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Tallulah, Louisiana

7 leans on the bumper of the hover truck as it refuels. David is inside a make shift diner making small talk with a waitress while their friend Henry Lovette is off discussing the cost of the refuel with the local boss of the Guild. As some ancient jazz played softly from the diner three men wandered over to 7, they eyed the truck as one of them spoke, "My brothers and I were thinking to ourselves that you don't seem to be from around here so you may not be acquainted with some of our local tolls."

7 gritted his teeth, "The fuel is getting paid for."

The man, who was called Ned nodded, "Oh I'm sure it is, but you see around here we got ourselves a livestock fee and you seem too furry to be a man. I'm thinking the contents of your truck ought to cover it."

7 shook his head, "I'm in no mood for this."

Ned grinned, "Benji was hoping you'd say that."

The huge man known as Benji stepped over to 7 cracking his knuckles. His grin faded slightly when he noticed 7 wasn't much smaller than him. The third man, Louie chuckled, "Well guess we gonna have to do it the hard way.

In the diner the waitress asked David, "You want to go check on your friend?"

He looked out, "Nah, he needs to let off some steam any way."

Benji threw a punch that would kill a normal man but he looked in horror as 7 caught his fist and began to squeeze. Ned and Louie's eyes went wide when they heard their brother roar in pain as 7 shattered his hand. He then slammed his fist into Benji's gut and dropped the big man to the ground. Louie and Ned pulled their guns as 7 snarled and warmed up his repulser gloves.

They were interrupted by a blast of energy from the side of the diner. The source of the blast was a tall thin man in jeans and a t-shirt who stood next to Henry and a large muscular man in a trench coat. The big man spoke, "That'll be about enough boys."

Ned Shouted back, "This ain't your business Duvall."

Duvall answered back in his light Cajun accent, "Well, unless there has been some change in the hierarchy around these parts I haven't been aware of, I decide what is or ain't my business."

The thin man's hands began to glow with energy as Ned and Louie helped Benji to his feet and headed off."

Duvall patted the thin man on the shoulder, "Than you kindly Lucas, see to it them boys keep movin on down the road."

Lucas nodded and gave 7 a wave as he went. Duvall and Henry then walked over, "Henry tells me you helped him out of a bit of a tight spot. You have my thanks. My dear aunt Sue would of never forgiven me if her boy was lost on my watch. By all means fuel up and eat your fill at the diner, on me of course."

7 looked on the two, "I feel a but coming."

Duvall grinned, "Well my cousin tells me you're quite handy with Ferrum tech, and we got these crates that we seem to have misplaced the combinations to and none of my boys can make heads or tails out of those blasted Ferrum locks. I was thinking perhaps you'd do me a kindness and see if you could pop them open for us."

7 nodded, "I assume you're not sure what's in them and don't want to risk cutting them open."

Duvall started to answer but 7 cut him off, "That wasn't a question, show me to them."

Duvall looked to Henry, "Ain't big on social graces is he?"

Henry shrugged as David came up, "So, we good to go?"

7 shouted back, "Give me a few minutes."


The four men enter a large warehouse and find a dozen heavy steel cases with what 7 described as top of the line lock mechanisms. After around 20 minutes of tinkering 7 managed to unlock the first crate revealing quite a few bars of gold but 7 had a curious look on his face as he got up and went about opening the others revealing the same thing. Duvall had an ear to ear smile as he looked on the gold and asked 7, "Why so glum?"

7 reached down and pulled a stack of two gold bars to reveal another lock, "What could be so valuable that whoever packed it was willing to use 500 lbs of gold as a distraction?"

Duvall's curiosity was piqued as he and 7 started emptying the gold from the crates. David and Henry came over to help. When 7 got the first crate completely open Duvall and the others jumped back with shock as he pulled out an arm. He grumbled, "Relax its mechanical."

He continued on and found more of these robotic parts until he finally found the head. Duvall looked disappointed, "Where the hell am I gonna unload an android? These things tend to scare the hell outta most folks now days."

7 nodded, "This particular one will more than most considering it was actually built by Ultron."

David shook his head, "You couldn't take that to a pawn shop without getting a battalion of Iron soldiers lodged in your colon."

7 looked over and offered, "I'll trade you everything in the back of my truck for it. It's filled with top of the line Shield and Latverian weapons, all of which would be more useful to you and easier to move if you sold them."

David looked shocked, "What in Thor's name..........."

7 looked over, "Trust me, when Danvers sees this she won't mind losing the gear."


A few miles down the road 7 sat across a campfire working on the android as David cooked some dinner, "What's so important about that thing."

7 growled, "This thing was one of the greatest technological achievements of the late 20th century and was a card carrying Avenger so a little respect is due."

With that he finished sealing up the body and the Vision came back online for the first time in nearly 200 years. The Android looked over to his two companions, "Could you please tell me my current location?"

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@joshmightbe: Vision! Cool. Now which Vision, I only ask because is it traffic light Vision or white Vision? Both the same, but slightly different. Just more a curiosity than anything else :)

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@batkevin74: Traffic Light, I have a soft spot for the classics

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