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continued from here

Beneath Asgard

Brunhilde squared off with John who grinned, "I'd heard you were dead, not completely surprised. Most of those tin goons couldn't butter toast without someone barking orders at them."

She swung her sword at his neck but he dodged as he continued to taunt her, "You know that boy of yours is an Avenger now. Tell you what when we finish up here I'll go find him and send him to hell with you."

She then gritted her teeth and drove her fist into John's face knocking three teeth free and sending him into the wall. He wiped the blood off mouth and moved quickly as her sword came for his face. It dug in the wall and John kicked her hard in the gut and took her sword. Fandral came up from behind but John drove the butt of Brunhilde's sword into his throat sending him back down. He then looked her over as she rose. He slashed the sword grazing her cheek purposefully. He then continued, "I'm really glad you're here, makes my task far simpler. Thought I was going to have to dig through corpses."

She gave him a curious look as he finished, "My curse can be broken by washing my hands in the blood of a Valkyrie."

He then swung her sword toward her neck. She caught his arm to take back her blade but John jammed a small blade he had hidden up his sleeve into her gut and slashed her open. He then let go of the blades and jammed his hands into her gaping wound.

Meanwhile Sclaphunter continued goading Volstagg. The Asgardian furiously slashed at the assassin easily dodged while mocking him relentlessly, "Getting a little tired there Ginger Santa?"

Volstagg looked down the corridor to see the assassin had led him away from the rest. While he'd been angrily swinging away and wasting energy Scalphunter had been taking him out of the way. As Volstagg realized he'd been trapped Scalphunter planted a small device on his chest. He looked to the assassin, "You're willing to die for this?"

Scalphunter grinned, "Not even slightly."

His personal teleporter then activated as the device went off instantly killing the Asgardian and bringing the cave down around him.

He then appeared a few feet from where Iron Claw fought Hogun. The Warrior was bloodied and winded but refused to fall to the frustrated killing machine. Hogun had fought with all his might but was unable to break through the Iron Claw's adamantium hide. Iron Claw had assumed this meant he'd have an easy time but had been quickly proven wrong as Hogun managed to keep him fighting.

Scalphunter rolled his eyes at this and stepped behind Hogun. Iron Claw again spun his blades and went for the Warrior. Hogun went to dodge but Scalphunter's blade drove through his back. He looked back to Scalphunter, "Coward."

Scalphunter shrugged, "Been called worse."

He then shoved him down and told Iron Claw, "I can finish this for you if you'd like."

Iron Claw glared at Scalphunter but drove his claws into Hogun to finish the deed. They then walked into the main corridor to see John with his hands in Brunhilde's gut. Scalphunter shouted, "Aw man, you broke my doll."

He looked back and laughed, "I'll be breaking a lot more than that."

Fandral charged John but was swatted away with enough force to break the wall. Iron Claw and Scalphunter had a look of shock as the saw this. John continued to as he began to grow larger. Thick grey fur started growing all over his body. In seconds they looked upon the form Fenris the Wolf. Scalphunter stared, "You're a werewolf?"

Fenris sighed, "Not even close."

Battle Field

As the Carnage Symbiote raged through the field David heard a voice from behind, "Cover you ears boy."

He turned to see Hiemdale standing with a sword in one hand and a large horn in the other. David quickly clamped his hands over his ears as he struggled against the suit. Hiemdale blew a very loud and powerful note. Carnage screamed in agony inside David's mind. He looked to the side to see Agardians holding their ears as they dropped to the ground and the blast of the horn shredding the armor of Iron soldiers. The god then jammed a hand in the squirming mess and yanked David free of it. He intended to give the thing another blast to finish it off but soldiers rushed him. David ran for a weapon. Unbeknownst to him a small piece of Carnage split off and caught onto his heal as he got away.

Hiemdale turned to use the horn on the attacking soldiers but a repulser blast knocked away. David then planted two carbonadium bullets in the head of the soldier. Hiemdale looked back on David wearing the targeting goggles 7 had made for him and holding a gun. He gave him a nod and then put gripped the hilt of his sword with both hands and ran into battle.

Perimeter Wall

7 looked down on the Hulk Busters blasting away at the wall as Jenkins pulled out his book. He tossed it to 7, "Draw that on the ground." 7 nodded and turned up the settings on his gauntlet. Jenkins drew a small version of it on the stone of the wall as 7 blasted it into the dirt surrounding the Hulk Busters.

Stryfe chuckled a bit as he watched 7 completely miss every one of them from his vantage point above before noticing the shape in the ground. He suddenly realized what he was doing and roared,"Fall Back!"

Jenkins slammed his hand down as Stryfe shouted and the ground below exploded in a fireball.

Gates of Asgard

The battle between Bill was interrupted by the explosion. A piece of shattered armor slammed into Magni's head sending him to the ground. He looked up to the bloodied Bill, "I am not the enemy stupid boy."

Magni held up his hands as he realized what had happened, "My mind was clouded by the enemy. I apologize."

Bill nodded, "No time for that. Keep your mind on the task at hand."

They then turned to see the remaining Hulk busters regroup along the wall.

Warforce 1

Stryfe switched on his comm and called the Slayer regiment awaiting orders from the cloaked ship that had brought Iron Claw and company, "Get to the perimeter wall now."

Slayer Unit B-8 replied, "Affirmative sir."

Base of Yggdrasil

The first wave of soldiers was swept away in a wave of green flame. Balder leapt in and quickly dispatched what was left with his sword and beckoned the second wave forward, "You shall not defeat the sons of Odin this day."

Loki looked on as more soldiers rained down, he took a deep breath and poured energy into the ground. Two dozen man like forms made from earth and stone rose up to fight alongside the gods. He then took up Gungnir and said a brief prayer to Odin, "Father protect us."

Beneath Asgard

Fandral was yanked from the wall and hurled down the corridor. An Asgardian stood above him, "Trouble, I take it."

Fenris stepped in to finish him when he saw the other Asgardian, "This is just fate."

The Asgardian Tyr looked on Fenris and placed his armor covered nub where his left hand had once been in his right, "I'm owed a hand beast."

He then raised a sword. Fenris looked on Scalphunter and Iron Claw, "Move along, this one is mine."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe Warriors Three are no more! Good! Volstagg always annoyed me but at least they all went down swinging. Nice use of Heimdall's horn (you spelt his name wrong btw) to deal with Carnage. Something tells me next chapter, it all goes horribly wrong for everyone!

Can't wait!

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@batkevin74: Fenris and Loki will probably have to have some kind of confrontation before its all said and done. I was going to do it this chapter but couldn't get it to work so I went with a rivalry with mythological roots

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For the next chapter I only ask that you keep Fenris alive I have plans for him later on

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@joshmightbe: Awesome! I am still trying to read everything so I understand what is going on more, but Valkyrie is probably not going to be up and about for awhile. Carnage's new host looks interesting.

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@DickGrayson: I'm still working on the library keep getting distracted

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@joshmightbe: Well, you can remove my previous storied because I am currently not working on anything, I am thinking about something that I won't give up on, and something that I Know I can do a lot with.

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@DickGrayson: I'll at least toss them in with a canceled story section

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@joshmightbe: Sounds good.

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bumped for inspiration

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