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Marvel Iron Age: Battle for Asgard Part 5

Authors Note: This was running a little long so one of the big fights missing is John(Fenris) and Tyr, Magni and Bata Ray Bill's roles are shortened. (Gotta give something for who writes the next part of this arc to do.) Well... On with the show!

Perimeter Wall:

A wave of fire had engulfed the wall and the Hulk Busters blasting into it. The suits melted and twisted as the wall crumbled onto the armored soldiers. Stryfe saw this and in his fury left from his place on War Force 1 and joined the battle. He flung open the hatch and dove out into the battle. He landed in the middle of the group of Shield agents and let out a telekinetic wave that sent them all flying as he landed.

Picking out Jenkins who had his back to a pile of debris first.Stryfe levitated the agent’s book and sent it speeding at his head. The book smashed through his teeth and removed the top of his skull. He heard the crack of gunfire behind him and turned. Bullets stopped just short of his skull. The shots came from agent Walker who kept firing even after she was empty. Using her fear against her Stryfe broke into her mind like a sledgehammer and filled her mind with twisted versions of her memories that sent the agent into hysterics.

A flash of energy sent Stryfe recoiling. Creed 7 had shot Stryfe in the shoulder and charged at him, firing rapidly. Stryfe lashed out and levitated 7 off the ground and shot him high into the sky to where he was no longer visible. “Damn you!” Molly roared as she tackled Stryfe to the dirt. She slashed his face bloody until bone gave way and brain exposed. “You’re just a little savage, aren’t you? A real Creed you are.” A mocking voice said like an echo in her mind. She looked down at what should have been Stryfe, but only the unrecognizable face of agent Quartermain was left.

Molly tried to scream, but the sounds wouldn’t come out. In fact her throat was closing. She couldn’t breathe, and then suddenly her body shot into the air. Her limbs twisted and were pushed inside her torso. In seconds her body had been reduced to a bloody ball of meat that plopped on the ground beside agent Quartermain.

Stryfe contained his urge to laugh as he flew past the Shield agents and headed to Yggdrasil. He left them fighting a mental construct that he controlled. The construct would put up a very convincing fight. They had no way of knowing what was real or not.

Throne room:

Scalphunter and Iron Claw made it to the castle that was at the moment lightly defended, “So what do we do now? Snatch up some Norse gold? Listen to some fine tune by some ye old serving wench?” Scalphunter asked.

“We await further orders!” Iron Claw sneered.

Scalphunter nodded and reached for his sword. “Now I thought you’d say something like that.” With a swift movement the assassin took a swipe at Iron Claw. Without looking Iron Claw blocked the attack and returned with a back kick that knocked Scalphunter to the ground.

Scalphunter chuckled at Iron Claw’s blades began to spin. He gripped his sword tight and said, “Sorry Iron codpiece, but I have this list you happen to be on…”

The Base of Yggdrasil,

The World Tree:

Loki’s enchantments had done wonders. His rock warriors fought against the seemingly endless tide of Iron Soldiers. Balder and Loki easily dispatched the Iron soldiers themselves, bringing sword and sorcery to this battle of iron men. “What a wonderful performance.” A dark edgy voice said with a growl that rang in the minds of the two gods.

Within seconds the Iron soldiers engaging Loki and Balder left the field and Loki’s constructs crumbled under some extreme pressure. Above them Stryfe the Supreme Commander himself descended upon the gods with a toothy grin across his face. “That’s him. The mad man that has trapped us in Asgard, Balder.” Loki said readying Gungnir to strike.

“You must be Balder The Brave King of Asgard and brother to the headless Thor.” Stryfe said never taking his eyes off of Balder. “I would say you will be seeing him in Valhalla… but there wont be one after the battle today.”

“You do a lot of talking mortal!” Balder said as energy surged all around him. “You imprison us and enslave all of Midgard and now threaten our home! You will learn the power of a god today villain!” Together using a mix of the Odin Force and Loki’s magic both gods fired on Stryfe.

Stryfe tried to block the attack with his own power. Even activated the magical properties of his armor. The ground shattered and the energy displayed shot into the air for all to see. Stryfe was losing. Overpowered by Balder’s Odin Force and Loki’s powerful magical attacks Stryfe was repulsed and slammed into a root of Yggdrasil. His armor broken and his body bloody from the onslaught, Stryfe did not move. He only watched as the two gods stood before him. “Do not mistake the gods of Asgard to be weak, mortal.” Balder warned.

With a wave of his hand Loki had the tyrant bond by bands of magical energy. Balder raised his sword and held it under Stryfe’s chin. Stryfe only smiled. “What is this?” Balder questioned.

Stryfe looked into the eyes of the god. “Simple. I’ve just won, old god.” Balder had looked back at Strfye and felt his mind invaded. Before he could retaliate the world seemed to shift within itself and the Asgardian felt he was no longer in Asgard.


Secret Research Base:

Doctor Reed chief scientist of Mars base watched as Project Galan was activated on the observation deck. Power was returning to this corpse. This long dead being would serve new purpose. “Today there are no gods.” The doctor whispered under his breathe as the Supreme Commander gave the go ahead to fire the project. “

“Fire Galactus!” He ordered as the connections siphoned energy from the corpse. What remained from of the body lit up and its power going somewhere.” The monitors buzzed, lab technicians scrambled to them and the machines controlling the experiment wailed. All of Mars base was bathed in light.

