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Ferrum HQ Chicago

The Chairman enters his office to grab a few things before leaving. He notices his chair moving slightly then it spins around to reveal Sinister grinning at him, "Always loved the chair spin, very dramatic. Too bad I don't have a cat to stroke menacingly."

The Chairman went to call security but his comm was dead, "Oh, don't bother you're cut off. You can't even get out the door."

The Chairman gave the door a telekinetic tug but it didn't move. His monitor then came up with Lash on the screen nearly begging the interrogator to keep the crate closed. Sinister chuckled, "Warren thinks he sent you an innocuous pest to frighten Lash into talking. I've never actually seen it in action, can't wait to see what happens."

The Chairman lunged for Sinister but was caught mid air and flung into the wall, "Don't be rude, I'm giving you a gift clone. A front row seat to Armageddon in a box."

He glared at Sinister, "What's in the Box?"

Sinister almost gleefully pulled a bowl out of thin air, "Let's watch and see. Popcorn?"

Iron Hall Interrogation room C

The interrogator smiles as he hits a button to activate the pain emitting control chip on 7's chest. 7 gives him a bemused smile as nothing happens, "There's a trick to it."

"Shut up."

7 chuckles, "I thought you wanted me to talk."

The man glares, "I'll get a tech guy."

"He'll tell you the same thing I would."

The interrogator drops in his chair, "Okay, fine. What's the trick?"

"It doesn't work because the restraint collar interferes with the signal, they won't work together."

The interrogator laughs as 7 continues," I can prove it."

"I'd love to see that."

The Iron soldiers in the hall are caught off guard as the interrogator bursts through the two sided mirror followed by 7 who dove for the first soldier and started to run before he caught a scent he hadn't smelled in a very long time. He backed up and saw Lash against the wall of his interrogation room. He then looked to the crate, "What the hell are you starking morons doing."

Soldiers tackled him to the floor. As he roared, "Keep the damned crate closed you idiots."

A soldier then dropped a boot to his head knocking him out.

Meanwhile in the sewer running beneath the lowest sub basement of the Iron Hall Jenkins scrolls a symbol on the wall. He then put his thumb in his mouth and drew some bit down drawing blood. He scrapped his thumb across the symbol and slammed his palm into the center. There was a huge explosion but the group only heard the sound echoing.

David gave Jenkins an annoyed look, "Umm, your aim was a bit off."

Quartermain chuckled, "No he just drew security into a higher level."

Agent Walker then pulled out a long knife and charged it with energy. She stabbed it into the roof and sliced a hole. "Give me a hand."

Morton helped her up through the hole and the rest followed. The team split in two. Quartermain, Morton and Jenkins went to shut down the power while David and the rest made their way to a comm room to locate 7.

Interrogation room A

The interrogator seems amused at Lash, "Well, you going to answer my questions or am I turning that loose?"

Lash looks up, "You can't let it out. It'll kill you to, It'll kill all of us."

The interrogator laughed, "You think it can take out a whole Iron hall?"

"No you simpering monkey, it'll kill everything."

The soldier standing by the crate stepped back a bit, "You sure you want to do this sir?"

The interrogator looked over to the box and gulped a bit, "Obviously.. The prisoner is trying to trick us. You saw what that Creed did. I'm not falling for it."

The interrogator stepped out of the room and spoke through the comm, "This is your last chance."

Lash starred at the box with dread, "You really don't want to do this."

They were interrupted by the sound of an explosion.

The Chairman's office

Sinister looks at the monitor, "Ooh, the plot thickens."

The Chairman glares toward Sinister, "Oh for F**k's sake, did someone put a damned kick me sign on the Chicago Iron Hall?"

Sinister laughed as the Chairman cursed, "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"

The Chairman took a swing at Sinister but it passed through him. Sinister kept laughing.

Interrogation room C

7 sits in heavy chains and shackles. The interrogator sat with an ice pack on his neck, "Okay, you're transport is coming, you'll be dead in a few hours. If you want it quick start talking."

He looked up, "Fine, you have the worst damned thing Essex ever created sitting in a box down the hall, the most important thing you could do in your life is keep that crate closed."

The interrogator sighed, "Okay, I'll humor you. What's in the box?"

"Its called project Abbadon, it was Essex's final solution for if his ultimate plan failed. Its made from the DNA of the absolute worst monsters Asgard, Olympus and Earth have to offer. You'd need Thor himself to even hurt the damned thing. You can't kill it, you can't even slow it down. All you can do is keep it contained or it will end all life on this planet."

The interrogator gave a look of disbelief, "And why should........"

7 roared, "I don't give a damn if you believe me, keep the starking box closed."

The Chairman's office

The Chairman looked over to Sinister, "Is any of that true?"

Sinister nodded with a glee filled grin, "Every word, and it looks like your good little soldier is about to turn it loose."

Outside Interrogation room A

The Interrogator looks through the double sided mirror, "You had your chance."

The Iron soldier inside flips the latch on the crate and Lash jumped over the table and burst through the glass as the power went out throughout the building. He then knocked over the interrogator and took the key to his restraint collar. The bloody destroyed pile that had been the Iron soldier who opened the crate burst through the wall and landed in front of Lash as Project Abbadon stepped out of the room towering above Lash.

David and his team mates arrived at Interrogation room C. Fry looked down the hall and noticed the huge beast, "Guys, lets make this quick. Agent Walker looked over his shoulder, "What the Stark?"

David kicked open the door and wrapped a black tendril around the throat of the interrogator and slammed him into the wall. Walker cut the chains and 7 took his bag from David, "We have to get that thing back in the crate."

Molly shook her head, "We came to save you, let Ferrum deal with its own problems."

"Its everyone's problem."

Lash then flew past the door and kept going through the wall. Agent Walker looks out to see the hole, "I've been up against worse."

7 looked out beside her, "You really haven't."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: That interrogator is going to get an Abdadon up his stark hole from the Chairman! Idiot!

Sinister's back yay, but these new powers...not sold on them yet.

Good work especially 7 proving that most Iron Army & Ferrum people are stupid

"It doesn't work because the restraint collar interferes with the signal, they won't work together."

The interrogator laughs as 7 continues," I can prove it."

"I'd love to see that."

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@batkevin74: Its not that they're stupid they're just out of their league. Sinister's new power set isn't nearly as secure as he thinks it is.

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Sinister is back! Can't wait to see were this goes... especially if it would take Thor to hurt this new beastie you've made.

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@Time_Phantom: I'll put it this way, there is no one currently on Earth that's capable of hurting it.

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