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Continued from http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-war-machine-machine-men-and-agents-of-death-2/655752/

Iron Skirt Bar, Latverian Quarter, New York City

“Another!” yelled Darius throwing his glass into the picture of Doctor Doom wearing a bright pink miniskirt, large fake prosthetic breasts clung from his forehead. Rolandas the bartender was about to throw him out when Algirdas the owner caught him by the arm

“Pour him another” he muttered in Lithuanian “Don’t stare; don’t smile and be careful”

“Of that guy” scoffed Rolandas

Algirdas shook his head knowingly. The man had been here for a week, pretty much drinking non-stop. He’d gone beyond drunk three days ago. The owner kept serving him mainly because he hadn’t drunk all his money away yet, which he’d thrown on the bar firstly to apologise for the damaged he’d caused. Also Algirdas didn’t really like Rolandas, he suspected him of dipping into the till so this might teach him a lesson

“Hey you!” snapped Rolandas as he slammed the bottle of vodka onto the table “Keep the noise down”

“Do you know who I am?”

“No and I…”

“I am Darius!” he said and soon the regulars joined him in his trademark saying that he'd been spouting all week “Son of Nicodemus; son of Samuel; son of Zachariah; son of Ezra; son of Jeremiah; son of Solomon; son of Ezekial; son of Obadiah!” Darius snatched the bottle and took a bow for the sporadic clapping. He brought the bottle to his lips when Rolandas’ hand caught his wrist

“You’re drunk!”

“And you’re about to be dead!” slurred Darius as the techno-organic black Distain armour moulded over his body in a heartbeat. Rolandas looked at the metallic ebony man in front of him

“I’m sorry” whimpered Rolandas

“I’ll show you sorry!” Distain grabbed the man by the throat and flew up through the roof of the bar and into the sky

Algirdas took another handful of credits from the ever lightening bag and put it in his pocket

“Seems my purpose in this life is to get drunk and kill idiots!” he roared at the screaming man in his arms as Distain hit Mach 4 “Do you know who I am now?”

“Yes!” cried Rolandas

“Good” and he dropped him. Darius watched him fall out of view “Bah!” He poured on the speed and caught Rolandas about twenty feet from the gaping hole in the roof of the Iron Skirt

“Are you sorry?” snarled Distain as the terrified bartender who was coated in his own tears, sweat and faeces

“Yes!” he sobbed

“Not yet you’re not!” Distain threw him back into the bar via the hole, hitting and exploding the table. He floated in after him; Rolandas lay severely wounded on the ground

“You’ll have to go” said Algirdas calmly


“The bag of money you gave me is nearly empty” said Algirdas “And you exploding through roof will bring soldiers...again”

“Let them come!” yelled Distain “What do I care!”

“Please, please go” pleaded Algirdas “If you want to die then please, go elsewhere”

Darius looked at the man through his vodka filled eyes “Fine!” He fired his Type Z repulsor through the picture of Doom, taking it and most of the wall “That’s no way to respect your king you bunch of apes!” He shot back into the air

“Take me home” he mumbled into the air as he vomited into his helmet and passed out

Stane Estate, Rivne, New Latveria

Darius lay by the side of the pool, feeling like death warmed up. The hangover had last forty-eight hours so far. He was glad he had the Supremis inside him, knitting and repairing him from a week’s worth of binge drinking.

“More green tea?” asked his robo-butler

Darius merely motioned his cup for a refill; speaking was a chore and hurt. The mechanical servant poured the tea and hovered away. Darius pushed a button a holo-projector. Soon a 3D picture of Carol Danver’s face appeared on it

“You look terrible” she stated

“I have been drinking” said Darius as he sipped his tea “But I am recovering”

“Have you considered my offer?”

“Of your team” a smirk cracked across his face “I have considered it”

“Don’t jerk me around Darius! In or out? I have a lot more to do today that idly chat”

“I lead this team of yours” he said

“Fine but I pick the members” replied Carol “But I’m in charge and don’t you forget it!”

“I answer to no one”

“YOU ANSWER TO ME!” Even though it was just a hologram, Darius jumped a little at the angry Carol

“You’re quite beautiful when you’re angry”

Carol’s hologram simply stared at him and a small piece of paper popped out of the side of the holo-projector into his hand “Don’t force me to fly back to Rivne and break you Darius!” She said “You will meet at these coordinates in a week’s time for briefing with your team”

“Thank you” said Darius genuinely, lowering his eyes

“When you see where I’m sending you, you won’t be thanking me” Carol’s image winked out

Darius got to his feet shakily and headed into the manor “I’ll be in the lab” he said to the robo-butler

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Great chapter, glad to see Darius starting to learn some restraint, I liked him as a cold blooded killer but I'm glad to see him growing as a character

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I totally forgot about that picture of Doom. (hehe) Great work... Darius is a mean drunk.

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@joshmightbe: Oh he'll still be killing but like Wolverine it can't just be killing all the time, he needs some rounding & refining

@Time_Phantom: I loved that picture you put up in the bar! And yeah he's a mean drunk, he's more and more like Tony in the bad old days

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Awesome job! Can't wait to see who ends up on the team.

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@TheWholeDamnShow: It's going to be HUGE! :)

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Nice, he's a little bit drunk'd

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@TheWholeDamnShow: Check out Son of Thor 10 for a hint :)

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Bumped, coz I couldn't find it