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Napoleon Base, Marengo, Illinois

Darius sat in front of a bank of primitive computers, getting more and more agitated by the low-tech. “How do you people do anything?” said Darius as he threw his hands up in exasperation.

“What do you want to do?” asked Kimberlyn, who plonked himself down beside Darius, stuffing her face with an apple.

“You’re talking to me now”

“No!” she snipped

“I really couldn’t care less!” said Darius dismissively as he fired up the Supremis Techno Organic Armour that coated him in an instant and walked away.

Kimberlyn glared at him, concentrating hard at him “Hey!”

Distain slowly turned to her “What?”

“Did you proof your armour?”

“No, I did not”

“Then why can’t I get into your head?”

“It seems my experiment has worked so far” The armour melted away and back into the hollows of his bones “So you tried to invade my mind?”

“Not so much invade” said Kimberlyn “Was more like a psychic shout to get your attention. You didn’t hear it?” Darius shook his head and smiled “All I get from you is static, like a cloud of static. I know you’re there but can’t get a lock on”

“Kimberlyn, can you make people believe things that aren’t true?” asked Darius taking a seat.

“What like lies?”

“No, crafting false memories. I have a plan to make a set of false surface memories, that when a psychic such as yourself taps into my head they can see what I want them to see” Darius yawned

“You’re a starking nutcage!” said Kimberlyn “I’ll try”

“As a famous trainer once said ‘Do or Do not, there is no try’”

“Well, how can I do it or not do it unless I try?” said Kimberlyn. Darius went to answer when she stepped in and planted a tender kiss on his lips.

“What was that for?”

“Dunno. For a pompous starkhole you’re kinda cute” giggled Kimberlyn as she did it again.


Bezull stood before his cell; Madrox with his broken arm in a sling, Churchill, Constellation, Kimberlyn and Darius. The monster man took a deep breath “We have received information from Commander Holland that there is going to be a raid on a Spider lair in Antioch tonight. We are going to get their first. Now it has been a trying week with Border being killed, but we still have a mission. Anyone who wants out, I understand and won’t hold it against you” All bar Darius had their eyes locked on him “Save for you Madrox, you’re injured and on light duties”


“NO!” the room shook from the response. Bezull breathed again and patted the boy on the shoulder “This is not about willingness Madrox; this is about being able to do the mission. You have a broken arm. Until it is healed, you’re useless!”

“I could cut it off, if you’d like” added Darius.

“You don’t have to be here Darius” said Bezull “You can leave anytime”

“Why don’t we leave now, save the Spider’s and be done with it” asked Darius

“Because we’re trying to win a war!” stated Bezull “We’re not going to rescue the Spider lair, we’re going to aid them and kill as many Iron Soldiers as quickly and quietly as we can. And then when the Iron Hall diverts more soldiers to Antioch, another SHIELD cell can strike at the Lake Zurich power station. We don’t just randomly pick places and attack them like that X-Squad of mutants who hit St Louis! That little stunt put all the Iron Halls on alert making SHIELD’s job harder, not easier. Sure they made the safest city in the Americas look foolish, but at what cost. This is not a game we play”

“Yet you use children”

Bezull looked at his cell “Dismissed!” He waited patiently as they left the room and marched up to Darius and grabbed him by the throat and slammed him into the wall. “You can come to Antioch if you wish, but after that, you are no longer welcome in my cell Darius Stane! Your snide comments, superior attitude and your death wish make you a liability! Are we clear?”

“Crystal” said Darius as his armour morphed over his body, around Bezull’s fingers prying them off his neck “Now get your hands off me Beast, before I blow a hole through your chest!”

“Don’t threaten me little man” growled Bezull

Distain’s repulsor whirred to life “I wasn’t”


Antioch, Illinois

Bezull crouched behind a pile of old tyres. He scanned the scene checking his operatives were in place. Kimberlyn was on the roof of a nearby building as spotter and sniper. Constellation was in the trees. Churchill was camouflaged as part of the wall near the local, almost invisible to naked eye.

“Why did you send him away?” asked Kimberlyn over her radio

“I ordered radio silence Kimberlyn!” was Bezull’s gruff reply “Do you see anything?”


Bezull clicked off his comms. Madrox had broken up their fight, bravely standing between Distain and himself before it escalated. That boy was worth his weight in vibranium. Bezull’s ear pricked up as he heard the sound of Iron Soldiers. A team of nine landed in front of a building when a set of red and blue flares went off, the signal from the cell.

“Open fire!” roared Bezull as he leapt into the fray. Kimberlyn started peppering the Iron Soldiers with bolts from her electronic crossbow as Constellation let rip with star bolts. Churchill let rip with an old mini-gun, which did little damage versus the high tech armour of soldiers but “looked and sounded cool” as the bullets pinged off them. Bezull was on a soldier; his claws raking open the chest plate to reveal a spider tattoo.

“What the stark?” Bezull ripped off the helmet to reveal a badly beaten, gagged man. He noticed a chain connecting them all to the Iron Soldier in the centre who fired blasts into Bezull’s chest.

“Spring the trap!” yelled the soldier through his megaphone and floodlights from above lit the whole scene up like it was daylight. Several Iron Sentinels powered up and stepped in from behind the tree line.

“Stark me!” yelled Bezull as he smashed his fist through the face of the Iron Soldier


3miles up, 40 miles west of Antioch

Distain flew up towards the upper atmosphere as he scanned across the Iron Army chatter

“…foot letters ‘Assemble’ removed from the side of…”

“..tine continues in the LQ. Iron Army casualties’ minim…”

“..zard loose in the sewers Captain! I ain’t starking lying!”

“…Dr Nathaniel Essex, Exodus, ‘Spider-Man’, Karl Z...”

“..der trap. Seven spiders used as bait and terminated, along with a suspected terrorist cell”

Distain screeched to a halt in the air. He brought up the full feed on his HUD “Iron Army from Chicago Iron Hall sprung a spider trap. Seven spiders terminated used as bait and terminated along with a suspected terrorist cell. Three soldiers were killed in the trap, no prisoners were taken. All were terminated with extreme prejudice due to spider affiliations and mutants being present”

Distain shook in his armour, then breathed deeply “This is why we don’t use children.” And with that he took off like a shot across the sky.

** Distain will appear next in 's up coming Marvel Iron Age: Avengers

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Working on Avengers now, hopefully the first chapter will be up later today. Just need to polish it up a bit

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@joshmightbe: Coolio

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