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Darius tried to summon the Supremis up but it simply showed a digital counter 5:58:27 til activation. He was caught dead to rights

“No sir” replied Darius in his best hill-billy drawl as he turned around “I’ve been getting that quite a lot! Seems I got’s me double”

Before Darius stood an Iron Hunter, one of those specialist units designed to kill mutants. Things were going from worse to utterly bleak

“I-dent card! Slowly”

Darius reached into his pocket and pulled out his overwritten I-dent card. He slyly flipped the panel on the back to make the digi-picture flicker. He was going to get one shot at this, one shot only and if it failed well he hoped he was killed rather than captured

“Gerry Heck” stated the hunter holding up the card “Seems it damaged?”

“No it’s not”

“The picture’s flicking nutcage!” snapped the Hunter, his tone slowly rising as he shoved the card back in Darius’ face “Which is usually a sign of tampering”

Darius bit his lip, containing his own rage “Seems fine t’me. Maybe s’all the bugs on your face shield spoliin’ yer view”

The Hunter’s visor shot up “Are you being smart with me hill-billy? I’ll blow your head off and leave you here for the fishes”

“Are you goin give me a ticket?”

“Okay you inbred” The Hunter clicked on his comms “Central this Jankovich at Hudson Bay. Zero Tango Jay Aitch Four”

“Go ahead”

Darius exhaled and hardened his left index and middle finger together and struck like a viper. Darius’ fingers perforated the Hunter’s right eye driving it deep; sending tears, brain matter and blood across his face. His right hand covered over the comms as he wrenched back with his hooked fingers cracking the nasal bone from the inside. The Hunter’s face collapsed inwards, killing him due to the preciseness of the hit and Darius’ strength.

“Go ahead Jankovich” said the comm’s

Darius propped the now dead weight against himself and spoke into the comms “Yeah Central I’m doing a sweep and I’ve got nothing”

“You keep up the sweep until you get told otherwise Jankovich!” came the stern reply

“Yes sir!” replied Darius “Jankovich out!” excerpt

Darius dumped the armour on the ground and slowly began to dismantle the armour. It took an hour but in the end he’d dumped the body in the bay and was wearing the inferior suit of armour, well inferior to his Supremis

“Jankovich!” came the shrill across his comms unit

“Go ahead Central” replied Darius as he familiarised himself with the primitive controls

“You haven’t moved in an hour!”

“Just doing a thorough sweep Central”

“Don’t get smart Jankovich. When you get back in you are grounded!”

“Whatever” Darius clicked off the comms. Trust Stark to have chipped all his toys like the spoilt brat he was. He took to the air. Still had four hours until Supremis came back online.

Let’s see how much trouble Jankovich can get into

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lite one but still good

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Yeah, not my best but it leaves me with somewhere to go

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@batkevin74: I did like it, just a bit shorter than usual

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Good job by the way, Distain is BADASSSS!

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@tomdickharry1985 Thanks!

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And part 5...that'll do I reckon...there's another 7 chapters after this if you want, thanks for reading the first 3 at least :)

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@batkevin74: I'll be finishing up a new chapter of Hardy and Creed within the week then I'm thinking of starting to hint at the next big thing, not going to jump right into it but I'll definitely start working toward it.

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@joshmightbe: IRON MONTH has begun :)