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Stalker Creed 7, field journal : entry 1

The Doctor has finally allowed me out of the lab for my first mission, my imperatives are simple, Track the rebel to his group, collect genetic samples from those who exhibit powers, avoid the Iron soldiers and if necessary kill to avoid them gaining knowledge of our existence. The target is named David Hardy, I'm told he's a normal human but for some reason something just feels off about him. I'd been following him for a day before he finally came into contact with anyone, this was not one of the spider rebels as far as I could gather. He was an elderly Asian man whom David referred to as his teacher, apparently this man taught the target how to fight and was a wanderer of some kind. He obviously is no supporter of the Iron army and claims he is capable of shattering their armor with his bare hands, if true this bares further investigation I'll inform the Doctor upon completion of my mission. They had a very long conversation about the discs David had found, oddly enough the old man wasn't surprised. In fact he seemed to know enough about the Doctor to call him by name and asked David for directions to the place where he'd found the discs, I'll be sure to put out an alert to the lab the instant I acquire some communication equipment.

Unfortunately the pair had been spotted by a low ranking Iron soldier, if he had apprehended them the Doctor's plan would be shot so of course I had to intervene. Luckily the Doc had been wise enough to give me a pair of adamantium knives, getting around those sensor arrays would be tricky but there are always blind spots. I silently crept up on the soldier while he was checking some system in his armor before approaching my target, I put one blade through his neck and one in his back for good measure. I mistakenly destroyed his communications system but lucky for me I'd left his weapons systems in tact so I used his tool kit to adjust one of his repulser gloves to fit my hand, had to remove the finger to make room for my claws. Have to remember to keep this new toy to myself I'm not sure whether or not the Doctor would allow me to have such weaponry but I think it could prove highly useful on this mission if I were to get captured. end of entry

David Hardy's voice journal record start:

Yesterday I found a stack of old compact discs and am currently on my way to deliver them to Madam web to see if she can find something useful on them. I know I'll never look at those images again if I have a choice in the matter. While I was walking today I noticed someone coming my way so I readied myself to run if I needed to before realizing I knew the man. When I was much younger and first told my father that I wanted to take a more active role in the resistance as he does, he was hesitant at first. I kept on about it until he finally relented but with a condition I had to learn how to fight. He took me to a man he had met as a child telling me he was already quite old even then. He was a very aged Asian man, I was told he is constantly searching for some rings he had lost a very long time ago, but there was no one on Earth who knew more about fighting men in Iron Armor according to my father. No one knew his real name, everyone simply called him Teacher or Old man. I spent several years traveling with him on his search, learning not only how to fight but how to sneek in and out of the cities and across boarders unnoticed. He taught me several ways to cripple the armor of the lower ranking soldiers, telling me the higher the rank the more powerful the armor. He told me a great deal about himself as well, he said that at one time he was an evil man who lusted after power as if it were a beautiful woman.

Over time he had learned the error of that life, and had rededicated himself to helping bring down what he referred to as the Iron Scourge. It's been a few years since I'd last saw him and he was just as surprised to see me as I had been. We sat and talked for a long time, he cooked me some dinner over the camp fire as we shared stories of what we'd been up to, he showed me that he'd found 4 more of his rings since we'd last seen eachother, "only 3 more and I'll complete the set" he told me. I told him of the discs and the lab, we wasn't nearly as shocked by this as I assumed he'd be, he even knew the name of the Doctor who ran the place. He told me he was called Sinister, after he'd explained more about this man I decided I was glad I hadn't run into him. After we'd eaten something seemed to spook the old man and he quickly started gathering up his things and told me I had better get going. He pointed me in the direction of a camp where the resistance had gathered. I gave a quick look around to make sure I wasn't being followed and then headed off. Hopefully I'll be rid of these discs soon so I can get back to doing what I do best. end record

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Ohhhh rings.

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@PrinceIMC: I'll come back to him later but he's free for anyone to use as they see fit in the mean time

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Hardy & Creed will be back after these messages!

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Great job! 

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@Project_Worm: part 2 is up if you're interested

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@joshmightbe said:

@Project_Worm: part 2 is up if you're interested

I am, Interested thank you :p
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@joshmightbe: Maybe after Ares we'll see some more of these guys yes?

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@batkevin74: I'm think I'll do 2 more chapters of Ares then return to this for a while

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@joshmightbe: Hardy & Creed part one which links into the 7 one shot

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