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Continued from Part 1:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-battle-of-asgard/750643/#3

Part 2:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-battle-for-asgard-part-2/750785/#8


Beneath Asgard

Scalphunter burst into peals of laughter, holding his stomach; both John and Iron Claw looked at him. The Warrior Three and Lady Brunnhilde also slightly puzzled by his maniacal laughter.

John grabbed him by the scruff of the neck “Care to share?”

“There are four of them! And fatso calls them the Warriors Three!” giggled Scalphunter “Oooo calm down, shake if off ha ha stark me, okay. Woo that’s funny!”

“Pull yourself together Gerald,” seethed John “We’re fighting gods”

“Whatevs!” shrugged Scalphunter drawing his swords “I bags the fatty and chick! You and Iron Claw-your-eyes-out, can deal with the smiley guy and green jeans”

Iron Claw’s his hands began rotating like razor sharp helicopter blades “All will die in the name of the Supreme Commander!” His eerie metallic voice echoing in the confined space.

The perimeter wall outside Asgard:

7, Molly along with SHIELD Agents Jenkins, Walker & Quartermain carefully navigated their way across the battlefield. Blood rained from the sky as angry Valkyrie clashed with Iron Soldiers. The walls of Asgard shook as Hulkbuster armour and battle tanks fired round after round into the ancient stone.

“This is worse than when Doom and Thanos went at it!” muttered 7 as he fired a shot from his gauntlet to clear them a path. He glanced back hoping to catch a glimpse of David. Molly looked around like a meerkat and smashed him in the groin. 7 folded like a napkin as an energy blast shot through where his head would’ve been.

“Thank me later” she smiled as he groaned and rocked.

Jenkins screamed as a repulsor blast caught the side of his face, shearing off his cheek and right ear. “MOTHER STARKER!” he screamed hitting the deck.

“Why is nothing ever easy?” complained Quartermain returning fire as Walker attended her injured team mate “He okay?”

“Luckily it grazed him” replied Walker as she slapped a bio-patch across Jenkins’ cheek “He’ll live but he aint going to be pretty”

“Never pretty…to start with” joked Jenkins as he got back to his feet.

Gates of Asgard

Magni looked out and spotted the Supreme Commander hovering above his troops. He roared in sheer fury, hurled Mjolnir at him gripping the handle of the ancient mallet at sailed at him like a guided missile.


Stryfe smiled as he saw his opponent charge him and easily moved aside like a matador “Another head for my wall” he laughed “You can sit next to your brother!”

Magni swung Mjolnir with ferocity but the Supreme Commander ducked and lashed out with the Muramasa blade, slicing open Magni’s forearm. He then released the sword, telekinetically making it hover as if in the hands of an invisible swordsman. Magni’s eyes darted between his foe and his floating weapon.

“I will flatten your skull to paste!” vowed Magni

“You are about to have the worst day of short life” sneered Stryfe as he faded from view.

“COME BACK AND FACE ME COWARD!” roared the thunder god, the sky responding to his anguish.


He turned to see the Supreme Commander flying straight towards him. Magni hurled his weapon at him, catching him in the chest with a mighty thump that shook the sky. Magni raced in after his weapon, his eyes burning with anger. Beta Ray Bill hit the ground with a thud. He coughed; he’d forgotten how hard the Uru mallet hurt. He watched as Magni screamed and flew at him, murder on his mind.

“You have been taken by a warrior’s madness” said Bill as he stood up but not quick enough as Magni tackled him to the floor, a flurry of fists pummelling Bill’s long equine face.

“GET OFF ME!” roared the ‘Supreme Commander’, flinging Magni off him “I am not your enemy!”


In the sky, the real Supreme Commander laughed as Magni pounded the daylights out of Beta Ray Bill. The brutality of Magni’s attacks even caused him to pause. But better they beat the hell out of each other than him or his army. He smiled before he put his fingers to his forehead -Doctor Reed. Status report on Project Galan, now!-

Mars, Secret research Base

Doctor Reed bolted upright as the Supreme Commander marched into his mind.

“Sir, yes sir” He gulped as he strode out onto the viewing deck about the huge corpse “The power couplings are nearly all attached, the reactor is charging, the c…”

-Spare me your babbling and be quiet!-

Doctor Reed stood quietly at attention. His thoughts became ones of the project; involuntarily images of how this machine worked, flaws and the like flooded his mind. It felt like his brain was in a twister.

