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Training Camp, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Nicholas swung another punch at Master Izo who easily ducked under and replied with jab to Nicholas’ stomach with a finger strike

“You forget you have legs!” laughed Izo as he weaved back away from more wild punches “Most power comes from the legs and you STILL flail around like an unguarded hose, despite what I’ve told you” Izo jabbed another strike into Nicholas’ underarm

“Yes sir!” Nicholas lashed out a kick like an angry mule but Izo easily parried the blow and jabbed his fingers again into the exposed thigh. Izo then spun and did a sweep knocking the young solid man on his back.

“Your training is done” said Izo folding his arms “I have taught you all I can in the time I’ve been given. Go turn on the UV and see how many times you’ve been hit Nicholas. And when you see how many times remember, bullets and lasers fly fast than my fingers”

“I normally wear armour” said Nicholas as he got up and flicked the lights. Looking in the mirror he saw around fifteen clear finger spots on his body “Dammit!”

Nicholas turned the lights back and hung his head. Slowly he walked off to the showers

“You can come out now” said Master Izo

“How come I’ve never been able to sneak up on you?” said Mockingbird as she emerged from the shadows

“Because Nora your idea of silent is like and elephant tip-toeing on a piano!” chuckled Izo as he poured three glasses of wine “Besides when Leanne steps out of her thing it makes a distinct sound like someone tearing plastic, its barely audible but to me”

“Nice to see you to Izo” said Silver Sable

“Carol still using you like a taxi service” asked Izo handing out the wine

“Pretty much, beats getting shot at but its kinda boring. Did a milk run dropping Magni in Mangalia last week, did a ferry service to New Zealand” she took the wine

“We could take another crack at the Panther Temple in Wakanda if you want excitement?” suggested Izo

“I want to see my kids grow into old age Izo. I’m never going back to that mutated hell hole!”

“Before we start swapping war stories I have a present for soldier boy” said Mockingbird “US-2” A black and red disc appeared in her hands

“Who are you?”

The trio turned to see Nicholas wearing a towel, dripping with water

“Wow” muttered Silver Sable into her wine

“Hi” Mockingbird blushed a little

“Are you naked?” asked Izo

“No” said Nicholas

“Well put some clothes on, you’re making the ladies nervous” barked Izo

“These are for you” said Mockingbird handing the shield to him, along with a box

“What am I going to do with a wok?” asked Nicholas

“That’s no wok” said Izo “It’s a weapon! Now put some clothes on!”

“Take your time” smiled Silver Sable, Mockingbird jabbed her with her elbow

**After a while Nicholas returned standing in his new uniform and shield. Master Izo looked at him and smiled “Do you feel good?”

“I guess so” said Nicholas “Feel almost naked in this thing. And this hunk of metal”

“I have no idea what you look like” said Izo “Blind”

“Where are the girls?”

“They left, some sort of emergency in New Latveria” said Izo “Possibly Doom misplaced his rubber duck”

Nicholas slightly tensed at the sound of Doom’s name

“Your orders Corporal America” Izo handed Nicholas a plain envelope

“What did you call me?”

“Corporal America. You’re the direct male descendant of Steve Rogers, Captain America. It’s your new codename as chosen by Danvers which combines your old life and your new life”

Nicholas opened the envelope and read the brief.

“Are you ready?” asked Master Izo

“Hoo-rah!” replied Corporal America throwing up a salute

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Can't wait to see this guy in action

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@joshmightbe: Three weeks intense training by a blind, half drunk immortal plus fifteen years of military training mean that Captain America's bastard son's great x7 son is going to be a force to reckoned with

Briefly mentioned the incidents going on in New Latveria

Thanks for the use of Mockingbird, hope I did okay with her. Was only a cameo

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@batkevin74: I love the U.S. Agent suit

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@joshmightbe: That version is slightly photo-paint edited. It's a little Iron rmy, little old school, little updated. Trying to blend it all into Corporal America

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@batkevin74: It's a nice touch, shows that while he shares traits with Cap he's not the same

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@joshmightbe: It's going to be a bit rough on Nicholas. He's use to being inside a metal shell

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@batkevin74: That makes it more interesting

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@batkevin74: That costume looks sweet :)

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@batkevin74: Very nice. Mockingbird always finds herself meeting handsome men it seems.
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That suit is so awesome. Awesome job!

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You have to sing this when you read it "When US Agent throws his nighty shield!" Great costume, good story...let's have some more! :P

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@CapFanboy: Bit of editing via word-paint and viola! :)

@PrinceIMC: Black Knight, now Corporal America...may have to get her a Hawkeye

@TheWholeDamnShow: Thanks man, looking forward to more DD action

@tomdickharry1984: Ha ha ha

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Bumped for referencing

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Can't wait to see Part 9.

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I have a photo you may like for the USAgent suit.

Please, tell me how you like it.

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Yeah he's already got a costume, very similar though

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@DickGrayson said:

I have a photo you may like for the USAgent suit.

Please, tell me how you like it.

Bumped so I know where I am with him

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