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"Mom, relax!" Robert exclaimed grabbing his screaming mother by the biceps.

"We are nothing! We are nothing without him!" Ms. Daniels screamed and struggled to be let go as her 24 year old sun held her.

"Stop saying that! He did nothing for us!" Robert screamed holding back every tear as he watched his beloved mother in such pain. She definitely was't holding back.

"What?! And what are you going to do Robert? Look at you! Your own mother is sick! And here you are holding her violently while she is in such pain!" She cried out.

"STOP!" Robert shouted his loudest and slammed his mother against the wall in their poor home. He turned his head to see his little brother watching it all.

"...Get out... Leave! Leave! Now! I don't want you here!" With those words Robert headed to his room packing his bags. He heard the creek of his door and quickly turned his head.

"Robbie... Please don't leave." His little brother said, then rushed over for a hug. Tears strolled down the child's eyes and dripped to the stained carpet.

"It's okay Tommy... It's okay."


It was another day in New York City, another day for the poor. Robert resumed to his daily job at the power lines, a lot of power was needed to feed the entire city. Robbert took off his large brown coat and put on his rubber gloves. It was his job to keep the power in the city running, and if he or anyone else on the job messed up who knew what could go wrong. Robbert grabbed a hold of a lever with both hands and pulled his hardest. The powerhouse was activated, and everything lit up and workers began to step over to their stations. It was loud there, always was.

"Daniels, we got something wrong downstairs! Go get to it!" The boss shouted across the powerhouse to Robert. These where the kinds of things he liked to do, it bumped up his pay.

Robert scanned his hand against a sensor panel. The door opened in acceptance of Robert's handprints. Down stairs was filled with large Electricity batteries, three large ones ran the entire city. It was the first time Robert ever saw them in person. They where like towers. One was shut down, but the other two had just enough energy to back it up for now. Robert needed to do this, he needed to fox this. The money could help him, his family mostly, get them into a nice house. He craved it all. He stepped over examining the situation. The cable for the Battery was unplugged from the rest of the machines.

"Stark! How am I supposed to fix this!?" He screamed and ran his gloved fingers through his blonde hair. Robert's eyes scanned the Other two Batteries, and their connection cords.

A smile formed on his face, a smile of hope. He got it! Robert lifted the cord with his gloved hands and pulled to the connecting cord.

"Daniels? No!!" The boss entered to check on him but was too late. Robert had set an intense amount of electricity through his body, the amount of electricity that powered the entire city.

Ferrum Labs

"He's awake." Professor Brown said speaking with the other as she looked into the white room through the one way glass.

"It's amazing..." Professor Charles said looking at the man inside, the power in which he now held. He couldn't control it.

"What? Where am I?" Robert asked himself in the containment room, then looking at his hands. Robert panicked for a moment and felt a slight "Zap" in his body. His eyes began to glow, and his body lit up.

"He's going out of control! Stop it!"

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Cool start, might need an explanation for how he mutated but you've set everything up well. Ferrum does tend to use some unorthodox power sources so it wouldn't be at all out of place to say those batteries were running off of something capable of mutating him.

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@joshmightbe: Thanks, and yeah I will get into more explanation in the next one.

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@DickGrayson: Oh the Chairman of Ferrum's gonna be pissed about mutants on site. Nice intro

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@batkevin74: Thanks.

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Really cool. Can't wait to see where it goes.

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Sweet. Looking forward to more.

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This is very cool.

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