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Dhanny stood in a column of fire, holding his open wound. Before him stood a well dressed man with red hair; a flaming pentagram burning on his bare chest, holding a red trident. His eyes were red and flashed with an unnatural power.

“Well hello Dhanny” he said “Welcome to Hell! I’m Daimon and I shall be your host”


“Yes my dear boy, you’re in Hell. Why? Because as everyone knows that if you don’t follow the Judeo-Christian version of spirituality you all end up here!” Daimon laughed and snapped his fingers; a chair appeared beneath him “So are you ready for your eternity of torment?”

“But I’m a good person!” protested Dhanny “I was trying to save my girlfriends life!”

“Boo hoo!” Daimon rubbed his eyes “One gesture against the multitude of sin! You idiot!”

“Please” begged Dhanny

“Begging…do you think begging will change my mind?”

“Do you want my soul?”

“I have your soul!” laughed Daimon “You wouldn’t be here unless I had you’re soul”

“I’ll do anything” Dhanny pleaded

“Really?” Daimon got up from his chair and sidled up to Dhanny “Anything is such a broad term”

“Any. Thing” stated Dhanny

“Well young Dhanny Bezchalk let’s make this a formal infernal relationship” Daimon snapped his fingers and a large scroll appeared before him “Read it, sign it and I’ll send you back to your ridiculous life”

Dhanny grabbed the black feather quill that hovered nearby and signed his name on the bottom of the parchment. Daimon snatched up the scroll and smiled broadly.

“You’ve made me very happy Dhanny” said Daimon “You’ve signed over your soul when I had no claim to it at all. Stupid creature!”


“You’ve just become my new cage for my new pet” Daimon rammed his trident into Dhanny’s chest. Dhanny left out a scream as Daimon conjured up Dormmamu with his right hand and then channelled him into the open wound. Dhanny’s flesh melted down to a skeleton and burst into flames.

“Now begone!”

Lanzhou, China

“…and that’s what happened ma’am” recited Captain Jordan Chung to his superior Major Beyonce Hjwang. The major looked at her captain and then over to the melted armour that contained a soldier.

“And where is the perpetrator of this?” she asked

“Vanished in the column of flame”

“And none of you decided to follow the burning tire tracks that lead in that direction?”

“With all due respect ma’am, wi…” Jordan’s words stopped as Beyonce’s fist smashed his teeth in. She grabbed Captain Chung’s face and whirred her repulsor to life.

“If you wish to continue to serve the Supreme Commander Captain Chung, be silent!” She looked deep into his eyes “I know there is a major debacle happening in New Latveria and some strange orders have come out from the Supreme Commander. But isn’t standard operating procedure to pursue anyone who has assaulted an Iron Army soldier?”

Captain Chung nodded in agreement.

“So in what part of STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE does it say call your direct superior?”

Captain Chung shrugged.

“I am going to send you work in the Zunyi organ farm Chung. You’re going on the production line you simpleton!” Major Hjwang shoved him to the ground ‘You’re lucky I don’t blow your head off right here but we need troops, even if they are morons like you!”

“Fank yoo mlam!” said Captain Chung through his broken and bleeding mouth.

“Right! Firstly get that man to a hospital or a metal shop” she pointed to the melted metal soldier “Secondly! Follow those tracks! I want this ghost thing caught and executed by the time the sun goes down. Move out!”

The squadron of Iron soldiers took off in a south-westerly direction. Major Beyonce Hjwang closed her visor and took to the sky, Captain Chung followed behind her like a scolded dog.

Yongjing, China

Dhanny came too as he rocketed across the countryside. Underneath him was a demonic motorcycle, flames poured from him and the bike. Inside his head there was a constant scream-growl that echoed like a swarm of hornets had taken up residence in his skull. Dhanny slammed on the brakes and screamed as he saw his hands. Flaming skeletal hands.

“Oh my god!” he exclaimed as he held them up to his face.

The scream-growl began to chuckle at his statement.

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@batkevin74: Amazing!

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@DickGrayson: Thanks man!

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Sweet, I can't wait to see what Dormammu Ghost rider is going to do to his enemies

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liked it XD

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@joshmightbe: It's not going to be pretty let me tell you

@TheCannon: Thanks for reading

@RedRobinTimDrake: Excellent, thanks

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I always read your stuff.

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You know I think I really like Major Beyonce Hjwang, she's tough as nails and so hardcore. Caught the Wide Awake referance, very nice. Looking forward to seeing Dormammu Ghost Rider can do.

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@Time_Phantom: Yeah she's going to be a thorn in Ghost Rider's and other side. I imagine her to look like if Beyonce Knowles had Asian eyes and straight black hair; striking sexy and really dangerous! And by 2200AD as we've seen with Weapon 20, race isn't a thing, except of course if you're Daniel Warstar and people call him a tomato/redskin because there arn't that many Native American's in the Iron Age.

And yeah if something that big like Wide-Awake is going on then other parts of the Empire will sorta know what's going on. They might be getting ready to mobilise...

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