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***The heroes, mutants & powers have been hiding for ages. The legacy of Tony Stark lives on under the visage of The Iron Army. And for nearly two hundred years, one family has seethed hatred for anything Stark. Now the time has come to strike, the shadow game is over!

USA/Guatemala Border

"Nearly two centuries ago, a relative of mine opposed your founder” the words were ominous and unnerving to the Iron Army border cop. It was 3am on the border and the man’s smile, lack of weapons and general weirdness made the cop uncomfortable

“State your name and hold your i-dent card in your left hand” the cop barked as he motioned to his partner to back him up

“I am Darius” he said calmly, watching the other guard clank towards him “Son of Nicodemus; son of Samuel; son of Zachariah; son of Ezra; son of Jeremiah; son of Solomon; son of Ezekial; son of Obadiah”

“Okay nutcage” said the second guard tapping his electro bar into his vibra-mesh glove “You can go to the back of the queue”

“You have no sense of history, no clue, no idea”

The first guard prepped his repulsor gloves, the second guard sneered and stepped eyeball to eyeball “Back up it freak show before I knock that smile off your face and back into Gutter-mala”

“I am the cold iron that will smack the world back on track” stated Darius as he flicked his index fingernail up. In less than a heartbeat, a techno-organic jet black armour moulded over his muscular body “I am Distain!”

A powerful repulsor blast shot from Distain’s left hand and blew the guards head clean off!

“I have your full attention now don’t I!” Distain smashed his fist into the guards chest, denting the armour like it was plastic “Allow me to continue your history lesson”

“This is Ensign Jackson at the USG border!” screamed the border cop into his internal radio “I am under attack!”

“You work for something born of Anthony Edward Stark, better known as Tony” Distain clapped his hands either side of the cop’s helmet making the inside ring like a bell tower “And I’ve hated Tony Stark since before I was born. I’ve never even met the guy! But that hatred has been bred into, instilled into my genetics and now over two hundred years of concentrated hatred is needing to get out!” Distain’s fingers went white hot as he raked them down the sides for the cops armour sending sparks flying and shorting out his radio

“Oh god please don’t kill me!” pleaded the guard as he fell to his knees

“I have to” replied Distain “You represent everything I hate. I will not stop until you all are dead”


“It’s not personal” Distain’s chest omnibeam whirred to life “You just chose the wrong side”

The omnibeam fired a focused combination of repulsor, plasma and electricity that blew a hole through the damaged chest area and out the other side. The guard collapsed in a heap. Distain looked up at the camera in the corner and the hovered up towards it via his jet boots. He stared deep into the electronic eye

“I am Distain. I have declared war on the Iron Army”

Distain looked around the border station as this trio of fellow border crossers fled into the early morning and into the United States. He spotted the interface terminal that was flashing crimson. Grabbing the dead guard by the arm, he dragged it to the terminal and flopped the lifeless hand onto the I-dent pad. After scanning it, a 3D holographic head appeared before him

“What’s going o...who are you?” said the head angrily

“I got to the trouble of leaving a very clear, concise declaration of war and I’m greeted by the village idiot!” Distain shook his head in disgust “Can I speak with the commander in chief?”

“Now look here, you have broken...”

“You annoy me!” scowled Distain as he hacked into the system “Can you tell me your location please?”

“A tac-sphere is on route to your location to terminate you”

“I am literally shaking in my armour” mocked Distain “Hmmm I can see you...Sergeant Jack Lieber...are in the Houston Relay Station, on the seventh floor. Well Jack, I have just uploaded a worm into your I.A net which should keep you puzzled and occupied for about fifteen minutes, which is how long you have left to live until I fly there and pull your head OFF your neck”

“Big talk nutcage with your idle threats”

“This ISN’T A THREAT!” snapped Distain. He paused then continued “I’m sorry Jack. I lost my temper which is very unprofessional of me. Now if you will excuse me I will be with you shortly. Hopefully you have recorded this because if I have to speak to another low level peon then I’ll really lose my temper...god help you”

Distain smashed his foot through the console sending sparks and circuitry flying before taking to the air

Houston Relay Station, 1092 miles from Guatemala

Sergeant Jack Lieber watched his screen for a few minutes as it filled with pop-up screens telling him “I LUV YOU XXX” and “LOVE ME?” He clicked one to close it and three more took its place.

“What is this?” he smacked his console

“Hey Jack!” Jack’s cubicle mate Stan floated over on his hoverchair “What is this rubbish you dump-loaded into my zone?”

“I don’t know?” replied Jack “Some Gutter-malan nutcage wired a worm into the system. It’s spiralling through my contacts and clogging my e-run. JUST CLOSE!”

“You should tell Kubert, he is the section tech”

“Look he doesn’t need to know just yet. Maybe if I turn it off and on and reboot it’ll clear out against the stormwall” huffed Jack “Shouldn’t it?”

“I dunno” shrugged Stan

“What is this junk clogging my e-run?!?” shouted John Kubert as he thumped across the room with his cane. “You love me? What did you do?”

