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This happens directly after Daredevil Chapter 4 & Warstar Part 5:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-daredevil-chapter-4-parousia/653505/#8


Hydro...Man Shop, 52nd St, New York

Daredevil ran at Warstar, his billy clubs extended with knives at the end.

“Why are you following?” yelled Daredevil as he swiped at Warstar, who ducked narrowly out of the way, the blades cutting slices through his costume

“Are you simple or something” asked Warstar scanning for his knives ‘But your friend’s better watch out!”

A giant buzz saw smashed down into Elizabeth’s armour sending sparks everywhere. Jake & Dexter whirled around to see the room come alive with spinning blades, whirling chains and other devices of automated death

“Spread out!” yelled Jake diving away from a rotating scythe

“What the hell is this place?” cried Dexter leaping over a spiked rolling pin

Daredevil swung again trying to impale Warstar, who turned in and grabbed Daredevil by the throat “I got some questions for you if we get out of th...oh shoot!” Warstar flung Daredevil to the side to avoid him being sawn in half by a blade that had shot up from the floor. The blade cut into Warstar’s right forearm like a knife into butter. Warstar’s left hand glowed red and he smacked the side of the blade turning it into jelly

Elizabeth fired a shot from her wrist laser into the floor trying to short circuit something. A series of spears jabbed at her from the roof. Jake wiped some blood from his thigh off and ducked another strike as he caught a glimpse of Warstar heading towards Daredevil

“Where do you think you’re going?” yelled Jake as he flipped and drove his knees into Warstar’s back, taking them both onto the ground. Jake rolled Warstar over and smashed his fist into his eye

“Get off me!” cried Warstar as he placed his hands on Jake’s chest and flung him to roof and there he stuck like a fly in amber. Warstar got to his feet as Daredevil whipped the cord of his billy clubs around Warstar's neck and pulled

“Leave my friends alone” yelled Daredevil as he pulled tight but as he did he passed straight through Warstar, who'd phased, and fell backwards. Warstar turned and spotted his knives and rolled towards them, narrowly avoid an impaling by Dexter and Aaron the death room

“Okay who are you guys?” asked Warstar as he scooped up his knives in his good hand “I know he’s a killer, so who are you?”

“I’m Yellow Wolf” said Dexter punching Warstar in the face

“The same eye!” cried Warstar as he made a fist with his hand and a beam of frost shot out and coated him from crotch to feet, cementing him to the floor

“Plastique, help!” he cried

Elizabeth smashed another panel in the wall “Just a sec!” She caught a blade in her hands and twisted it off its axis and hurled the saw at Warstar. Warstar matrix’d under it only to cop the length of the billy club across the throat by Daredevil. Warstar hit the floor

Across the street

Tommy aka Paladin perched on the adjacent building looking down at the site. The street was quiet and he was bored. Jake often stuck him on lookout mainly due to what happened at Staten...when was he going to let that go! It wasn’t his fault that...what the stark?

Walking up the street, as bold as brass was Iron Claw! THE ACTUAL IRON CLAW! The killing machine! What was he doing here? Oh this was bad, very bad

“Paladin to Shadow, we have extreme heat coming to your location”

There was an odd radio silence

“Paladin to Shadow, come in Shadow” Still nothing, something was up. Tommy looked down on the street and Iron Claw was gone! Tommy started to panic

“Plastique, Yellow Wolf, Shadow, Daredevil. Anybody? I got major problems”

“Yes you do” came the eerie metallic voice from behind him


Warstar tried to speak but the whack on the throat had nearly crushed his larynx. Daredevil tried to stab him through the chest but Warstar swung his knife cutting the weapon in half. Warstar kipped up and swung an elbow; daredevil blocked the strike and twisted Warstar’s behind his back. Warstar let out a scream as his arm bent in all the wrong ways as Plastique waded across the now silent room and punched him in the gut

“Ferrum’s building you boys tough these days” she smashed her fist into his nose, shattering the cartilage “Not tough enough though”

Warstar tried the armour shattering technique he’d done a few days ago but all he managed to do was dent her armour with his fist. Daredevil grabbed Warstar’s hair and pulled his head pack

“No prisoners” he said into Warstar’s ear

“Oh that is it!” wheezed Warstar and he chanted “Orbis Flamma Pugna”

Flames covered Warstar’s body causing Daredevil to let him go and jump back as suddenly a burst of fire erupted from him and engulfed the room in a quick flash. Jake fell from the roof with a thud, landing on Dexter shattering the remaining melted ice.

“I’ve had just about enough of you idiots!” yelled Warstar “I just woke up and you’re all trying to kill me. If any of you so much as take a step towards me I’m going to turn you inside out and shove your head up your...”

