota

A soldier walks into a cluster of trees on his routine patrol, 7 drops down behind him and runs his adamantium knife through his back and deactivates his comm. The rest of the group then quickly makes their way into the ruins of the small town. A second soldier rounds a corner near them and Agent Walker beheads him before he can see them.

Quartermain pulls out a small tracking device and whispers, "One more in the..."

He stops when the bleep disappears, "Never mind."

7 enters the decayed house the group is hiding in, "The area is clear for the moment."

Magni scowled, "I'm not fond of this sneaking."

7 sat down across from him, "There will be plenty of combat to go round soon enough, right now we need to survive long enough for the fight that matters."

He shifted where he sat, "I am a god, not some slinking assassin."

7 gave him a stern look, "If you want your people free, you'll need to swallow that pride. We are out numbered and out gunned, outside of an elaborate suicide open combat would accomplish nothing at the moment."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe said:

Magni scowled, "I'm not fond of this sneaking."

He shifted where he sat, "I am a god, not some slinking assassin."

Very Magni :)

Also the Wrecking Crew are very Australian! Think every Crocodile Dundee, Robert Downey Jr piss take you can think of, the rainbow out their asses was great. Chuck in a few extra mate's, reckon's, fair dinkum's and such and she'll be laughing! :)

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@batkevin74: I'll try to incorporate it, I wasn't sure what you wanted them called individually so I just gave them names from original wrecking crew members.

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@joshmightbe: From Son of Thor 8: “I reckon we just smash this mongrel” said Crowbar

“Done deal mate” said Hacksaw

“Focus you wombats!” snarled Wreckingball

Magni looked at the strange mechanised men who seemed to be living cybernetic metal as they gibbered around him

“I have no idea what any of you chattering monkeys has said” stated Magni

“She’ll be right mate” laughed Hammer with a nod and a butchers wink

Magni looked right at him “What did you say?”

“Sheel bee write” he repeated slower

“Who is she?”

“I reckon he’s having a hard time with our Aussie accents” chuckled Rivet

Magni shook his head and suddenly dropped to one knee “I am Magni. The son of Thor, the son of Odin, the son of Bor. As the ambassador of Asgard in the service of All father Balder, I surrender”

The group was confused at the sight of this big strapping lad, kneeling before them, surrendering

“What do we do Wreckingball?” asked Welder

The Wrecking Crew looked towards their leader Wreckingball as he carefully looked at their soon to be prisoner

“Stone the crows!” snapped Wreckingball “If this bogan aint fair dinkum then drop him, I’ll put a call through to the Commander”

Magni watched the other five fire up an array of weapons. Hacksaw extended two large chainsaw blades from his forearms; Welder’s hands engulfed in blue flames; Rivet’s arms turned into guns; Crowbar’s arms extended into two hard pry bars bristling with energy; whilst Hammer just stood there

“It’s Wreckingball darlin’. Patch me through to the Supreme Commander...I am speaking Seppo you galah! Just patch me through or I’m gonna come down the line and smack you in the gob!” Magni watched as the others laughed as Wreckingball prattled down his inbuilt radio

“Bloody holo-mail, g’day Supreme Commander; Wreckingball of the Wrecking Crew. We got that Magni fella and he’s surrendering to us. Just wanted to check if you want him dead or just broken? Give us a bell back willya!”

“What’d he say?” asked Hacksaw

“Holo-mail ya drongo”

“Only askin coz you yabbered on”

Magni looked confused at what was happening, it had all the hallmarks of English but the shrill accent turned it into the screeching of birds

“Have you women finished swapping recipes?” asked Magni


There can always be more of the Wrecking Crew! :) The Aussie ones are org-borgs, imagine if Colossus was a cyborg type thing with circuitry running through him, sophisticated sentient cyborg machines

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@batkevin74: I'll just say these guys were on leave or having repairs/upgrades done. I can come up with some kind of excuse for why they weren't with the rest of the crew when they first met Magni.

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@joshmightbe: They're a Wrecking Crew, there's lots of stuff to wreck! They were wrecking something else a few months ago when Magni came along to try and break the BiFrost...or if they're Australian, they're were having a smoko break (just a break, people often smoke but you don't have to, to have a smoko...we're weird)

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@batkevin74: I live in the Nation that popularized twilight, I have no room to talk about other country's level of baffling things.

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