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(This fan-fic is rated MA mainly due to the fact there's demons, devils and ghosts in it. There's some violence, bit of blood but it's tame but I'm erring on the side of caution so MA rating this. Also Marvel owns all this, except the guy I created but it's Marvel's sandpit I merely play in it)

Dormammu exploded into the Dark Dimension. For nearly two hundred mortal years he’d been boxed, caged, compressed into nothing more than a battery! He looked around the Dark Dimension, it had the familiar smell of home; mixed with the rank smell deceit and...Daimon

“Welcome home Dormammu” snarled Daimon Hellstorm, the near absolute ruler of the Nether Hells, who appeared behind him “Like what I’ve done with the place?”

“Half breed” the air shook as Dormammu spoke “You exceed your place!”

“No flame head it is you who exceed yours!” Daimon snapped his fingers and thousands of Mindless Ones rose up from the ground “I am in charge! Your time is over!”

“I have been locked in a box plotting revenge bastard son of Satan” roared Dormammu “And now you shall PAY!” A massive burst of mystical energy fired from his hands coating Daimon in toxic hellfire. It washed over him like a cool breeze.

“You’re outclassed, outmatched, outnumbered” laughed Daimon “I control all the Hell worlds, all the nasty dimensions. I am the absolute ruler and you are a relic of the past!” Daimon slammed the blunt end of his trident into Dormammu’s forehead knocking him over “You should have stayed on the Rig powering Stryfe’s light bulbs!”

Dormammu fired a massive net of lightning at Daimon, who ignored the mere annoyance.

“Anything you can do, I can do better!” Daimon harnessed Dormammu’s lightning and fired it back tenfold at the former lord of the Dark Dimension sending him reeling “But I can’t kill you! Like Mephisto, Belasco, D’Spayre and our kind death just means you dissipate and eventually pull yourself back together due to the mystical nature of demons and devils. Death is not permanent for us. Entrapment works best”

Dormammu roared and leapt at Daimon trying to strangle him but a wall of Mindless Ones formed between them “You’re going back to Earth!” snarled Daimon “And I’m going to do what Mephisto did Zarathos all those centuries ago. It’s a little touch of irony I feel”

Dormammu looked through the wall of Mindless Ones who had dog-piled and merged around him like a living cage “You will suffer for eternity for this Daimon”

“Possibly…but I sincerely doubt it” Daimon raised his hands and Dormammu screamed like a tortured choir as the eldritch energies tore him to atoms.

Lanzhou, China

Dhanny Bezchalk smashed through the wall of the noodle shop and kept going. Several Iron Soldiers were pursuit. In one hand was a medi-kit, the other a string of sausages. The slightly emaciated young man did parkour style flips to evade them.

“Unit Yi flank left” ordered the squad captain “Unit Sawn flank right. Units Are and So on me!”

“Roger!” responded all the units as they flew after their target.

Dhanny ducked into a shop which the owner quickly chased him out with a meat cleaver. This wasn’t going to end well if he couldn’t shake his tail. His girlfriend Fenfang needed food and medicine after being bitten by a plague snake. Having sold his I-dent card weeks ago to get food Dhanny had no choice but to steal. It just so happened he was really bad at stealing. Dhanny spied a fireworks vendor and rolled towards it. He snatched up a row of crackers and hurled them up into the air as an Iron Soldier fired a flame thrower at him. The fireworks erupted in his face blinding the soldier who then careened into a shop at top speed. Dhanny grabbed several more and fired them at the incoming soldier bearing down on him. The soldier let the fireworks bounce harmlessly off his armour and fired a repulsor blast that shot through Dhanny’s stomach and out his back

“Oh Stark me!” whimpered Dhanny as he tried to hold his insides, inside!

“This is Unit Sawn. Target is wounded” the soldier landed near the injured Dhanny.

“Proceed with standard execution protocols” came the reply over the radio.

Dhanny crawled behind the fireworks stall and saw a shiny, glistening, brand new motorcycle purring like a mechanical kitten ready to roar. Dhanny clambered up onto the seat, his bloody hand slapping onto the ornate gas cap.

“...will of The Supreme Commander the sentence is death!” the soldier raised his hand to fire when Dhanny and the bike exploded into a ball of flames that ignited the fireworks stand and caused a massive column of flame to shoot into the air

Captain Jordan Chung and his units arrived on the fiery scene. Unit Sawn’s armour was melted into slag like a used candle; but across the radio waves came a scared mantra from the badly burnt soldier inside “Ghost…Ghost…Ghost…Ghost…Ghost…”

(BTW Units Yi, Are, So & Sawn are actually phonetic Chinese counting. Dhanny Bezchalk is what I get when I jumbled the letters of Blaze & Ketch together to make our new demonic Chinese super dude in the Iron Age. Thanks to and )

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Great start

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@joshmightbe: Just taking the elements you set up with Daimon and the Rig and using it. Thought China would be a good place for him to start also

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Sweeeet! Love this a lot! Great job adding some diversity to the Iron Age!

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@batkevin74: Very nice. Dormammu is the new Ghost Rider....that's awesome.
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@TheWholeDamnShow: Yeah bout time we had some demonic elements

@TheCannon: Thanks man

@PrinceIMC: Yeah well Mephisto is riding around in Thomas' head in the Ares stories and when the Death Squad blew up the Rig it all fell into place. And Daimon being the now near absolute ruler can't have the old tenant of the Dark Dimension popping up causing a stink so presto chango one new Ghost Rider! Going to try to give him some new powers and make him meaner because Dormammu absolutely HATES being bonded to Dhanny!

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WOW! That's prety dam wicked! Dormamu is like heaps more powerful than the demon in Ghost Rider originally. Nice

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“Anything you can do, I can do better!”

Reminds me of the song from Annie Get Your Gun

“Oh Stark me!” whimpered Dhanny as he tried to hold his insides, inside!

This sentence confused me. He's holding his vital organs in and he's still alive? Wouldn't this kill him?

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Well Stark in the Iron Age is a swear word, so it substitues for F, S etc. Yes it probably should have killed Dhanny but a repulsor blast often cauterizes as well; so bleeding is minimal just leaves a nasty hole! Dhanny is holding his gut in, crawls in his last breath to get on the oh so convienient motorcycle and viola! :) I am now also imagining a hell version of Annie Get Your Gun with Daimon Hellstrom on lead vocals :) Thanks for reading

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Bumped and I'm off to bed!

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@RedRobinTimDrake: Thanks man

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Sweet! Dormammu Rider!

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@GR2Blackout: Imagine Ghost Rider x10 :)

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