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Nicholas stood on the corner LeHigh St watching the crowds. Block patrol was one of the most boring, tedious and possibly useless jobs around. It basically required you to stand about looking tough and checking I-dent cards. It was a thankless job and often the domain of the bullies amongst the Iron Pigs, the violent testosterone laden meatheads. Still it beat Sewer Duty which was Block Patrol under the streets dealing with the smell, swamp mutants, giant gators and confined spaces.

“Can I check your I-dent card please sir?” Nicholas stopped a man randomly, who complied and walked on

“Why don’t you just punch him in face?” Barnes’ voice crackled in across the radio

“I said I’m sorry Jackson” replied Nicholas “How many more times do I have to say it?”

“Eighty six!”


“One for every push-up Sarge made me do. My jaw STILL hurts”

“Well it is made of glass”

“Laugh it up Rogers”

Nicholas scanned the crowd and looked at his clock...only thirteen hours to go


“Is this everything?” his voice was like nails down a chalkboard from a pit of Hell

Carol looked at Nixon who was trying not to pee his pants in front of the trenchcoated bounty hunter “I believe so Shiver Man” said Carol “Everything we could hack from Ferrum, who keep exceptional records”

“You know who else kept great records?” said Shiver Man perusing the file “Nazi’s”

Even Carol was put off by Shiver Man but she hid it a lot better than Nixon, who was now visibly trembling

“Fury said you were the best damn tracker he’d ever seen” said Carol

“Tracker yes, investigator no! I’ll look into it. You have two times left Danvers” replied Shiver Man “Then my obligation to General Fury is over”

“Thanks Shiver Man” said Carol as he walked into the wall and vanished. Nixon threw up


Nicholas looked at the clock again, only two hours to go. Today had been so long and not helped by Barnes calling in every few hours to whinge about being punched, his thoughts drifted back to that Spider woman. Why do we hate spiders? Why did she have to die? Was he evil?

“You wanna check my card pig?”

Nicholas snapped back to reality. Before him stood this muscly guy, about thirty, shaved head holding a bag

“I-dent card please” said Nicholas beckoning with his hand

“Don’t have one”

“Why not?”

“Coz I’m a Spider and we don’t need your cards”

Nicholas glared at the man from behind his mask “You are subject to the law just like everyone else. Now either present your card or I’ll take you back to the Iron Hall and let the boys take turns kicking the stupid out of you!”

The man smashed the bag on the floor covering Nicholas’ feet in liquid

“And now I’m going to charge you with littering as well” said Nicholas. He clicked his radio on “This Corporal Roger’s...”

The man smiled and slapped Nicholas in the chest, a small device remaining that beeped rapidly

“What the Stark?” said Nicholas

The device exploded and Nicholas’ armour fritzed and sparked and he fell to the ground in a heap. “This is Corporal Rogers! I am under attack on the corner of Lehigh. I need backup!” Nicholas yelled into his radio but all he got was static and white noise

The man looked down on Nicholas lying prone on his back “My friend wants to say hello to you” he said “And don’t bother calling your friends, that was an EMP block, you’ll be out for hours. And the resin will harden shortly anyways”

“What do you want?!?” screamed Nicholas,

“I want you to stop hunting us, world peace and chicken sandwich” chuckled the man

Nicholas struggled in his now heavy armour, trying to get up then his heart sank. Walking into view was a kid holding a large knife “Oh god!”

“Remember me?” he said “I’m Jacob. You killed my mother”

“Please” said Nicholas as Jacob walked up and jammed the knife into the gap where the visor joins the mask “Don’t” The visor flew up and Jacob stared the prone Nicholas in the eye, fear in one; fury in the other.

“You didn’t show my mother mercy” And he rammed the knife into Nicholas’ neck

“MOVE!” screamed Jackson Barnes as he smashed his way through the circle of people watching the spectacle. Jackson burst in to see Jacob plunging the knife into Rogers’ neck again. He opened fire with his repulsors at full power, blowing Jacob into six bloody pieces. Barnes spotted the bald Spider man and blew his legs off with another blast

“This is Jackson Barnes! Corporal Rogers has been stabbed on Lehigh! I need a medi-vac stat and backup pronto” Jackson knelt down to his friend “Hang on buddy”

(I created Nicholas Rogers, Jackson Barnes, Iron Hall and some other elements but this is the Marvel sandpit so they own Carol Danvers, Shiver Man...it’s all there’s if they want it. It’s a Marvel Universe so they can have it if push comes to shove)

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I'm loving this story so far

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@joshmightbe: Thanks man. Should have some SOn of Thor & Distain u today also just waiting on an all clear from someone who's got a character I want to use

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Oh snap! The Amish spider kid killed him! Whoa

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@tomdickharry1984: He's not Amish, just hiding out with the Amish but that works for me also...he's dead anyways

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