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Now this is a little long, and it does jump a bit from place to place (just like a comic book) but bear with it. Hope it’s to everyone’s liking

Continued from:

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Throne Room

“Rumble flug cheese and nonsense” said Scalphunter as he tickled his semi-exposed brain matter, his leg twitching in response. Scalphunter spun his sword clumsily as he waited for the wave of angry Asgardians. Iron Claw looked at his long time nemesis and raised his hands to strike, to end their conflict once and for all when a familiar buzz echoed in his mind

-Where are you?-

-Throne room, my lord-

-Plant the damn beacon and teleport to my location with that mutant-

Iron Claw stayed his hand as Scalphunter ran into the oncoming horde. He was clumsy, taking more hits than a man of his skill should but his lethality more than made up for it. Iron Claw wiped the blood from his eye and followed him into battle.

“Yes my lord”


With a pulse rifle in each hand David laid covering fire as he inched towards Heimdall’s corpse. Iron Soldiers returned fire driving him back as they formed up and began to encircle him in an ever growing ring of imminent death.

“Where the starking hell are you 7?” he said as he dove for cover.

Perimeter Wall

Molly wiped the tears from her eyes as she glared at the ‘Supreme Commander’ “I’m going to eat your heart!”

“Little girl, I’m simply going to wind you up and let you kill your friends!” it laughed as it turned its back on her. Molly crouched to leap forward when a rifle butt smashed into the back of her skull. Molly roared in pain and spun around to catch another hit to the face as Agent Walker, screaming in pure terror, lashed out like a woman possessed.

“I HATE YOU MOM! I HATE YOU!” screamed Walker. Molly caught the rifle and punched Walker straight in the throat.

The ‘Supreme Commander’ chuckled “Good dog”

Three Miles above the battlefield

7 hovered briefly in the air before gravity took hold and started his inevitable descent down.

Beneath Asgard

Tyr’s sword sliced opened Fenris’ thigh as the wolf god replied with a raking claw across the chest. Both stepped back and inspected the blows inflicted and received.

“I expected better” goaded Tyr

“Of course you do,” laughed Fenris “But you see I’ve spent quite some time as and amongst the humans you sit above. And for a short lived race, they are very ingenious. Also very cunning and nasty, probably why we got along”

Tyr coughed as a shuddering wave rippled from his wound. He touched the gash with his stump.

“In a fair fight, you win war god. I am outclassed even though you are missing a hand, which I ate all those years ago. But I don’t fight fair!” He leapt in with blinding speed ripping open two more wounds across the stomach. “What you’re feeling is a hemo-neurotoxin synthesized by the boys at Ferrum which I coated my claws in. It affects both your blood and brain. Now Asgardian physiology is similar to humans, so I got them to make the dosage twenty times as strong”

Tyr dropped his sword as he wobbled.

“Maybe the ten times dose would’ve been enough” Fenris chuckled as he drew a large bore pistol “But I’m not of taking chances” He jammed the barrel into the wound and pulled the trigger three times, meat and blood exploding out Tyr’s back as the Asgardian war god dropped to his knees. Fenris smiled as he grabbed Tyr by the chin and squashed his cheeks together.

“Now where can I find my father?”


Loki skipped across the ground like a stone across a pond; the energy Stryfe hit him with burnt and seared with a pain he’d never felt before. The combine energies of the Odinforce, The Power Cosmic and the ancient magic leeched from the world tree nearly tore him to atoms. Stryfe laughed as he drew back his hand and plunged it deep into the old tree, channelling all the power into it. EVERYTHING SHOOK.

