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The Southern Wastes

David and 7 sat around a fire with their haggard friend who they'd learned was named Henry Lovette, a member of the Thieves' Guild of New Orleans. He had been laying low after a job that had gone bad when he'd become trapped by the Gamer. It had been at least two weeks since David and 7 had been trapped.

The first day they were forced to fight a giant turtle like creature which Hank dispatched by jumping on its back several times and the challenges presented since had become increasingly inane and annoying. 7 had become convinced that the Gamer was a mental deficient with power well above his worth.

After studying their captor intently while going through this 7 had figured out that he only had a range of around 100 yards and seemed obsessed with proving how smart he was despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

As the Sun rose and the Gamer returned to over see them they put a plan in motion. They allowed the childish excuse for a monster sent after them seemingly defeat David and Henry while 7 finished his work on a small device.

After it was over 7 came out with his arms raised and stated, "We have been bested sir, If I my I'd like to shake the hand of a truly superior adversary."

The Gamer looked down on his captives and smiled brightly, nearly giggling as he landed and trotted over to 7 with his hand out. 7 grabbed his hand and grinned for a moment. The Gamer winced at something in 7's hand that stabbed into his. 7 then strapped a restraint collar that he'd repaired around the Gamer's neck as he went unconscious.


Later the Gamer groggily sat up in a swamp with handcuffs on with his former captives standing above him. 7 showed him the keys to both the cuffs and the restraint collar, he then laid the cuff keys on a rock just out of the Gamer's reach and hurled the key to the collar into the murky water. He then leaned down to the Gamer, "You move toward those keys before the truck starts and my friend shoots you in the face."

As they walked off the Gamer shouted," What about my phone?"

Without even looking back 7 loudly answered,"Its mine now jackass."

They left him there as he scrambled to get to the keys before the alligators got to him.


A few miles down the road 7 stopped and called a secure Shield line. The Operator answered, "We're sorry this number has been...."

7 interrupted, "Can it, this is Creed 7, I'm lost in the Southern Wastes in need of a refuel and I have no idea where the hell I am."

The Operator sighed, "Okay. what do you need?"

"Just need a position from the phone signal and if you can a safe spot to gas up." 7 then waited a moment before the answer came back, "You're about 6 miles from the Louisiana state line, there's no sanctioned refuel locals but there is a place run by the Thieves' Guild if you can cut a deal they may help."

7 turned to the truck, "Hey Lovette, we need to talk."

(to be continued)

Hardy and Creed are back on the road

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Honestly, I was lost through the whole thing. I don't remember which part I read last.

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@BlackReaper: I painted myself into a corner with part 23, this one is pretty much just me killing a really bad idea for a story arc, hopefully next part will be better

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@joshmightbe: Yeah I tend to agree with @BlackReaper said:

Honestly, I was lost through the whole thing. I don't remember which part I read last.

But it's good that they're back and out of the Southern Wastes, onwards and upwards to glory!! :)

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@batkevin74: I decided it was best to cut my loses and get them moving, plus with Lash all busy with his team I couldn't leave his nemesis stuck with a side villain

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