The Astral Plane:

The world around Balder was strange. Bright colors were everywhere; constellations and unknown structures seemed close to the touch, but far away as well. “Welcome to the astral plane All-Father. I take it you aren’t familiar with it.”

“Show your self coward!” Balder commanded as he flared the power of the Odin Force. Stryfe then appeared before the Asgardian god.

Stryfe laughed. “I am god here. The power it contains belongs to me!”

Balder raised his sword and fired a blast of intense energy at the clone. Stryfe burst into pieces, only for each individual piece to reassemble and multiply around the Asgardian. “I command the Power Cosmic!” Stryfe’s copy’s announced as a wave of power engulfed Stryfe.

Balder thrusted his sword into the chest of one of the copies for it to disappear as the others turned into pure energy. The entire astral plane seemed to rumble as Balder activated the Odin Force’s full power at once. Strfye’s laughing echoed throughout the realm, mocking the god king. The Power Cosmic swirled around Balder as he used all his power to repulse Stryfe. But the Power Cosmic was a vast power and etched ever closer to the Asgardian like a tsunami.

“The Power Cosmic originates here, Odinson. It is apart of this plane; it is all around and for all your might while you are here you cannot hope to overpower it. It is limitless.”

The Base of Yggdrasil,

The World Tree:

The magical restraints that bonded Stryfe faded and Balder was frozen. “Brother!” Loki shouted. Loki Stabbed at Loki with Gungnir, only for the weapon to hit a wall of energy so powerful that upon impact the spear splintered and ripped into Loki’s body and tore his face.

Loki dropped into a bloody heap. His body was encircled by a bubble of the power Stryfe now possessed; trapping the god of mischief inside. “I don’t have much time. So much power.” Stryfe said to himself as he walked to the base of the World Tree. Upon his touch Yggdrasil withers and glows with a black energy that resembles fire. While keeping his hand on the tree Balder rises into the sky above the battle like a rocket.

“This is my gift to you, Loki.” Stryfe said as he turned to Loki and directed the black energy to Loki. “It is twilight for the gods of Asgard. You will live to see it.”

Perimeter Wall:

Magni and Beta Ray Bill arrived at the wall where 7, Molly and the bodies of several Shield agents were lying in the rubble of screaming, dead or unconscious. “What’s happened here?”

A pulse of energy rippled through Asgard that Magni sensed. Something was wrong. “Help them!” Magni barked as he flew off into the sky, leaving Bill behind.

The sky above churned and the pulse rang through his mind like a bell getting louder and louder. He directed his attention toward the World Tree where a strange power beamed from it. In its center he recognized as the king of Asgard. Balder. “No! I am coming my king!” Magni hollered as he shot toward Yggdrasil fear spreading through his young body as he went to face this unknown power. “For Asgard!”

The Battlefield:

Heimdall, David and the warriors of Asgard fought as a seemingly endless supply of Iron soldiers dropped from the sky. “How long is this going to go on!” David yelled as he fired at a group of Iron soldiers as he took cover from repulsor blast fire.

Heimdall sad nothing as he brought his sword down upon the head of an Iron soldier, crashing through the armor and stopping at his shoulder blade. He ripped his sword out of the body violently and brought it back up in a defensive stance. Something wasn’t right however. The sky was wrong and a pulse rippled through the battle that only Heimdall and from what he guessed only other Asgardians noticed.

He looked in the direction of Yggdrasil, using his heightened senses he could see and hear what was going on. Loki and Balder had engaged Stryfe in battle. Loki was injured and Balder was just blank and expressionless. Something wasn’t right at all. Yggdrasil was glowing with power that seemed to feed into Balder.

His observation was cut short by a blast from two Iron soldiers’ uni-beams at full strength. He staggered to his feet and spat out a mouthful of blood. Dozens more joined Iron soldiers joined the attack on the watchful god. The soldiers hit Heimdall with everything they had, concentrating their fire on him. Heimdall struggled to get to his feet and got nowhere. The shooting only stopped when he stopped moving. Leaving behind a pulpy body embedded inside a crater.

Throne room:

Scalphunter and Iron Claw’s battle went on. They took and returned each other’s blows. Their battle was more like a dance. Both were the best at what they did. Which was killing a lot of people. “We shall take up defensive positions here! Asgard will not fall!” Iron Claw and Scalphunter heard from the front of the throne room as the large wooden doors swung open.

Scalphunter who had several gaping wounds healing all over his body. Most notably the large gash on his head that left the pink of his brain exposed. “Oh stark more why now!

Iron Claw whose left eye was gouged out with Scalphunter’s sword tip still in the socket said, “We’ll finish this!”

Vidar half- brother of Tyre looked at the two bloodied killers with a dozen warriors at his back. These invaders threatened his home and now desecrated the All-Fathers throne room. “To arms!” He ordered his men.

To be continued

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Even with Molly's healing factor that's gonna take her a while to get over and she'll probably be traumatized for years to come but I can work with it. Great chapter by the way.

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@joshmightbe: Thank you. I kind of left you an out. Either that really happened to Molly and the Shield agents or it was Stryfe mind starking them. Or that was what the last paragraph in the beginning and Magni discovering them was supposed to show.

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@Time_Phantom: Sorry misread that bit, Though I'm sure Stryfe tearing through Molly's mind like that despite her own mental abilities will probably make her question her power for quite sometime

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@Time_Phantom: Really Nice.

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Bumped so I can get my inspiration on!

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