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Rated MA, owned by Marvel though he is an original creation based off existing characters he's theirs :)

Continued from: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-iron-age-distain-vol-2-1-1510572/#6


Darius wandered the streets with no particular place to go. An Iron Army patrol had asked some people across the street for their I-dent cards which was a signal to Darius to move along as he didn’t have one and was known “criminal”. Not that he was frightened but he chose his battles and brawling in the street with grunts wasn’t on his agenda. Especially in front of an Iron Hall.

An alert flashed up in the corner of his eye from his armour.

-Iron Army broadcast update: New Latverian spies have been found and executed posing as members of the military.-

“A purge.” mused Darius “Didn’t work for the Soviets two hundred years ago. Seems Stryfe has learnt nothing from history.”

-All generals recalled to Chicago. Probability of General Falcon Helfitta…-

“Don’t bother!” he told his armour as he crossed the street and headed into a coffee house. He nodded at the waitress and took a seat at the back, his back flush to the wall. He glanced at the menu as the waitress arrived.

“Hi! My names Berry! What can I get y’all?”

Darius tried to fathom the over exuberance and cheeriness emanating from the young woman with the dumb name “Tea”

“Sure, sure. White, black, green, orange, camomile, Peruvadorian…”

Darius just tuned her out as she rattled off two dozen made up combinations. He smiled “I’ll just have a pot of whatever you like”

Berry’s and Darius’ eyes met, she gulped, took the menu and briskly walked off. Darius pressed the start button on the holo-table that began showing all the “news headlines”. A constant stream of most wanted photos; Jameson rants from New York, a green sewer monster in Greenwich Village, terrorist acts from New Latveria…mindless drivel to deaden curiosity. Berry plonked the pot down on the table.

“Are you single?” he asked as Berry turned to leave.

“I beg your pardon?”

“I said are you single?” Darius slowly poured his tea “I see no ring, no tattoos of names but in this day and age you can never tell.”

Berry looked at the handsome man from New Latveria “I’m married!” she stated.

“Well…” Darius smiled as he blew the steam off the cup “That just means you’ll have to explain to your husband why you cheated on him!”


Darius left the coffee house, satisfied in more ways than one. He looked across the street at the Iron Hall.

“Did Stryfe steal the idea for the purge from my mind?” mused Darius.

-Parameters of question un…-

“Oh be silent! Sometime I just wish to speak aloud” Darius said to his armour “When I made the run at the Supreme Commander he invaded my mind, rewrote it and sent me after that ape Ares. Could he have stolen my ten point plan from my head? Or did he implant the plan in my head? Then that Thomas undid the damage Stryfe did, then I using technology and psychic training from…” Darius paused to remember her “Kimberlyn…pull up the plan!”

-Are you addressing me?-

“Yes you facetious semi sentient hunk of junk!” snapped Darius. His 10 point plan rolled in front of his eyes “Am I just a pawn? Are these my ideas or their ideas?”

-Parameters of open ended metaphysical questions unable to be answered without more data-

Darius wiped his lips “I may need the robot after all!”

“I-dent cards!”

Darius turned to see three soldiers walking down the street accosting the foot traffic. He smiled as he folded his arms and waited for them to come to him. The Supremis armour hummed in anticipation in the hollows of his bones.


Major Miguel Gonzalito assessed the scene. What was left of three dead Iron soldiers across the street from their Iron Hall by one of the most wanted men in the empire. He was thankful that General Helfitta was away in Chicago.

“Why wasn’t the alarm triggered?” he asked one of the Ferrum techs.

“It was, but it didn’t register” replied the tech “Probably jammed, locaslied emp maybe”

“Well find out!” he snapped “Otherwise you get to explain it to General Helfitta what the stark happened outside his Iron Hall!”

The tech returned to his duties as Gonzalito looked at the bits of melted armour and burnt flesh scattered on the sidewalk. He punched in a code on his armour “This is Major Gonzalito. I need to bump but the alert on Darius Stane!”

To be continued...

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I like that he isn't sure his plans are his own.

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Its understandable

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Casual bump

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