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Scalphunter twisted the sword, gouging more flesh “You have been a major fly in my ointment Darius, can I call you Darius? Well it is your name, so much better than Distain”

Darius couldn’t breathe, couldn’t shut his eyes, couldn’t speak due to the pain of having two feet of razor sharp vibrainium poking through his body

“You shot me in the face with napalm!” chastised Scalphunter as he inched the blade in further “Do you know HOW MUCH THAT HURTS?!? Seriously I had flesh melting from my face. I’ve still got this perma-tan coz my cells still haven’t properly recovered from the trauma you caused. But being squishy flesh wrapped in a tin can you wouldn’t know that”

Darius screamed as more blade entered his back and emerged from his chest

“I’ve killed a lot of people” said Scalphunter as he eased the sword out a little “About four hundred give or take coz it’s hard to get an accurate count when you blow up a hover tram. But just between us, you are like in my top ten of hardest targets to kill” laughed Scalphunter as he twisted the blade and pushed it in further “Number one is Doom, he’s a wily old bastard! I think I got him once but he is the proverbial bad apple. Number two is this stunning babe with silver hair! She is a knockout. Hey are you passing out on me?” Scalphunter slapped Darius across the back of the head “Rudeness! But I think I found her house so when I’m done with you I’m off to kill her and her kids. Now at three is that Gold Hulk. Officially he don’t exist and I wish he didn’t but he’s at three, maybe I shouldn’t even include him...what do you think?”

Darius tried to focus his eyes but all he could do was hold the table and not collapse. Blood trickled down his chest

“At four is Dr Nathaniel Essex also known as Mr Sinister. Admittedly I haven’t really tried all that hard but he once ate a pound of cyanide & polonium chocolate I sent him. Rounding out the top five is Iron Claw, man I hate the Chechyen sicko! I’ve gone head to head with him three times, all when the Supreme Commander’s been out of town, and man he’s tough. But it’s that combat computer in his head, remove that and boom he’s just a freak. You my friend would be at six but soon you’ll just be a piece of flesh hanging on my wall and no longer a problem” He inched more of the blade in until the hilt touched his back

Darius managed to focus on the writing across his eye ‘Supremis unit tele-mechano-link available. Initiate override on Hunter Jankovich”

Darius got a schematic in his mind of the Hunter armour parts lying on the table. He connected with the right arm weapons system as the gauntlet lay on the table. Darius could barely hear Scalphunter ramble but the pain was killing him.

“And at ten is General Falcon Helfitta! For a human he’s damn hard to kill! I’m sure I’m his number one coz I killed and raped...or was it raped and killed I can never remember. Are you still with me Daria?

“Yes” hissed Darius both to Supremis and Scalphunter. Darius lifted his arm and the turned his body quickly. The sword split him from the entry wound until it slid out under his arm due its sharpness and Darius’ twist, tearing a huge chunk from under his arm

‘What the?” said Scalphunter

Darius engaged the chlorine ejector at 1000ppm on the gautlet on the table and fired, catching Scalphunter right in the mouth. Scalphunter hit the ground and began convulsing, Darius lying nearby bleeding out from armpit like a stuck pig

‘Armour-lock due to initiating emergency regen procedures’ ran across Darius’ eye, the Supremis began to stitch, cauterize and coagulate the massive wound

Darius shakily pushed himself up to a seating position, blood seeping from his side and watched the assassin flip about trying to breathe like a fish out of water. Darius fumbled for the Hunter gauntlet and managed to bring it down off the table

‘Physical exertion to be keep to a minimum to...’

“Shut up!” spat Darius. He put on the gauntlet and dragged himself over to Scalphunter who was foaming at the mouth, convulsing. Darius grabbed Scalphunter by the throat and began smashing him in the face

“You!” Crunch “Just!” CRACK! “Made!” Krckt “My!” Crack “List!” SLAM! Darius turned Scalphunter’s face into paste. Darius raised his fist and came down with another strike when Scalphunter hit his teleportation sphere and was gone, Darius’ fist smashing into the floor

“Bastard!” yelled Darius before he collapsed in a pool of his blood

Darius came to with a snap. He was still furious at Scalphunter’s escape and that now twice people have snuck up on him from behind. He ran his hand across the fresh scar that ran under his arm, that nearly killed him. But he did have cause to smile, he got the bastards vibranium sword. Darius looked around almost excepting someone to be behind him or call his name as he went back to the task he’d begun a while ago


Warforce One, somewhere in the air over the US

WarForce One was The Supreme Commander’s ultimate plane. He took the idea of Air Force One from the old American Presidents and some ideas from Reed Richards’ old journals and made this flying fortress from which he could run the world from if he needed to when he wasn’t in Chicago, Washington or teleporting between the Iron Halls disciplining generals. Inside Warforce was banks of monitors, holo-screens and feeds where The Supreme Commander sat in the middle and could “be one” with the infomartion streaming into a chair similar to the old Cerebro that Xavier had. Stryfe sat in it, his brain absorbing and filtering through the info.

A wry smile cracked across Stryfe’s face as he processed “This is Mongoose. The package is out; I repeat the package is out. Please inform The Supreme Commander”

Nipping this potential Asgardian in the bud before he could become a nuisance was paramount. He typed a message directly to Mongoose in Miami ‘Proceed with execution’

Incoming Live feed! Stryfe opened the feed and watched the mini shoulder-cam of Thunder standing before a group of misfits; a woman, a cat-man, a man with a sword, a dragon, a gold behemoth and a kid wisping energy. Record and send stats to Ferrum for possible improvements

“My Lord”

Stryfe sat up from his chair and looked at Iron Claw, nearly prostrate on the floor

“I have failed you my lord. I let the woman escape”

“Yes, yes you did” he replied harshly “But that doesn’t matter now. She is the least of my problems and Sinister can send a squad of Creeds after dear sweet deluded Danvers. Seems the world is feeling an inevitable wave of rebellion. We shall ride that wave...then we crush it! Thunder shall deal with the UK trouble makers, Mongoose shall execute the Asagardian if he is that and you my dear pet are going to New York to clean it up. There seems to be a plethora of costumed idiots inhabiting that city again. This gawdy Native American boy, a Daredevil and ridiculously a Spider Man”

“We will not suffer a spider to live” seethed Iron Claw like it was a religious mantra

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nice to see Darius now has a real nemesis here

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Yeah Scalphunter is one bad penny who will be back for Distain, possible even Silver Sable or anyone else if they would like to use him

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@batkevin74: he's quickly becoming one of my favorite villains of this project

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I love Scalphunter! I think my heart skipped a b eat when he mentioned, Sable and her kids. (Yeah I get that attached to characters I create) This almost makes me wonder what Stryfe will do once he finds out the situation in Chicago. (read reprisal part 5) Great work as usual, I am on the edge of my seat.

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Oooh Scalphunter is gonna be back and he'll be p!$$e9! Nice work man

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@Time_Phantom: I though that if she's going to be that good then someone knows who she is and what better person that the head of the European Assassin Division. In their respective lines of work they've crossed paths. And as for your stuff going down in Chicago, he's going to probably drop a nuclear device on the city just to stop any more nonsense! :)