Ferrum Tech Research and Development, New York City

Desmond Fisk looked up from his notes “What…”

Earth Orbit above Chicago

Distain looked around from his welding “…the…”

Alice Springs Iron Hall, Alice Springs, Australia

General Steve Whitlam hid under his desk “…starking…”

Chechyen DMZ

Ares shuddered like someone had just shot him in the soul “…hell…”

Castle Doom, Doomstadt, New Latveria

Queen Carol gripped her throne “…was…”

Two miles above Asgard, reaching terminal velocity

7 fumbled with his gauntlets, trying to work a solution as he plummeted to certain death “…starking…”


“…that?” asked David aloud as he fired at the endless stream of Iron Soldiers. He was pinned down, outnumbered, outgunned and soon to be out of ammo as the pulse rifle began to overheat.


Loki conjured a wave of ethereal spears which slammed into Stryfe’s back, and dissipated like water. Stryfe pulled his hand free from the world tree as it screamed from the mortal wound and laughed like a man possessed.

“Was that you’re best shot?”

Stryfe closed his eyes –Doctor Reed, fire again!-

Mars, Secret Ferrum base

Doctor Reed snapped to attention as he punched in the second bunch of coordinates “Firing commenced sir!”

Mars again was bathed in light as the body of Galactus was consumed entirely and turned into a second energy bullet.


Loki glanced up and saw 7 falling like a bullet above the gloating Supreme Commander. Loki smiled and moved his hands in slow circles “May the light of the Vishanti shine upon him. May Oshtur and Cytorrak grant him strength and mass!”

“You think that will save you little god?”

“No,” said Loki as he cast a shield of protection around himself “But it will make me laugh”


7 hit Stryfe on the temple like a freight train as he fell onto him from on high. The blow knocked him right off his feet, cracking his helmet. 7 landed with cat like grace, his muscles rippling and enhanced with mystical energy. He snarled and went to finish his fallen former master when Loki grabbed his arm.

“It’s over!”


“Yggdrasil is dying! We are about to be shunted into a fate worse than when the Bifrost Cannon was active. Gather your friends befo…”

“Hello father!”

Loki turned to see his son Fenris with Scalphunter, who’d looked like he’d been through a meat slicer and a battle damaged Iron Claw.

Loki turned to 7 “GO!”


The Supreme Commander faded from the battlefield like a morning mist. Molly tightened her nelson hold around Agent Walker’s neck, choking her into unconsciousness. Agent Jenkin’s trained his gun on her.

“Let her go!”

Molly locked her eyes to his and jumped into his mind with her telepathy -Its okay, she’s asleep now, calm down-

“What do we do?” asked Jenkins as he watched as the hundreds of Iron Soldiers poured into the defenceless city of Asgard, its walls broken beyond repair.

“I…don’t know” said Molly as she threw Walker over her soldier


Stryfe roared and he threw his broken helmet from his head, his face had a massive bruise from the hit he’d just taken. It was the first time in years he’d been physically assaulted, and he hated it!

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” he roared as he returned to human size

“Planting the beacons, my lord”

“Are your agents in place at Mount Olympus filth?” he snapped at Scalphunter

“Wimbledon stark chess piece” he replied as he nodded his head, holding his brain inside

“Then let us leave, not before I give Asgard one last gift!” he rose his hand, channelling all the Power Cosmic he’d stolen into his fist when a hand caught his wrist. “Who dares?”

The response was Mjolnir hitting him in the face as Magni roared “HAVE AT THEE!” The Supreme Commander flew backwards, the second time he’d been struck in under an hour. Magni swatted Iron Claw away like a gnat and grabbed Scalphunter by the throat. “You and I will have words!” Magni drove Scalphunter into the ground like a spike, accompanied by a sickening snap. Fenris slashed Magni across the chest with his poisoned claws, but Magni was too angry to care as he clubbed Fenris across the head with Mjolnir. Magni turned back to Scalphunter who tried to get up and slammed the ancient mallet upon his knee, pulverizing it.

“Well met nephew” said Loki as arrived at his side “But we must away”

“No uncle, they will die here and now, by my hand”

Loki saw his brother in his nephew “You are stubborn, and stupid, like your father” Loki snapped his fingers and a sleeping spell overtook the young thunder god “But we have lost” And with that Loki teleported away.


