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Stane Estate, Rivne, New Latveria

Darius stood on the balcony courtyard watching the sun rise over the vineyard. He felt good; the best in years. Today was the first day of a new freedom, new purpose…essentially a new life.

“Please play it back to me” asked Darius of the robo-butler hovering nearby

“Yes sir” The robo-butler projected a 3D hologram of Darius reciting a speech “To my lord Victor Von Doom, ruler of New Latveria. I am Darius Stane. I from this day forth turn over all my family assets and my family home over to you and the greater good of New Latveria. I have no need of them any more as they are the trappings of a two hundred lie! All I ask in return my lord is that if I die in battle at the hands of the Supreme Commander and his Iron Army; my body is returned to New Latveria for cremation and scattering into the Danube. Your loyal servant”

Darius smiled at his handsome image “Excellent. Get that to Doomstadt”

Darius engaged the now updated Supremis armour that melded over his body in a heartbeat.

“Stryfe…I suggest you prepare thyself” said Darius as he shot up into the air. Darius pulled up the files Carol Danvers had sent him. Out of the five files only one seemed somewhat capable, luckily he was only a few hundred kilometres away on the coast.

Darius ran scenarios through his head on what he’d do to Stryfe if he ever got that close to him again. All involved violent death, usually beating or strangulation as Darius turned the Supreme Commander into paste.

Matanzas, Cuba

Scalphunter leant against a palm tree looking at a house through some electro-binoculars at a house when his holo-phone rang

“What?” he barked at the small hologram

“Is that anyway to address me?” growled the Supreme Commander

“It is when I’m on a stakeout!” replied Scalphunter

“I can kill you from here Gerald” he warned

“What do you want…boss. I got a lead on that silver cow”


“No the surfer!” Scalphunter looked at the displeasure sweep across the Supreme Commander’s face “Man, no sense of humour! Yes Silver Sable! I’m just doing recon so I can kill her and bring her head to you”

The Supreme Commander thought for a few moments “This takes precedence! That idiot Cut Throat has broken the Rig. I’ll need you and the EAD stateside in twelve hours”

“Are you pulling me off mission? Seriously in the middle of a mission?”


“No hang on a minute your Commanderness! I’m about to kill one of the biggest pains in your butt ever just so I can head back to the United States of Filth to kill Bishop Cain…I’ll be there in SIX!” Scalphunter burst into laughter “You made me the happiest girl in the world!”

Mangalia, New Latveria

Darius landed outside the dingy bar at around 8.30am. Beer steins littered the road, roof and the beach. Darius wandered into the premises. There were several unconscious bodies scattered about the place covered in various levels of vomit. A large bearded man lay on his back snoring under a pile of steins. Darius spotted his quarry balled up in a corner, a large hammer lying near his head. He grabbed the handle but it wouldn’t budge. Darius fired up the servo-motors but even so the hammer wouldn’t even wobble. Darius looked down on the drunken godling and engaged the loudspeaker function

(Ties directly into the end of Marvel Iron Age: Son of Thor Chapter 10 http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-son-of-thor-chapter-10/661628/ )

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Great Job I'm interested to see this team come together

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Who knew Darius was so patriotic. Any scene with Scalphunter is gold... he reminds me of DeadPool a little bit and I have to say, I like them both just about equal. Sure Gerald has no redeeming qualities but you made such a great character.

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@joshmightbe: I thought it'd be a good plan if the Supreme Commander called in "reliable help" to deal with the mess Cut Throat has made! Also I like the idea of an Iron Age Big 3 (Distain, Magni & Corporal America) kicking ass with some support would be awesome.

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@Time_Phantom: Darius has now a new sense of patriotism due to his new focus in life: Stryfe! And Scalphunter is a little Deadpool-ish and I am so hanging to have him go after Silver Sable PROPERLY but when the boss yanks his leash, he does what he's told especially when it's against his old 'friend' Bishop Cain who as we're finding out from is called Mortimer, which Scalphunter is going to have a ball with when he find's out!

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@batkevin74: Death Squad 8 is up now and it goes into some detail, hope you enjoy the Scalphunter mention

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@tomdickharry1984: Thanks man

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