-Project Galan goes online, operational and fireable in twenty minutes Doctor Reed. If it does not, though you may be on Mars, I will HURL you into outer space and watch you explosively decompress!-

“Yes sir!” Doctor Reed quivered, slightly soiling himself. The buzzing in his head ceased, he took a deep breath then he panicked. “WE GO LIVE IN TEN MINUTES!’ he roared as he realised the time delay between Earth and Mars “MOVE IT!”

Gates of Asgard

The Supreme Commander exhaled and returned to the field of battle. Long range telepathy was dangerous but necessary, especially now as he stood at the gates of his enemy. He looked down and laughed as he watched Magni and Beta Ray Bill beat each other. He gently pushed Bill’s alien mind towards anger as the two collided again. He turned his attention back to the walls.


Beneath Asgard

Iron Claw slashed open Hogun’s chest, the grim warrior nodded, almost in approval of the blow before replying with a mace shot to the side of Iron Claw’s head. Fandral flourished with his sword, keeping John at bay.

“You are not the Fandral I knew” stated John as he swung a punch.

“I am not my father,” said Fandral ducking, dancing forward and skewering John in the side with his sword “I am better!”

John snarled as he looked down at the wound. Fandral hopped in with another annoying strike when John grabbed him by the wrist and slammed his forehead into Fandral’s jaw, shattering it like glass “No, no you’re not” laughed John as Fandral hit the floor.

“STAND STILL, YOU BLASTED JACKRABBIT!” roared Volstagg as Scalphunter dodged another strike and then parried a blow from Brunnhilde.

“I love it when fat starks get angry.” chuckled Scalphunter as he smacked Volstagg across the rump with the flat of his blade “You’re like angry jelly”

“BE QUIET!” Volstagg swung wildly, his frustration nearly taking out his companion Brunnhilde.

“Careful fatty fatty” chided Scalphunter as he lopped off a corner of Volstagg’s moustache “Don’t be hitting the ladies! Her and I, have a date in a Jacuzzi with a holo-camera”

“You are repulsive” snapped Brunnhilde as she swung but was parried away.

“You know whose repulsive, Mortimer! A stark I know back on Earth. He’s an utter stark for brains. He’s the king of repulse! Compared to him, I’m a starking god” chatted Scalphunter as he danced between his two opponents like he was walking in the park.

John grabbed Fandral by the hair and jolted him to his feet “You are barely worth my time” He slammed a fist into his throat making the young god gasp before tossing him back to the floor like a used tissue.

“Fandral!” Brunnhilde shot across from her fight with Scalphunter to engage John

“Just you and me now blubber guts!” laughed Scalphunter “I bet if I was food, you could beat me. Oh stark, don’t think like that, yuck! Help! Help! The fat guy’s going to eat me”


“Back off Lokison” said Brunnhilde her sword pointing at John’s heart as she protected the woosy Fandral.

John smiled a hollow smile and then spat on the ground “Lady, you’ve just gone and made me mad”

Battle field

David howled as the symbiote went berserk, lashing out at friend and foe with no regard. An Iron Soldier and an Asgardian attacked him simultaneously, both realising he was the greater threat. The carnage suit moulded easily around the axe, cushioning the blow then reefing it free out of the man’s grip. The repulsor blast hit home, but only for a second when the symbiote embedded the axe into the Iron Soldiers head, almost splitting him from crown to crotch. The Asgardian warrior looked stunned as the suit turned to him.

“RUN!” screamed David from beneath it, his face horrifically popping out of the liquid flesh “RUN YOU STARKING IDIOT!” But the warning was too little, too late as the gooey substance washed down the man’s mouth and nasal passage and filled his lungs.


Base of Yggdrasil the World Tree

Balder and Loki stood quietly, side by side. Balder turned to his brother “Loki, I…”

“Whatever you are about to gush, my lord, please refrain” Loki said turning his back to him.

Balder went to speak when a loud thunderous crack ripped through the air and a division of Iron Soldiers flew towards them. Loki readied a spell when Balder clamped a hand upon his shoulder and turned him around to face him.


Loki looked at his king, deep into his eyes “Brother”

They shook hands firmly before turning to face their foes.

“For Asgard” said Loki, his hand humming with green eldritch fire.

“FOR ASGARD!” roared Balder, his sword raised high.

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@batkevin74: Amazing, can't wait to start writing again.

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@DickGrayson: Glad you liked it, next parts should be good also, by josh & time!

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@batkevin74: Great chapter and you set up what I was planning for John perfectly

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