David Hardy threw his now empty weapons away and drew his vibranium knife. If he was going out, it was swinging. He waited when he noticed the Iron Soldiers taking to the sky…they were leaving?

“What the stark?” David crept up, wondering why on the verge of total victory would they…David looked at the Asgardian sky. It was seemingly tearing free. His brain had a hard time processing what he was seeing “This can’t be good”

Base of Yggdrasil

Stryfe stood up and wiped the blood from his mouth. His anger boiled as he channelled the remnants of the Power Cosmic back into his fist and slammed it into the ground, and the World Tree snapped, the energy released channelled its way to the beacons placed around Asgard which in turn fired a pulse down towards Earth and blew the Greek islands off the map.

-Status report General Helfitta?-

-Troops are in full retreat and by all accounts coming in now, Greece no longer exists.-

“Excellent!” laughed Stryfe “Now get us out of here Gerald” They faded out as Asgard crumbled.

Asgard, Loki’s Quarters

Loki threw Magni upon the cold stone floor and cast a spell that made all his tomes and books fly from the shelves and into a bag.

“What has happened?” asked Magni

“We have lost. The eternal realm is no more. We need to escape to Midgard”

“How much more will that base villain take from us before we end him?!?” roared Magni slamming Mjolnir onto the floor.

“Off you go” said Loki pointing to the door “Go! Go find him and fight him. I shall mourn your passing”

“Coward!” spat Magni

“No, realist nephew! Now either go and fight, or help me”


Beta Ray Bill spun his mallet in the air “Form up on me!” he roared. David Hardy, 7, Molly, dozens of SHIELD agents and the last survivors of the Asgardian race flocked to him. Asgard shimmered in and out of existence. Jenkins ran when a hand grasped his shoulder. He turned to open fire when his weapon was batted away.

“I am not your enemy” panted Balder; bleeding and bloody “I am the king of Asgard”

“Your majesty” Jenkins nodded “We need to leave”

“No, you need to leave. I must use the last of the Odinforce to attempt to secure Asgard back to Yggdrasil”

“My lord, no offense but I have no idea what you said. We need to leave”

Balder smiled and removed a box from his cloak “Take this, keep it safe”

Jenkins looked at the box “What is it?”

“Loki will know”

Jenkins nodded and ran as Asgard shuddered, the second and final energy bullet hitting. Balder summoned the Odinforce to stem the tide but it was a mammoth, almost impossible task.

“ODIN!” cried Balder as he gave in to the power. Asgard screamed as the Power Cosmic and the Odinforce smashed against each other, immovable object and the irresistible force tore into each other and the only loser was Asgard. The Iron Army fled back down the Bifrost like rats escaping a burning ship. Bill spun Stormbreaker faster and faster, creating a portal back to Midgard.

Chicago Iron Hall

The Supreme Commander strode triumphantly down the gangplank of Warforce 1; Iron Claw, Scalphunter and Fenris in step behind. He looked around, a slight confused look on his face.

“General Helfitta…”

“Yes sir!” The general snapped to attention.

“Why is my city two inches deep in water?”

General Helfitta gulped as he began to explain, the Supreme Commander’s smile slowly leaving his face (for the reason see the upcoming issue of Distain)

Estonia, New Latveria

Beta Ray Bill and his companions were dumped onto the marshy grounds. Waiting for them was Loki and a very angry Magni.

Hoenir looked at Loki and bowed “My lord Loki” and the other Agardians, all twenty five of them, followed suit. Loki shook his head, he was now lord of Asgard and Asgard was no more, irony. Magni gripped his father’s weapon and remained silent.

Agent Jenkins stepped forward “Um, I got told to give you this” And presented Loki with the casket of ancient winters.

“What shall we do now, my lord” growled Magni

“We rebuild, regroup and prepare,” said Loki placing the box at his feet “You nephew; do as you wish. You are just like your father, so to save a long protracted conflict, you are free from Asgard. I am not your king, I am not your uncle, you are not under my leadership nor protection any longer! You are free Thorson; I wash my hands of you!”

