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Darius spent a week in Washington plotting and planning when he spotted a holo-column. It seems the world had gone nuts! Thor in Miami, someone blew up Chicago, a hole got punched in the Sea Wall and there was an army of mutants running through Boston! Seems that someone was reading his mind and putting all his plans into actual action! A week of planning was nothing compared to a week of action and it seems the entire world had forgotten Darius Stane

“I am going to kill you Tony Stark!” vowed Darius as he engaged the Supremis armour “I am going to pull your head off and boot it into the sun!” He plugged directly into the holo-column and jacked himself into the Ferrum database. As he flew through the files he “ran” into another hacker bringing up files on Captain America.

“Bingo!” said Darius “Looks like I kill you in Chicago, you sick bastard”

Darius shot off into the upper atmosphere, the Hunter armour in tow on a cable

Ferrum HQ, Chicago

The Supreme Commander stood on the roof Ferrum HQ. He looked down at the ant sized people and surveyed the damage caused in what had been spun as the ‘Chicago Incident’. He didn’t really care. It was almost beneath his notice, but enough of these ‘incidents’ could ruin two hundred years of his rule and that was not beneath his notice.

“Excuse me Supreme Commander?” a low level Ferrum employee interrupted his thoughts “The Chairman will see you now”

Stryfe smiled under his helmet. These people were idiots! They really had no idea has was both The Supreme Commander AND The Chairman of Ferrum. It was even funnier that he had to book appointments to see himself

“Will he now?” he growled and added telepathically ‘Throw yourself off the building now’

He watched as the man casually walked to the edge of the building and fell out of sight wordlessly. It was good to be the...what was that? He spotted a small dark shape falling out of the sky towards him. He turned and then remembered he’d sent the only other person up here to his death. He fired up a telekinetic shield and watched as the shaped came closer. It was man sized, black, it was a Hunter. Stryfe reached out with his telepathy to shut its mind down, but came up empty. The Hunter rocketed in at incredible speed and he easily caught it with his telekinesis

“Who do you think you are?” he snarled as he pried the helmet off with his mind to reveal the IED stuffed inside. KABOOM!

Stryfe was knocked back, his head ringing in his helmet. Darius dropped the cloaking device as he hovered over him, his fists clenched in rage

“Hello Tony” Darius smashed his fist into The Supreme Commander’s face and then hauled him to his feet “Supremis: record! I want to watch this later” He wrapped his metal fingers around his neck and that’s when the laughing started

“You stupid, petulant child!” said Stryfe “You have no idea who you’re dealing with”

Darius fired his chest Omni-laser into him driving him into the floor like a nail “It’s you who has no idea Tony! I am the son of Nicodemus; son of Samuel; son of Zachariah; son of Ezra; son of Jeremiah; son of Solomon; son of Ezekial; son of Obadiah Stane!”

“I know” he replied “Because I’m inside your head!”

He fired his Type Z Repulsor Cannon blowing off The Supreme Commander’s right arm off

“I like that you think you’re winning” laughed Stryfe derisively

Darius unleashed the napalm into his face followed by a kick into the chest. He followed the fallen leader and dropped his knees into his back and then smashed his head against his knee, over and over again

“You lost the moment you stopped to pontificate!” said Stryfe adjusting his helmet as he stood up

“You broke the world Tony! And now the Stane’s shall have their long awaited revenge upon you. You faked your death and took over the world...”

“You believe this don’t you Darius” said Stryfe “With the whole fibre of your being. This is precious. I haven’t been this amused in years. You genuinely believe I’m Tony Stark”

“...and you will die!” Darius smashed his fist into his face

“And I love that you think you’re still fighting me” chuckled Stryfe as he walked around the stationary Distain like a shark circling its prey. Darius' eyes were darting back and forth “You have a very overactive sense of imagination and sense of accomplishment you stupid boy! You’re just an ape in a tin can compared to me. I’m peeling through your mind wondering whether to vegetablize you or leave you in a loop to watch you fight me in your mind over and over and over again”

Stryfe watched as Darius ‘killed him’ in his mind

“Satisfied?” asked Stryfe “Do feel better? Now it’s my turn”

Darius’ eyes got flipped wipe open, along with all his senses as he hung in the air spread eagled via Stryfe’s telekinesis. He walked up to Darius and removed his helmet

“I’m not Tony Stark you stupid boy; I’m STRYFE!! I had Tony Stark killed in 2022!” the words were vocal and also telepathically rammed home “I used his ideas and technology to rule this mud ball. Your family needed something to cling to when their nemesis died and so passed down two hundred years worth of lies. LIES! Isn’t that delicious Distain or do you prefer Darius? You’ve been acting like the angel of vengeance and YOU’VE BEEN WRONG! You’re just a wannabe super villain with no purpose lashing out wanting to get beaten up by some spandexed do-gooder! Well I’m going to give you purpose!”

Darius tried to scream and resist the telepathic assault but it was like putting up a tissue wall to stop a hurricane! Stryfe burrowed his telepathic spikes deep into Darius’ brain

“I’ve got some stupid upstarts led by someone called Ares roaming Boston causing a ruckus. You like killing you psychopathic animal, I’m going to have you hunt them down and KILL THEM! ALL OF THEM! And when you’re finished you’re going to inhale your Type Z repulsor cannon and blow your brains out!”

Tears rolled from Darius’ eyes, his life came crashing down around him and his last parts of consciousness started fade as Stryfe took over his mind

“Do you understand me Darius?” asked Stryfe

“Yes Supreme Commander. I will go to Boston, hunt down Ares and kill him and his stupid upstarts. Then I will blow my head off with my repulsor cannon”

“Good. Now get out of my sight!”

Darius took to the sky and headed towards Boston. Stryfe turned and watched as forty heavily armed guards burst onto the roof


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I'm eager for the next chapter

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@joshmightbe: So am I! I'll PM you the idea soon as to coordinate with you coz I can't kill Ares if he's Canada now can I! :)

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Wow! Stryfe is a bada$$! Making Distain think he's winning is wicked mean! Lovin your work man

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Wow! I had the biggest stupid grin as soon as Stryfe said "I love that you think you're still fighting me." Great read. I'm actually working on a character that should give Distain a half decent fight (not that scalphunter didn't give him a run for his money.) PM me about it, I'll have the story posted tomorrow.

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@Time_Phantom: Thanks man, one PM coming your way

@tomdickharry1984: Thanks dude. Stryfe is in charge of the world so he's THE BADA$$

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