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Annapolis, Maryland

Dal-Rogg spits blood at Sinister's feet," I am former Accuser, Dal-Rogg.....of the Kree Empire." His head then drops as he tries to remain conscious.

Sinister glares at him as a lab tech enters the cell," Sir, you've been in here for 4 days, perhaps a break would do you some good." Sinister looks bake with a hateful stare," Is there a reason you're interrupting me?" The tech steps back nervously," The Supreme Commander wishes to speak with you."

He sighs angrily as he throws down his scalpel.

As he enters his office a large view screen comes on to reveal Stryfe looking annoyed," When we're you going to tell me about the Kree crashing on Genosha?" Siniter almost growled as he asked," How did you know?"

Stryfe shot back, "You might be able to block me out but your lab rats are open books." Sinister drops down in his chair,"Is that all you have to say?"

Stryfe sat up,"The other one has managed to steal some Kree tech we had in a warehouse on the south side of Chicago." Sinister glared at him,"What kind of tech?" The Supreme Commander gave him a knowing look," You know what kind of tech."

South Side Chicago

David, 7 and Hal are hidden outside a warehouse watching intently as the security shift changes. David points out, "Do you notice that this is the only building around here with Iron soldiers guarding it?"

7 nodded, "Yes, Hunter class."

Hal looked back," I take it that's a bad thing?"

David nods as 7 speaks, "What kind of weapons do you have?"

Hal answers," Class 5 matter disrupter and my uniform is standard equipped with a personal defense shield that should be able to handle most Earth weapons."

David looks worried," Should?!"

Hal nods,"I can't be sure, never been to Earth before."

7 tosses David a small device,"That should protect you from most of their repulser fire but I suggest you try not to be spotted, and use the carbonadium bullets." He then tosses the same device to Hal,"It doubles as a semi effective cloaking device, I haven't had time to perfect it but if we make it quick we can get in unnoticed."

Hal scans the building and finds a way in through a ventilation shaft so they sneek behind the building and enter.They slowly crawled through, following Hal's scanner until the found the tech they were searching for. One Iron soldier stood at attention in front of a glass case.

Hal's eyes went wide as he stared through the grate, "Nega bands."

7 looked down,"I thought those were a pair, I see 4."

Hal whispered back,"4 pairs of bands were made, the other 2 are in a museum on Hala."

7 looked back to David who nodded while mumbling, "goddamn it." Then he crawls back to another grate kicking it open making as much noise as possible and then firing 2 shots just to be sure the guard came running. He then hid on top a stack of crates as 7 and Hal dropped down.

7 uses his claws to cut a hole in the glass and quickly removes the gauntlets handing them to Hal who stuffs them in his pack. Seconds later David comes running with the security detail close behind. 7 charged his repulsers as they jumped behind some crates for cover. Hal aimed his disrupter and opened fire as they approached.

The Iron soldiers poured on repulser fire at the 3. 7 noticed something in a crate busted open in the onslaught," Keep me covered for a moment."

The soldiers informed the 3 that they were out gunned and would be caught soon but suddenly they began taking heavy fire, 2 of the 5 instantly exploded as they were hit and the remaining soldiers took cover as the bombardment continued for 5 minutes.

After it stopped they charged out firing everything they had and taking out the heavy gun. They descended on it's position only to find that it was automated and had in fact covered their escape.

Annapolis, Maryland

Sinister is angrily questioning Dal-Rogg,"Tell me everything you know about the other, who he is and how to find him."

Dal looks up and slowly begins, " I am former Accuser......" Sinister roars," I know what you GODDAMNED name is." He then hurls his scalpel, embedding it deep into the table less than an inch from Dal's ear as the Kree begins to laugh at him.

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@joshmightbe: Nega Bands! Nice work. I love that Dal-Rogg has and to quote the WWE "his intestinal fortitude" is making Sinister so angry! I am almost waiting for Sinister to unleash a horde of 40+ Creeds after 7, Hardy & blue boy to retrieve the the very least it'll make a bloody & awesome battle scene! Good work.

One minor spelling mistake, 4th sentence you've called him Siniter instead of Sinister.

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I got plans