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Distain also appeared in the Marvel Iron Age: fantastic Force and The Marvel Iron Age Avengers


Distain hovered high above Chicago looking down on the city, monitoring Iron Army transmissions. There was a hive of transmissions, actually coded for once, centred in and around Bismarck. The Supremis armour put up a map projecting he could be in Bismarck in just over nine minutes.

“No,” he mused “Because who is watching the store whilst they are all off doing what they’re doing?”

-Answer requires speculation, insufficient data to run variables for such an…-

“Oh be quiet!” he told his suit. He looked down upon Chicago and smiled inside his helmet

Chicago Iron Hall

General Falcon Helfitta finished talking to General Hwjang in China and hung up the holo-phone, turning back to the battle table in the Supreme Commander’s office. It was a three dimensional map and showed troop movements and deployments similar to a computer game. Except this was real, and it showed the invasion of Asgard. He looked at the layout and stroked his moustache as he flexed his bionic arm that had started to annoy him lately.

His mind wandered back to the ludicrous offer they’d made to him about taking over, being part of a coup-de-tat.

“Idiots” he muttered aloud as he crouched and looked at a battalion on the far edge of the battle. He grabbed a comm.-stick.

“This is General Falcon Helfitta to the commander of Orange Battalion out of…where are you from?”

“Kkkkkk-sssssss this is General Averil Hart-Twain of the Prince George Iron Hall, Orange Battalion sir!”

“You need to move up forty feet and secure that ridge!”

“Kkkk-sssss negative sir! The Supreme Commander has…”

“The Supreme Commander wants to win and enjoy his victory, not get killed because you’re cowardly unit failed to take a strategic ridge which will protect HIS flank! Move yourself now Colonel Hart-Twain!”

“Kkkkkk-ssss understood sir!”

General Helfitta crushed the comm.-stick between his mechanical fingers.

Below Central Park

“It’s time we did some actual avenging” stated Distain on the large screen. Vision looked back at him.

“What do you mean Darius?”

“I mean we strike a blow when they are vulnerable robot” snapped Distain

“You know full well I am a synthezoid and not a robot!” reprimanded Vision “But the idea has merit. What do you want me to do?”

“Call them in to back me up. The little soldier, the nephew of the ape, the boy who uses sticks and the…”

Jessica walked in “And what about me?”

“The traitorous former assassin, who may or may not double cross us?” continued Distain

Jessica rolled her eyes “Charming”

“Since we know that Stryfe is off playing war somewhere and there is no Chairman of Ferrum, since he is playing two roles, Chicago is virtually unguarded! We may never get a chance like this again!”

“You’d fit right in with Zemo’s crew” scoffed Jessica “But he’s right!”

“I shall attempt to raise the others and we will head to your position within the hour” said Vision as he turned off the screen.

“Starker stole my line” grumbled Jessica as she and Vision headed to the hangar.


Distain pulled up schematics of Chicago on his HUD looking for the best point to strike. Hitting the Iron Hall while tactically sound, it wasn’t quite the decisive blow or shock and awe needed. He glanced down at the water and an idea clicked in his head.

“Prepare to do some calculations and seal me for space travel” said Distain as he shot up towards the upper atmosphere and headed for space.



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Cool, glad to see the Avengers getting back together

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Been trying to read all of these, but haven't really got to it yet, this is my motivation to read the others. Good job.

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@joshmightbe: Well the timing and the opportunity are there, may not be all of them but at the very least its a cameo

@DickGrayson: Excellent, Darius/Distain is one of my favourites. Glad you liked it

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@DickGrayson: Battle for Asgard part 4 is up if you're interested. Jury is still out on whether or not I dropped the ball on it but I do reintroduce an old Thor villain in a brutal way

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@joshmightbe: I'll go check it out, I think I read it though... Let me go see.