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It's been a while

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Throne room, Castle Doom, New Latveria

Carol shook her head “So basically Nicholas got on his bike and rode off into the sunrise, Magni is dead, Scarlet Spider is somewhere, the mission was a hoax AND a failure…tell me some good news”

“We ruined the Commander’s moon base,” said Darius matter of factly “But overall it was a total operational failure, completely your fault”


“You sent us on this mission, it was your intel and therefore your fault” stated Darius “You may now wear a tiara but it doesn’t make you blameless”

Carol went to launch into a tirade, before stopping herself “You’re right, god! Things just keep getting worse”

“And now you’ve traded guerrilla tactics for politics” smiled Darius “Whilst very similar, you’ll find you can’t just shoot people”

Carol raised an eyebrow “That’s why I keep people like you around!”

“Well, no. My allegiance was always to Doom and the downfall of Tony Stark. Now that Doom sacrificed himself to save the world and Tony Stark ISN’T the Supreme Commander, I am open to negotiations”

“Are you saying,” Carol got up from her throne “That you’re going mercenary? After all that’s happened, you’ll switch sides like that!?”

Darius smiled “As I said I am open to negotiations. I may even start my own country; keep both of you idiots on your toes.”

“I think your making a mistake Darius.” said Carol, her tone one of frustration

“And I don’t care what you think, your majesty!” Darius mock bowed “I shall go and see how Perun is doing and then I’ll be off, so you’ll have about half an hour to come up with your opening offer” Darius fully engaged the Supremis armour and flew out the window. Carol watched him go, her fists clenched into tight balls.

Hospital, New Latveria

Darius stood at the door to the ICU unit. A round, short, harsh looking woman blocked his way.

“And I said NYET!” the nurse barked her hands wedged onto her hips.

“You ugly woman,” said Darius “My armour is a containable environment and not a danger to…”

“NYET! You do not enter in tin can!”

He grabbed the woman by the throat with his right hand and lifted her up; his right hand readied the Type Z repulsor cannon “This tin can will blow your head off you stupid cow! Do you understand me?”

“…electromagnets in room!” coughed the nurse as she tried to breathe “They will short you out…no tin can!”

Darius was lucky his face plate was down because of the expression on his face was one of shock and stupidity. He gently lowered her to the ground and dusted her off “Sorry about that” He retracted the armour and stood there sheepishly looking at the nurse. She slapped him across the face, then again for good measure.

“I deserved that” he mumbled as she stormed off. He entered the cubicle to see Perun hooked up to dozens of machines helping him breath, regulate his blood and monitor his heart. Perun’s face was a swollen mess and every inch covered in a bandage or a stitch.

“Hang in there” said Darius quietly as he stared at the big man lying on the bad. Darius sat himself down and picked up the nearest book, the cover gone decades ago, pages held together by gaffer tape “A spectre is haunting Europe,” read Darius aloud to Perun “The spectre of…”


“I thought you’d scurried away!” said Ares, his voice filling the ICU room “But you’ve been here for three days”

“Keep your voice down you retarded ape!” Darius seethed as he looked up from his chair that had been his home “This is a hospital, not a tree in the wild where you and your monkey friends pick insects off each other!”

Ares hand clamped down on the back of Darius’ neck “Oh I have had just about enough of you!” And with that he dragged him across the floor and out into the corridor “I am going to snap you in half!”

“ENOUGH!” the ugly nurse’s voice ripped through the halls, shaking the whole hospital “NO FIGHTING!” Ares looked at her and was about to speak when she slapped him across the face “NO! FIGHTING!” And she pointed to a sign on the wall that read in six different languages and a series of pictures that violence or aggression wouldn’t be tolerated in the facility. Darius chuckled and shrugged himself out of Ares’ grasp.

“Isn’t she wonderful?” sang Darius as he stood behind the nurse, who glared daggers at Ares and wouldn’t budge an inch. Ares ground his teeth together in frustration.

“Your move monkey” smiled Darius.

“Her majesty wants to see you” growled Ares.

Darius laughed “Thank you errand monkey! That will be all, unless you have a special dance for me? That’s what monkeys do; deliver messages and do dances. Men have jobs like minister of war, but boys and monkeys run errands” Darius smiled broadly, goading the war god. Ares turned and smashed his fist into the wall making a window into the next room before stomping off.

Throne room, Castle Doom, New Latveria

Darius and Ares stood before the throne as Queen Carol entered.

“Why did you punch a hole in the hospital?” asked Carol

Ares started to answer when Darius but interjected “Yes ape, tell your queen about why you acted like a mindless beast?”

Ares auidnbly growled, trying to contain his rage.

“Have you considered my offer?” asked Carol

“What offer?” said Darius

“You didn’t tell him?” she looked at Ares “Why?”

“We don’t need him!” replied Ares

“WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET!” yelled Carol “Seriously just…get out?”

“Your maj..”


Ares scowled at Darius as he left the room, Darius smiling all the while. He waited until Ares had left “No, there was no offer given Danvers, so I have not considered it”

“You said you were leaving”

“Yes I was, but Perun needed to be watched”

“There’s a hospital of doctors and nurses able to do that” Carol looked at Darius “Are you okay?”

“I am fine,” sighed Darius “Seeing Perun made me think on Magni is all. We weren’t friends but nobody deserves to be decapitated and have their head taken as a trophy”

“So what are you going to do about it?” asked Carol

“I thought I might go to Chicago” said Darius as he engaged his armour “Kill the Supreme Commander and level the city”

“Well take a look at this” Carol waved over a soldier who handed Distain a datapad “This came out of Kenosha”

“The island?”

“No the city, north of Chicago” said Carol as she dismissed the soldier “A SHIELD agent got out of the city as this was going down.” Images of Iron Claw and three massive cyborg suits ripping apart the city, along with Iron Soldiers and Iron Sentinels killing people.

“Still the rebel leader” said Distain as he absorbed the brutal images.

“Stryfe’s planning something big. If you’re going in, a courtesy call to Augustus and SHIELD because they may be able to assist”

“Your majesty” Distain bowed, without any hint of mockery or sarcasm and then took off up into the air.

“Say hello to Augustus…” said Carol softly as a tear crept into her eye.


Links into: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-thunderbolts-2/693556/

Bringing back the Iron Age! :)

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Great come back chapter, also Ares vs Distain round 2 needs to happen. You can't talk to a god like that and not expect a fight

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@joshmightbe: Oh yeah, just adding fuel to the flame to increase the animosity between them. Working on Warstar this week, along with I think maybe the final chapter of Hawkeye (well for me anyway) and maybe bringing back X-Faction if is okay with that, since it's been on hiatus for so long

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@batkevin74: Cool, I'm combining 2 chapters of Hardy and Creed into one so I can get them a little closer to their goal a bit quicker and I know I promised more Morbius but I honestly can't think of where to go with it at the moment maybe I should just go back to death squad for a bit and I have 2 Sinister interludes in the works that will reintroduce the last of his "distractions" which could set some more stuff up in the future. Also feel free to use Exodus and his Mutant rebellion in X-faction if you'd like I have no further plans for it at the moment.

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Do we see a little Darius vs. Thunderbolts action? Can't wait you and Joshmightbe have gotten me so excited for the Iron Age! I'm working on a new Shield story so how long are you using Holland? I'ma need him. Great work as always.

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@Time_Phantom: Yeah Distain needs a challenge! And only a cameo/guest appearance by Augustus Holland nothing major, maybe using some intel and resources they have. War Machine you say...well now that you mention your awesome creation...

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