“It wasn’t me!” snapped Jack “Can you fix it?”

“Reminds me of the Melissa virus that ran rampant way, way back in the day” said John sitting down at Jack’s terminal

Suddenley the roof exploded showering the trio in concrete dust and glass powder. Distain floated in through the large hole, his ominchest beam smouldering

“I happened” stated Distain “Hello Sergeant Lieber. Did you enjoy your last minutes on earth?”

“Oh my god!” shrieked Jack as he cowered on the floor

“I’m sorry that I’m early but I caught a massive tail wind” Distain grabbed Jack by his shirt collar and hauled him to his feet. His other hand grabbed his neck and squeezed making his face go red as a tomato. Stan & John started to scramble away but Distain unlocked his napalm cannon and coated the two technicians in liquid fire, cooking them in a horrible agonizing death

“I like to keep my promises Jack” said Distain as he wrenched the man’s head off with a sickening pop. He casually threw the head into the bin as the body dropped with a thud. Distain spotted another camera in the corner and hovered up to it

“Allow me to reiterate: I am Distain. I have declared war on the Iron Army. I shall give no quarter, show no mercy. And I expect the same from you”

Mexifornia, The Great Western Iron Hall, level 42

General Falcon Helfitta glared at the holo-replay, studying the ebony suited man glaring back at him

“I am Distain. I have declared war on the Iron Army. I shall give no quarter, show no mercy. And I expect the same from you”

The general rubbed his silver moustache slowly “Then what happened?”

“The feed ends there sir” stated the technician holding the holo-board

“So he’s still in Houston?”

“No sir”

“You have no idea do you?” The genral’s tone slowly inched up “This terrorist attacks a border station and kills two of our men. Ten minutes later he kills three technicians in one of our secure locations and NOBODY SAW HIM COMING!” The general smashed his fist into the table causing the assemble technicians, yes men and pencil pushers to jump “I WANT A COUNTRY WIDE ALERT ON HIM!” The general stared at the group “NOW!”

The group scrambled to clear the room to obey the order. Four soldiers remained in the room

“Anything else?” sighed the general as he got to his feet and looked out the window

“Yes sir seems The Namor has been spotted off the coast of Ceylon?”

“The what?” snapped the general

“Ummm the shark sir? The naval commander got tired of calling it the shark so he named it”

“I swear that man is a stupid as he is fat!’ scoffed the general “Has he caught it yet?”

“No sir just a sighting”

“Then until it’s hanging in his office above his head any fishing stories from Admiral MacKenzie can be ignored. Is that it?”

“The Arachnis report is back sir?”

“The what?”

“The report into the spiders”

“Wasting money on fairy stories! Combine that with shark sightings, living shadows, green monsters in Brazil it seems I’m in charge of a circus. But if the Supreme Commander wants it done”

“What are we going to do about this Distain?”

“We find him. We crush him, publicly! We can’t have this upstart roaming the country of his own accord. Word gets out of this and people begin to question our authority. People begin to follow his example. Before we know it we have open rebellion and anarchy. He gets caught and crushed within the week. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”



Darius Stane aka Distain

Age: 27 Hair: Black Eyes: Green

Powers: Supremis Techno-Organic Armour (This is like the Extemis Armour but blacker, cooler, deadlier and outlined below)


*Type Z Repulsor Cannon (left palm) Tested to be able to blow an 8inch hole through 2ft of titanium at 50ft. Slow recharge, usually once per hour but can be pushed but this leads to potential cracking of the internal power source and turning him the equivalent of an unstable 1 megaton nuclear warhead encased in nitrogylcerine ie; once or twice a day or he can blow up!

*Laser-guided Repulsor Beam (right palm) Fires a particle beam of varying intensity, can be re-routed to all fingertips to make industrial oxyacetylene torches

*Omnibeam: Chest mounted multi-band light and force beam emitter

*Concealed forearm flamethrowers: Able to shoot streams of napalm 50ft

*Distain's strength without the armour is just above a peak human, in armour he can lift a maximum of 50 tonnes when on the ground


Deflectors: Able to use the semi-psionic fields of the Supremis to create riot shield sized fields from each arm to protect himself

Boot Jets: Able to reach a top speed of Mach 10

Regenerative System: It heals both the armour & the wielder

Cloaking: Only available when flying

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@batkevin74: The Namor, love it! :) this is good stuff man, well done.
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Pretty kick ass. Good stuff.

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Great Start

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Am I the only one who saw a shout out to Stan Lee in this chapter? Kind of cameo-ish? Was that intended?