Daredevil smashed a wooden stool over Warstar’s head cutting the statement short. Warstar curled into a ball and a blue bubble enveloped him

“Take him!” said Jake as the four of them dog piled on him, laying in with a series of kicks


Tommy stared at the monster before him. Mechanical eye, hands and claws made of adamantium, broken metallic teeth and a smirk similar to that of a shark

“Your radio is jammed Daredevil” said Iron Claw staring and calculating Tommy’s physical statistics

‘I-I’m not Daredevil” stammered Tommy as he edged backwards, trying to reach the buildings ledge and leap away “I’m Paladin”

“Devil’s horns, red vest, you’re Daredevil” large claws slowly emerged from Iron Claw’s hands

Tommy flicked out a pair of extendable batons and tried to look tough. Iron Claw merely nodded in approval and proceeded forward

Tommy swung and Iron Claw parried, slicing the baton into pieces. He grabbed Tommy by the wrist and jammed his claws through the forearm and out the other side. Tommy screamed and pounded the other baton onto Iron Claws head, to no avail

“Is that all you can do?” asked Iron Claw as he pulled the claws out and twisted the arm, nearly ripping it from the socket. Tommy’s joints strained. He flipped back to a standing position and smashed Iron Claw on the nose with the baton, blood trickled down onto his lips

“Better” he sneered “But still pathetic” Iron Claw jammed Tommy’s fingers into his mouth and bit down, severing two and lacerating the rest


The Daredevil gang pounded on the blue bubble, spider web cracks began to appear on it

“He’s got a force field projector” said Plastique as she pounded on the blue shield

“Dibs” said Dexter laying in a kick

“You know I’m still here?” said Warstar from behind his barrier “And when this throbbing headache subsides I’m going to break you”

“You keep thinking that Ferrum boy” snarled Jake laying into the field

“Hang on a minute!” said Warstar “You guys attacked me! For no reason because...”

“You work for Ferrum” replied Dexter

“No I don’t!” protested Warstar “I’m on a vision quest from Arizona, got attacked by this room and I just met the former Sorcerer Supreme. I don’t work for Ferrum or the Iron Army you bunch of idiots!”

Daredevil stopped as the others continued hitting “He’s right”

“What?” said Jake stopping his attack

“Something about his speech patterns” said Daredevil carefully

“Possibly because I’m telling the truth” said Warstar “Bunch of clowns”

“Hey!” Plastique smacked the side of Warstar’s bubble

“Look” Warstar dropped the bubble “Let’s go upstairs and you can ask the guy who let me down here, heck find the guy who looks like mince meat and he’ll tell you”

There was an uneasy truce as the quartet stared at Warstar and amongst themselves


Tommy screamed and held his damaged hand under his arm. Iron Claw watched him like a hawk as he chewed his finger like one chews a chip.

“You are a waste of my time” stated Iron Claw

“Can I go then?” asked Tommy

“Funny but no” Iron Claw fired up his hands that turned into razor sharp rotors “But please call your friends”

Tommy’s radio crackled to life

“You there Elizabeth?”

“How many times have we told you about code names Paladin?” Jake’s voice came back across the radio

“Shut the hell up!” cried Tommy “Iron Claw is here, you need to run”


“Elizabeth I love you. I haven’t been the best brother but you’ve been a great sister”

“Paladin what’s going on?”

“I’m about to fight Iron Claw and you need to run” tears ran down his face


“RUN!!” he shouted down the comms

Iron Claw looked at him “Are you ready to die Tommy?”

“Come on you metal bastard!” Tommy took a stance “Let’s see you take out Daredevil”

The battle was brief; Iron Claw rammed his spinning blade into Tommy’s gut spraying them both in blood and meat. Tommy tried but was outmatched, outclassed and in under a minute; dead


Daredevil, Jake, Dexter and Elizabeth ran upstairs leaving Warstar to his own devices. They ran through the shop and out into the street in time to see the headless body of Tommy come crashing down into the street before them. This was soon followed up Iron Claw landing next to it, Tommy’s head impaled on his left claw

“More?” sneered Iron Claw “Hope you’re made of sterner stuff”

“Oh god!” gasped Elizabeth inside her helmet

“Go!” yelled Jake as he grabbed Elizabeth by the collar and began to flee. Dexter and Daredevil followed suit. Iron Claw started after them like a greyhound out of the box when he smashed into, nothing! From inside the shop Warstar had cast a barrier spell, trapping the cyborg killer inside it. Iron Claw slashed at the air and tried to escape but was sealed in this invisible shell. The Daredevils bolted away and Warstar ducked out a side door

Warstar snuck away and got to the end of the alley and out onto the street on the next block

“I hate New York” he yelled at the top of his voice

“Well Stark you too buddy” was the reply from a passerby

Continued in Marvel Iron Age: Daredevil & Warstar respectively

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Bumped so I don't forget I'm doing Iron Age as well as 5th World :)

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