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Distain made Boston in just over seven minutes, the sonic boom announcing his arrival. The Boston Iron Hall was on high alert but the sight of a black figure in armour was dismissed as simply another Hunter joining in the clean up. Distain spotted a group of nine soldiers encircling a group of people. A thought in his brain screamed “Kill them all!” He aimed his Type Z repulsor and fired into the middle of the group killing the fat blue man who seemed to be the leader and swooped down onto them. The soldiers opened fire in the confusion on the group, it was a bloodbath! Distain managed to flatten a young man, keeping him unconscious and relatively safe

“He isn’t that the Darius guy we were looking for?” said one of the soldiers to his Sergeant

“I think you’re right. Hey you? Darius Stane!” yelled the Sergeant

“What do you want, you tin plated maggot?” snarled Distain turning to him

“By the authority of the Supreme Commander I hereby place you under arrest for crimes against the empire”

Inside his helmet Darius frothed at the mouth, his head rattled the mantra Kill the upstarts. He checked his HUD and plotted where each soldier was in relation to himself

“Are you happy with your choice of last words?” Distain asked as he fired his Omni laser into the face of the Sergeant and fired two repulsor blasts at two other soldiers as he flying shoulder charged another. The soldiers returned fire but he was fast and nimble and angry like a hornet. Distain fired off napalm, chlorine, repulsor and Omni-blasts and in about three minutes had killed eight and crippled the ninth, trapped in his armour due to a lack of power.

Distain slapped the unconscious young man awake, his brain echoing the kill order

“Where is Ares?” he snarled

“I don’t know!”

“Then you are useless!” his repulsor whirred at full power


“Begging is for the weak boy! Tell me where Ares is! Three...two...”

“He mentioned Canada” tears rolled from his eyes

“Canada’s a big place”

“I don’t know!” he roared

Distain sunk his fingers into the man’s jaws and fired the repulsor blowing his head off, the body dropped to the floor. He surveyed the carnage at his feet and then sprayed napalm over the corpses to ensure they were dead. He then plotted a course for Canada and rocketed away from Boston in a north easterly to Charlottetown.


Ares rested his eyes as the transport bumped and jostled its way from Quebec. His massive pets which he’d named Metus and Achos nestled either side of him to provide comfort and warmth. Morbius slept close to Ares, well not really asleep more like stalking as he pondered how he’d get his lips on more the delicious god blood. Sean had drawn the straw to drive the transport with Jim as his spotter

“I can run faster than this” grumbled Sean “I could carry us all faster than this clunky old thing”

“Can you run faster than bullets?” asked Jim as he cleaned a revolver

“Yeah” scoffed Sean

Jim snapped the revolver shut and pointed it at Sean’s temple “Really?”

Sean locked up, caught between wanting to dart away and drive the transport

“Just drive okay” Jim lowered the weapon and continued to clean it “Wasn’t even loaded”

“I knew that” said Sean in a less than convincing voice

Jim held the revolver up to check the sight when he spotted a black figure in the sky heading their way “I am so sick of these bastards” he said as he assembled his rifle with lightning precision

“What are you doing?” asked Sean

“Building a bridge” mocked Jim as he leant himself out the window and took aim “You just drive straight and careful okay” Jim lined up the shot and fired a shot at the boot jet of the figure. It spun around in a loop and crashed down ahead into the tree line

“Did you get him?” asked Sean

Jim simply shot him a derisive look as he clambered back into the cab when suddenly


Three bursts of repulsor rays shot through the transport cabin killing Jim instantly. Sean looked at his now dead comrade and the caught sight of the black armoured figure hurtling towards him with a small tree, intent on using it like a battering ram. For Sean it was like slow motion as he raced from the cab, ran to the back to the transport and threw open the doors. He grabbed Thomas by the hair and Alan by the foot and sprinted away with them to a safe point and was headed back when Distain and his battering ram smashed into the transport! The transport jack-knifed, the cabin crumpled as the back flipped sending Johann into a tree with a sickening thump knocking him out.

Ares clambered from the wreckage, slightly dazed but unhurt. Metus and Achos were trapped but unhurt from what Ares could see

“What is my father’s name is going on Sean?” yelled Ares

Sean pointed and Ares’ turned to see a man in ebony armour hovering above the crash

“Which one of you is Ares?”

“I am” Ares stepped forward

“Good” Distain fired his Omni-blast which caught Ares unawares but thanks to Sean’s quick thinking, he pulled his leader out of harm’s way

“Fetch my axe and free the others” Ares muttered to Sean who shot off to complete his given task

Distain fired his repulsor blasts at Ares feet who didn’t move

“Either you can’t hit a target as big as I or you’re trying to intimidate me” said Ares as Sean rushed the axe into his hand “Allow me to get closer as to improve your chances!”