“Uncle?” Magni stifled a whimper

“No Magni, just Loki. We are not related. Go before you embarrass yourself or do something…” Magni’s fist smashed into Loki’s jaw knocking him to the ground. Loki laughed, wiped his mouth “Just like your father.”

Magni spun Mjolnir and took to the air as Loki was helped to his feet.

“You!” Loki pointed at 7 “All here take notice! This…man, for honour and bravery is an honorary citizen of Asgard from now until his dying breath!”

Doomstadt, New Latveria

“What?” Carol looked at the magical image of Loki hovering before her.

“I am reforming Asgard” said Loki

“You’re claiming Estonia?”

“I can’t begin in a hostile land, or have I?” asked Loki

Carol’s nostrils flared, she’d dealt with Thor’s brother in the past, never good “Fine but all those who live there are now in your care”

“They have luckily, moved on.” smiled Loki “Seems most of the human populace likes gold and have gone out in search for it across the wider lands of New Latveria leaving the area you once knew as Estonia, empty”

“What are you up to?” Carol snapped.

“I am seeking solace after two hundred years of exile! I am seeking rest after a war that has cut the number of Asgardians to under thirty individuals! I am trying to comprehend that my home has been not only destroyed but cast adrift from the World Tree! I am trying to keep my temper and not act like my fool nephew! I am keeping my anger in check so I don’t cause volcanoes to erupt in Chicago, to try and kill that filthy mutant who has brought me like a beggar to your door to request scraps!” yelled Loki

Carol stopped, caught her breath and nodded “Request granted”

“Your majesty” Loki vanished as Carol wondered if she’d made a deal with the devil.


and anyone else who wants to read!

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Cool, Now I gotta figure out where to go from here with Hardy and Creed, write Ares' and Zeus' reactions to Olympus being destroyed. I'm sure they will have issue not only with the act but the nature of it.

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@joshmightbe: Well Hardy & Creed are able to go anywhere, maybe an adventure to England or back to the States. Plus David's still got that small piece of carnage on his heel which is bound to cause issues later, along with the fact that David thought he was done for and 7 wasn't around (his perspective). Maybe that often talked about team up with Ngumi Takada in the alleys of Doomstadt written by you &

Not only Ares & Zeus, Jason as well, he lost two homes and his mum! Zeus may have to have a chat with Loki. Maybe there's a shift in power and though still gods, there power has been reduced dramatically.

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Read it. It was great everything just sort of ended very dramatically. I liked the reactions everyone has. Carol giving Loki a small stretch of land could be dangerous. The gods may not be so powerful anymore, but Stryfe isn't going to like Loki and his 25 Asgardians around. " Greece no longer exists" Great line!

I like that Loki's dialogue has a sense of urgency and fear that we don't usually see. His home has been destroyed completely and his people are near extinction. Dangerous thing to have.

New S.H.I.E.L.D and Lady Deathstrike coming soon!

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@Time_Phantom: I may have to redraw the Iron Age Map :)

I think Stryfe likes the fact that Asgard and Mt Olympus are gone, but if/when he finds out that some survived and are in cahoots (of sorts) with New Latveria he's gonna be a little perturbed! Plus Loki has now gotten what he's strived for after all these centuries and will learn the phrase "Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown" so he actually has to be like his father and brother have been in the past. But he's going to want some revenge!

Looking forward to seeing more S.H.I.E.L.D dealing with thousands of displaced Estonian's, the fact Greece is gone and that Loki has a weapon of mass chaos (casket of ancient winters) and also Deathstrike (maybe Hardy & Creed & Ngumi could head to Chicago and break Alan out of the basement as an idea)

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@batkevin74: Well Ares did just add around 70 or 80 square miles to New Latveria

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@joshmightbe: World's constantly changing :)

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@batkevin74: Constant warfare will do that.

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