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Castle Doom, New Latveria

Carol sits bored on the throne when she notices a flashing light on a monitor, "Answer that."

A soldier clicks the monitor and David Hardy appears on screen," I need help."

She steps up to the monitor,"How'd you get on here?"

He glares, "Who cares? I have a real problem here."

She sighs,"Okay, what is it?"

He grits his teeth, "7 has been taken by Iron Soldiers, they're taking him to Chicago where they're probably going to execute him."

She sits back down and rubs her left temple with a finger, "I'm sorry to hear it, but what exactly do you want me to do about it?"

He looked shocked, "I don't know, round up some agents and mount a rescue."

She gave him a wary look, "Resources are a bit thin at the moment."

He became visibly angry, "Spider resources are always stretched thin, doesn't stop us from helping out Shield whenever you ask."

"That's a bit different....."

He fought back the urge to scream, taking a deep breath he continued, "We are your damned life line in North America, we gather all your street level intel and we are your starking supply line, and have we ever asked for a single thing in return?"

She was now upset, "Do you really think you're in a position to speak for all the Spiders?"

"Madam Web herself gave me the code to make this call. You can make all the grand statements you want but you know Shield can't function on this continent without us and and now for once Shield's gonna return the damn favor."

She put her face in her hand, "I'll see what I can do."


A hover truck en route to Chicago

Lash and 7 glare at each other across the aisle as four guards sit in uncomfortable silence. When the truck stops the door opens to reveal the Chicago Iron Hall, automated tanks rolled around the building, machine gun turrets lined the upper walls of the complex, security here was now tighter than it had ever been.

7 and Lash both jerked their heads to the sky when a flock of pigeons flew past and were completely shredded by the sensitive turrets. The guards then forced them inside.

*** Ferrum HQ Chicago

The Chairman answers a call, "Sir, we've captured Lash and Creed 7, we believe the Creed may have some intel on Shield and the other is a verified member of Zemo's crew so we figured we should interrogate before the executions."

The Chairman nodded,"Very well, but the very instant you get what you need, they die. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir."


New Latveria

Agent Fry is packing a bag as Molly walks in,"What's going on?"

He looks back to her, "7 got busted, I'm heading to Chicago to help get him out."

She nodded, "I thought the Queen was still thinking it over."

He nodded, "Yea, well lets just say Queen Carol ain't quite the same decision maker as Commander Danvers was."

She grinned a bit, "You sure about this?"

He chuckled a bit, "How quick were you packed?"

"I've been ready to go for hours, I was waiting on you. We bringing the big guy?"

Fry sighed, "The Queen might put in an opinion about that."


"Absolutely not, you are not turning him loose on a city. It'd be an act of war." Carol stood over Fry with a stern look.

Fry glared back, "You at least gonna ask his opinion?"

Ares stepped between the two, "He's not capable of making decisions like this, hell he can barely form sentences."

Fry practically roared at the war god, "I'm getting goddamned tired of you people treating him like an animal, he's saved all our asses more than once."

"I'll go."

The group turned to see a few Shield Agents, the one who spoke was Max Quartermain who had just happened by with his team who were on leave at the moment. He stepped in the room, "We aren't really doing much, I'm sure we can be spared for a bit."

Carol looked over to the rest of the team, "You all okay with this?"

A woman named Agent Beth Walker spoke up, "We never really know what to do with our down time anyway." The other two on the team nodded with agreement. Carol then looked over to Fry and Molly, "There, happy?"

Fry spat just beside Ares' boot, "Ecstatic."

Ares glared down on the short mutant, "You're pushing your luck."

As they walked out Ares looked back, "You're Shield agents seem to be losing faith in you."

She nodded, "They have a pretty good reason to."

Ares rolled his eyes.


Chicago Iron Hall, Interrogation room C

7 sits shackled to a chair fresh wounds sealing up as the soldier continues his questions, "We know you've been involved with the Spiders, Shield and possibly these Avengers, you're gonna be dead in the morning either way, may as well tell us what we want to know and make you're last few hours pleasant."

7 looked up at the soldier and chuckled, "You think this hurts? Essex would fire your ass on the spot for this pathetic excuse for torture."

The man gave a slight nod, "Well I'll just have to work a bit harder to meet your standards."

Interrogation room A

Lash gave a blank stare as his interrogator attempted to get him to talk. He gave no indication that he even noticed the man's attempt at torture. He finally looked over to the man, "Would you like me to show you how to do this properly? I mean obviously you've never done this before."

He looked indignant, "I am one of the Iron Army's top interrogators."

Lash smiled, "That is very sad."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe said:

"Yea, well lets just say Queen Carol ain't quite the same decision maker as Commander Danvers was."

Doom's gift is more burden than anything! I do love that you're getting the band back together if you will. Look out Chicago & possibly also Bismark :)

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@joshmightbe: Found these pics, this is how I have envisoned Hardy & Creed

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@batkevin74: Abomination couldn't make it because Carol and Shield are currently a bit freaked out by him.

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