Ares leapt up to Distain’s height, axe aloft and intent of cleaving him from crown to crotch. Distain ducked to the side and grabbed the axe hilt with one hand and opened up a blast of napalm onto Ares’ fingers. Ares barely flinched and grabbed Distain by the wrist

“I’ve handled my uncle’s flames” he said, digging his fingers into the hard metal

“Die!” Distain smashed his fist into Ares’ face then followed by an eyeful of napalm. Ares shocked at the ferocity let him go and crashed to earth. Distain pressed his attacked pile driving down onto Ares driving him into the soft ground up to his ankles

“Leavehimalone!” screamed Sean as he bolted up and leapt off the back of Ares, tackling Distain around the waist in a futile exercise. Distain drew Scalphunter’s sword and rammed it into Sean’s stomach and out his left side before flinging him to the ground

“All you upstarts will die!” yelled Distain

He fired a shot at the near immobile Ares who blocked it with his axe as he hauled himself out of the ground

“Come down here” challenged Ares “Let’s see what type of man you are?”

“Much smarter than you than to fall for that”

“Fine then I shall bring you to me!” Ares threw his axe at Distain who easily dodged but was then swatted to the ground by the giant Marcus who joined the fray

“Shut him down!” roared Ares as he ran towards Distain. Ares soccer kicked Distain into a tree and Marcus again slapped him into the ground. Marcus raised his palm and struck again and then yelled the pain, Distain had raised the sword which pierced through the hand and out the back; followed up by a repulsor blast through the hole to open and cauterize the wound further. Marcus stood up and Distain rocketed into his groin region at about Mach 3 with a paralysing crunch causing Marcus to fall back onto the damaged transport

Ares smashed Distain into a tree and followed up his attack with a series of blows that sounded like thunder against Distain’s quickly raised shields

“I am going to cut your head off!” swore Ares

“I’m going to force-fed you your still beating heart” yelled Distain as he popped up from behind the shield and shot Ares in the face with his Omni-beam sending him backwards. Distain roared in pain and clutched his forehead with both hands

{You don’t want to fight us. You want to sleep}

“Get out of my head!” screamed Distain as he flying spear tackled Ares into another tree

{You can’t resist...whoa}

Distain smashed his fists into Ares face “Kill you all!”

{Ares, he’s under some sort of mind controlled}

{I don’t care Thomas! I’m going to kill him!}

{I think I can fix him but you need to keep him busy}

{How does dead sound?}

Ares grabbed a hunk of tree and smashed it over Distain’s head, splinters and sawdust flew into the air. Distain wobbled and Ares cocked his fist readying a punch to the face when Morbius leapt onto Distain’s back and began clawing at him like a wild animal

“Get off me!” yelled Distain as he flipped Morbius at Ares, who batted Morbius to the side and pressed his attack

{Someone’s done a number on this guy}

{Less chatter Thomas}

Ares grabbed Distain by the helmet and forced his head down as he brought his knee up, denting the faceplate. Distain grabbed the sword and ran a gash up Ares thigh drawing blood, Morbius’ eyes lit up as Ares staggered back

{That’s enough Darius, settle down}

“Kill you all!” screamed Distain as he fired chlorine gas into Ares face and took to the air

“Not so fast!” hissed Morbius as he tackled him and went for a ride

{Wow you’ve been put through a mental ringer haven’t you}

Morbius smashed his fist into the back of Distain’s head, tying to loosen the helmet

“Kill you all!”

{Pretty simple command but its hardwired into you}

Distain and Morbius rocketed higher into the sky

{C’mon man let it go}

Higher and higher he raced

{Just let go!}

Distain screamed as he threw Morbius off him and fired all his weapons like an exploding firecracker

{Nice now why don’t you come down here so my boss can have a chat with you}

{How about I come down there and blow your head off}

{Easy man, I just saved you from a suicide mission}

Distain watched Morbius gliding down and raced after him, tackling him in mid air “I don’t appreciate being smacked in the head” he seethed as he smashed him in the face several times before grabbing him by his hair and shooting down towards the group. He hurled the semi-conscious vampire at Ares who caught him this time. Beside him his gang had assembled; The damaged giant, the almost healed speedster, two giant dog-ram-things, a green glowing man, the telepath and the war god

“I was sent here to kill you by the Supreme Commander” said Distain hovering above them, fists clenched

“Bring it” snarled Ares spinning his sword

Ares and Distain glared at each other, sizing each other up

{Ares, he was under a telepathic compulsion. It wasn’t his fault he attacked us. Darius, if you keep this up Ares IS going to kill you and I’ll help him. I suggest you fly away before this gets worse}

{Get out of my head...please}

Distain looked at Thomas “Thank you” He glared at Ares “I see you again and I blow your head off!”

“Why wait?” goaded Ares

Distain hovered down slowly to Ares’ eye level, the tension palpable

“Because that’s what you want” said Distain “Next time will be on my terms” and he shot up into the sky

“Coward!” yelled Ares

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Great job

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@joshmightbe: Thanks

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@batkevin74: I like the dialog a lot

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@joshmightbe: I stole the idea of Sean talking way too fast from Johnny Quick in Earth 2 :)

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@batkevin74: It would be natural for a speedster to talk faster since he does everything else faster

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That's true