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@primepower53: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby & Joe Kubert are the 3 technicians that Distain kills in Houston, if drawn then they'll look like them :)

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That's great man! He's a mean bastard

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Distain rocketed up into the stratosphere some thirty five miles and hovered there. He deployed his solar collectors and soaked up some early morning rays. His HUD scanned the Iron Army frequencies

“...verian rebels have sabotaged a hover-train in the Chechen DMZ” Bzzt “...and has spotted in the Indian Ocean” Bzzt “...terrorist raided the home of three retired Iron Army veterans and killed them in cold blood”

This is interesting he thought as he focused on the feed

“Darius Stane aka Distain is to be considered armed and dangerous”

Darius chuckled and nodded in agreement

“Darius Stane aka Distain has been declared a public enemy. All Iron Army personnel have permission to shoot on sight. All citizens have permission to shoot on sight with a ten thousand credit reward”

“Is that all?” Darius muttered aloud

“Citizen’s caught helping, harbouring or aiding this felon will face the strictest of penalties. Also be on the lookout for one Brandon Thorpe, wanted in connection to a series of break and entries. Eight of Brandon’s companions were killed in a clash with security services at the Ferrum Tech facility in Nebraska”

“That doesn’t sound correct at all” said Darius. He blinked the HUD to bring up Nebraska. The photo was the building, the Houston Relay Station that he’d blown up!

Just like a Stark to use lies and misinformation.

His armour beeped and showed a squadron of jets passing below him on his radar. He retracted the solar arrays and cut his jets allowing gravity to take him. He shot downwards like a falcon, hitting unpowered terminal velocity. Darius wondered if they would spin this incident as a meteor or a training accident as he fired up his rockets and poured on the speed. He was upon the last jet as he hit Mach 6 and engaged his shields. He tore through the jet’s wing like it was paper sending the plane in an unrecoverable spin. Distain roared off across the sky as he hit Mach 10 and turned on his cloaking

“North to Nebraska”

Mexifornia, The Great Western Iron Hall, level 58

General Falcon Helfitta barely noticed the salute his door guard gave as he entered into his office, his eyes firmly locked on the Arachnis report. His robo-valet hovered towards him

“Good morning General”

“Is it?” he stopped and looked directly at his mechanical servant

“You have nine holo reports, seven memos and a visitor” it replied

“It's not even four am and someone wants to see me. If it’s anyone but the Supreme Commander throw them out of my building” grumbled the general as he sat down at his impressively large desk

“I think you’ll see me” the words hung playfully in the air

“I’m sorry Section Commander” the robot went silent as a vibranium sword cut it in half

General Helfitta looked up from his desk. Leaning against his prized possession, an original Iron Man ‘Silver Centurion’ suit of armour, was Scalphunter, the section head of the European Assassination Division

“You should really throw this junk in the bin” joked Scalphunter “I mean silver and red bleck!”

“What do you want Gerald?” the general’s hand slowly crept under the desk to his stashed firearm

“Let’s keep this professional Falcon” warned Scalphunter as he sheathed his sword and headed to the desk “I hear you got problems”

“Asides from an infestation of clowns in my office, I’m managing” Helfitta drew his customised Ferrum atomiser pistol “Now speak your piece AND GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE!”

“That tone works on the rank and file General but not me” Scalphunter nonchalantly sat on the edge of the desk “You’re all piss and wind, I’m about getting things done”

“Is that why you’ve delivered the head of New Latveria to the Supreme Commander” Helfitta rose to his feet

“Touché” conceded Scalphunter “I’m here because fearless leader asked me. Seems that when someone declares war on the Iron Army, he kinda takes it personally. So he sends a personal teleport to me and viola!”

“I hope Darius Stane kills you” stated Helfitta “I really do”

“That’s almost treason Falcy” chided Scalphunter leaping to his feet “But I’ll let it slide. Oh and before I go...how’s the wife?”

Falcon Helfitta imagined the whole scene of him blowing countless holes through his nemesis, then squeezing his throat until his eyes popped from his head then throwing him through his large window fifty eight floors to the street the dropping his Iron Man armour onto him for good measure

“Still want to kill me huh?” chuckled Scalphunter as he kicked open the doors and left singing

General Falcon Helfitta smashed his fists into the desk, tears welled in his eyes. He caught a look at the time, it just went 4am

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Awesome, more good stuff man

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Dude that's great! You've also got too much free time :0

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That's pretty f%^King good man!

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks man, plenty more where that came from if your interested

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Casually bumped

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Yes, casually bumped to :)

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Here you go, easy access

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@batkevin74: I need to get back into Iron Age, I kind of wrote myself into a corner with my last Hardy and Creed so I took a break to try to figure out how to fix it and got distracted.

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@joshmightbe: Yeah I think we need a 'come-back special'!

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This is quite a bloodthirsty comic isn't it batkevin74? I like it and all- but three deaths is way too intense. For me, anyway. However, I do like the descriptive nature of it. Very energetic and suspense thrilled. Now, I did mention that I would like to post my idea after I had heard someone else's version. I may just do that. I will name it "The Celestial Soldier".

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@batkevin74: True

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@Omniscience: Well he's actually a bad guy and killing goes with the territory, but he has a nice arc if you have a persue through the other chapters

Marvel Iron Age Comeback Special, so long as it's not like the Star War Xmas Special :0

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@batkevin74: I can respect that. Keep up the good work, friend.

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