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Shiver Man rose out of the ground of the Maryland Medical Institute & Asylum on the outskirts of Annapolis. Before him was the sprawling city of murder and sadism dressed up as science. Shiver Man walked across the grounds triggering alarms and sirens; he didn’t care, the time for subtlety was gone. He’d spent two weeks checking Roger’s history and then a week tracking him down after they moved him here to Maryland

“Freeze!” yelled an Iron Soldier pointing his weapon at him

Shiver Man flung his trenchcoat back to reveal his revolvers “No”

The soldier squeezed the trigger but it was two slow

Choom! Choom!

The pair of hellfire bullets flew from the guns and straight through the eyes killing and burning him instantly. He holstered his weapons and walked into the wall


“Subject has intergrated Mutant Growth Hormone and Compound X07 into system” stated the Medi-bot “Begin Terrigen Mist inhalation”

The gurney Rogers’ was on raised and flipped forward as a column rose from the floor holding a blue crystal. Nicholas’ body shook like he had Parkinson’s.

“Stop” croaked Nicholas “Please”

“Inhalation commencing” said the robot, ignoring his pleas

The blue smoke wafted into his face. He tried to shake it away but it permeated his skin; his eyes and soon he took a deep breath, the blue smoke rushing into his lungs and merging with the two other foreign chemicals running through his anatomy. It was like he inhaled a grenade! Every muscle body in his body pulsed, a thick clear pus dripped from his pores, he gained mass and burst his shackles then fell onto the floor like a wet blanket

“Patient anomaly” stated the Medi-bot


Shiver Man emerged from the wall into a padded cell. A badly bruised woman with a shaved head and several fresh scars on her cranium crouched in the corner, scratching at the wall with bloodied fingers

“Help me” she whimpered

Shiver Man looked at her with his hollow, undead eyes, peering into her soul

“You’re sorry NOW arn’t you” he said

“Yes, yes, please I’m sorry. Help me”

“Hindsight is a terrible gift Kylie Martell” he said as he left her to her pain and walked through the wall continuing his search for Rogers’


The Medi-bot extended several tendrils and began to haul Rogers’ up and back into the mist. Shiver Man walked out of the wall and Choom! Choom! The Medi-bot exploded. He fired more shots into the equipment and the robo-nurse before turning to the quivering, pulsating human mass on the floor

“Nicholas Rogers?”

“Sir...yes sir”

“You will come with me”

“Yes sir” he cried as he clumsily tried to get up

Shiver Man grabbed him and slung him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, turned and walked them through the wall as the alarms went wild


Dr Essex held the blood slide up to the light and a wry smile cracked across his face. He wasn’t often surprised but this was fascinating

“Analysis doctor?” asked a Medi-bot

“It seems I have given the direct descendant of Captain America super powers” chuckled Essex “What an interesting genetic cocktail he is”

“According to Ferrum files doctor he has a mutant in his lineage” The Medi-bot stated as images appeared on the screen of Captain America, Diamondback and Boom Boom “Which may explain the anomalies”

“I feel that the large intravenous amounts of MGH and Compound X07 combinded with Terrigen had something to do with it but the receptiveness of his DNA is truly remarkable” Dr Essex put the slide into the Medi-bot “We shall begin immediate cloning of this fresh material”

“Yes doctor”


Shiver Man emerged from the ground outside, far away from the Maryland Medical Institute & Asylum. He dumped Rogers’ on the ground

“Thank you” gasped Nicholas

Shiver Man knelt down and grabbed Nicholas by the face and peered deep into his eyes

“You have done evil Nicholas Rogers” growled Shiver Man “But you have the potential for repentance and remorse. Do not make me regret saving your life”

Nicholas convulsed on the ground, vomiting up blood and screamed like a wounded animal

“I have your package Danvers, I am on route”

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great chapter, I love Shiver Man

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@batkevin74: The traitor chick got what was coming to her

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@joshmightbe: He he he he he yup!

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Ooo that Kylie be-yitch got her come uppnce! Nice work dude especially the idea that sInister is gonna clone him!

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@tomdickharry1984: Yeah or maybe she's a new villian in the future :) And Mr Sinister is the king of clones, he's got an army of Creed's so why not a Captain America?