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Outside Waterloo, Iowa

The hover truck travels down an abandoned highway with the Shield team along with David and 7. Quartermain and Morton sat up front, Morton played a word game on his holo-phone as Quartermain drove. As he tried to find a word he looked over to his commander, "How screwed are we here?"

Quartermain rolled his eyes, "We're always screwed, whole point of the job really."

In the back the rest waited for their turn at the wheel. 7 sat across from Fry, "What happened to your cybernetic eye?"

Fry stretched a bit as he pulled himself up from a nap, "It was giving me migraines, so I tossed it. I think I like the patch better anyway."

Molly put an arm around him, "It fits him."

7 began to chuckle but was stopped by the sound of an explosion and the truck veering sharply. Quartermain slid open a slot and yelled back, "We've hit a bit of a detour."

Fry glared back, "What'd you do?"

"Well we seem to have found a Sentinel armory."

David shouted, "Shouldn't you people know where they keep those?"

The truck veered the other direction as Quartermain replied, "Sorry, they don't exactly advertise giant killer robot storage."

7 turned his gauntlets to full power and swung open the rear door. He saw a half dozen Sentinels behind them gaining fast. He blasted the nearest one in the eye knocking it into another and caused a crash. Fry picked up a plasma cannon and knocked open a hatch on the roof and hopped up. He took out the knee of a Sentinel that flew near. It turned to fire but caught a plasma bolt to the head. Suddenly an energy blast hit the front end causing a dead stop that sent Fry flying.

He was launched like a missile into the chest of another of the massive machines. His granite hard skin smashed through the chest plate and out the back. He then hit the ground hard and skidded for a few yards. 7 fared no better having been hurled from the back onto the decayed asphalt. Quartermain and Morton pulled themselves from the wreckage bloodied and dazed but still in tact. In the back David had caught the rest of the crew in a web of tendrils in the back preventing serious injuries. They jumped out with their weapons. Walker tossed a pair of plasma rifles to Morton and Quartermain, "Shake it off boys."

Jenkins scrolled a symbol on the pavement and swiped some of the blood dripping from his lip rubbed it across. Rock spikes shot up taking four Sentinels out of the air. Walker pulled her blades and charged them. She swung them toward a Sentinel foot about to come down on Jenkins shredding it off. David wrapped a a tendril around one of the rock spikes left over from Jenkins' spell and hurled it at the head of the now one legged Sentinel knocking it over.

Molly blasted the arm off one as it took aim at Fry. Fry turned and fired a plasma bolt through its chest. Fry started to grin at the sight of the downed Sentinels but the sound of thrusters in the distance killed it. They turned to see an entire battalion heading their way. They regrouped and readied their weapons and prepared for the coming onslaught. Before they fired a shot the sky went black and several lightening crashed into the line of Sentinels.

A hammer crashed into one of the remaining machines and Magni descended from the sky.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Very nice, especially Magni at the end! Bismarck is in a lot of trouble! :)

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@batkevin74: I figured I'd give him a big entrance

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@joshmightbe said:

@batkevin74: I figured I'd give him a big entrance

Oh yeah!

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