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Distain rocketed from Doomstadt up to the upper atmosphere. The Supremis auto-sealed as he sat on the brink of space, looking down upon the grey-blue ball as it slowly turned below him. -Query?- flashed across Darius’ vision, part of his HUD.

“Do I have enough firepower to blown the entire planet up?” Darius asked his armour.

-Calculating weaponry options…Negative! Shortage of 850,499 megatons to achieve goal via nuclear option! Negative! Insufficient chlorine in unit for chemical attack. Negative! Flame t…-

“Rub it in” grumbled Darius “Well there goes the simple option of taking out all the equations?”


“You could just say, I don’t understand”

-Insufficient data for sarcasm-

“Very droll!” smiled Darius “Plot me a quiet course to Kenosha”



Kenosha, Wisconsin

Nine hours later, Distain landed under the cover of darkness in the flattened city of Kenosha. It was an eerie, quiet place, nothing taller than hip height as far as the eye could see. In the distance, the ever bright city of Chicago which made what had happened here even more tragic.

“This is disgusting!” said Darius quietly into his helmet

-Three life forms approaching in a standard flanking pattern-

“Probably Holland, but best be on guard” Darius armed his Type Z repulsor.

“Hands up metal scum!” the voice was firm but young. Distain turned to the voice to see a young kid in a SHIELD bio-suit pointing an F-22 shock cannon at him. Distain raised his arm, levelling it at the kid.

“Drop yours, or I drop you!” said Distain “Five…four…three…”

“At ease Madrox!” ordered Augustus Holland who shimmered into view as he deactivated his blur suit “He’s who we were expecting” Holland stepped forward “Augustus Holland, SHIELD commander, you must be Darius Stane”

“Distain when I’m in my armour, please” corrected Distain “Child, if you rise that weapon above your naval I will blow your head off!” Madrox gulped as his weapon slowly went back down to his side.

“Agent Nixon sent us an e-note you might be headed this way,” said Holland as he issued a series of hand signals to Madrox who disappeared into the night “How are things in New Latveria?”

“That Danvers cow is…” the words hadn’t finished when Holland’s pistol was drawn, cocked and jammed into Distain’s eye socket.

“I’d watch your tongue boy!” snarled Augustus, his voice and eyes full of fury and passion. For several tense moments the two glared at each other, battle scenarios and counters ran across Darius’ HUD.

“Fine, things are fine” said Distain carefully. Slowly Holland pulled the pistol back and holstered it. The pair locked eyes again, the tension was palpable.

“All good here boss?” asked a chirpy female voice from atop a pile of rubble, an electronic crossbow by her side “Coz give the word and I’ll drop tin stark”

“Fine Kimberlyn,” said Holland “Things are fine”

“Radical! Best make tracks then,” she said “There’s a patrol on sweep and since well, everything here is flatter than pancakes, we best get back” Kimberlyn flipped off the rubble and was gone.

“You have a team of children” commented Distain

“I’ll take them over you any day!” said Holland “You’ve starked me off Distain! You think you’re better than me, I can tell that by your tone. I’m doing you this courtesy because…” Holland stopped, breathed deeply and fronted Distain eye to eye “Keep your mouth shut about things you know nothing about or I will peel you out of your shell! Are we clear?” Holland shoved him and walked off.

“I can see why she likes you” muttered Darius to himself and followed after the SHIELD agents “You’re perfect for each other!”

Napoleon Base, Marengo, Illinois

“Madrox will show you where things are; when Bezull comes back from his spider run, you’ll have to run things by him” said Holland as he loaded gear onto an impressive looking quadcycle.

Distain retracted his armour into himself “You’re not staying?”

“SHIELD’s bigger than this team.” stated Holland as he took his helmet from Madrox “We’re a revolution. I’ll be back in three weeks, give or take.” Madrox threw him a salute as did Kimberlyn and the three other teens in the hangar bay. Augustus Holland smiled inside and returned the salute and leapt onto the bike, tyres squealing as he streaked away into the night.

“So what do we call you?” asked Madrox

“Preferably sir,” scoffed Darius “But Darius is fine when I’m out of the armour, Distain when I’m in it”

“Where does it go?” asked Madrox scratching his head

“Into the hollows of my bones” Darius looked around “So who are the ‘proud’ members of the SHIELD unit?”

“Well there’s me, Madrox!” smiled Madrox “And you met Kimberlyn. You’ll meet Beast when he gets back. Over there that’s Border, Churchill and Constellation”


“It’s what we call Bezull behind his back” laughed Madrox “So what do want to see first?”

Darius looked at the boy, who was like a puppy, and shook his head “Do you have a psychic on your team?”

“I knew you’d say that!” said Kimberlyn as she walked past them “Kimberlyn Williams at your service”

“How good are you?” asked Darius folding his arms across his chest and gazing at the barely nineteen year old with blonde hair.

“You want to know if I’m good?” Kimberlyn looked at Darius then at a chair across the room. She smiled then telekinetically dragged the chair across the room to be placed behind him. She confidentially shrugged then ‘sat’ in mid air “I’m alright”

“I need to know how to beat telekinesis and telepathy.” said Darius taking a seat “So tell me how it works?”


and anyone else who wishes to have a read...go on, it's good for you :)

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Oh I love reading the old stuff! You're right theres Holland. Gonna read the chapters after this for some more info. This team needs to make an appearance in the new Shield story. Along with X-Faction.

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