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Marvel Iron Age: Battle for Asgard Part 2

Stryfe hovered over a helicarrier and watched the field. Thousands of his soldiers awaited his orders to attack the Asgardians. His full power would go into his battle today, against these gods that now could not be ignored. Stryfe scanned the field with his mind taking a peak into the minds of every one present. His men had no idea what kind of battle the Asgardians would bring them and the Asgardians wanted nothing more than to fight. Stryfe would give them the opportunity.

So much had gone wrong in the last year. S.H.I.E.L.D had embarrassed him. He was forced to come to the aid of his enemies, Thanos had threatened his world and rebellion sparked everywhere. He had felt his grip slipping on the world. Now was the time to remind those who would forget who was the ruler of the Earth.

“All carriers and transports open fire! I want all of Asgard reduced to glass!” He ordered telepathically. He pushed his telepathy capturing images of the battle through his mind, making copies. Every world would know of the battle today.

Magni/Beta Ray Bill:

“Why aren’t they attacking?” Bill asked as both of them sped toward the formation. The Hulk busters had stopped at the gates; the Iron Army transports had not advanced any further and even seemed to be pulling back slightly.

“Doesn’t matter!” Magni growled. “Just more for us to—“

The roar of guns had cut Magni off. The entire formation erupted projectiles sped toward Asgard. The sky grew black, Mijollnir cackled with electricity. Bill followed suit and brought his hammer storm breaker to bear. They both sent blasts of electrical energy forward arching and taking out many projectiles before it reached them. Explosions rocked around them. Bill had noticed dozens of missiles had moved passed their attack as if guided by some unseen force. Bill broke off his attack while Magni continued his rage filled attack.

A flash of brilliant white light blinded both warriors. Intense heat then followed and the ground and the air shook in response.

Balder’s throne room:

“My king!” Balder’s guard exclaimed as he appeared in a ray of light and collapsed to the floor. The Asgardian king’s eyes glowed white and energy danced around him while he activated the Odin Force. A powerful burst of energy had torn through Asgard, leaving fire and death in its place. Balder had used to the Odin Force to shield Asgard from the worst of the blast. But it happened so fast. Nuclear fire had cut a path of destruction through the city.

“I’m fine!” He said as he waved his guards away. He picked himself up and looked to Loki who stood their watching the king of Asgard. “Come with me!” Balder ordered.

Loki’s face lite up with frustration as he spoke, “Where would we go now? We should be joining the field with Magni and our forces! We—“

“Damn it, Loki listen!” Balder yelled. “We need to get to Yggdrasil. I fear this mad man seeks to do more than just fight a battle.”

Balder marched passed the god of mischief. Loki knew he wasn’t being told something. “Whatever you say my king.” Loki caught up with Balder and grabbed his shoulder, making the two vanish in a flash of light.

The two gods arrived at the base of Yggrasil. The World Tree, that connected the nine realms. “Loki, you will be joining me in defense of Yggdrasil.”

Loki scoffed. The city was under the heaviest of an attack it’s seen in centuries and his brother the king wants to protect a tree. “You would have us hide oh, Balder the Brave?”

Balder ignored Loki’s mocking and placed a hand on the tree, feeling the power that coursed through it. “Loki we must not lose this tree. If our connection to Yggdrasil is severed… there is no coming back as we do and the energy released could destroy Asgard and many other worlds in the process.”

Loki grew stiff from shock and was completely unnerved. “Are you saying…”

Balder closed his eyes, and answered. “This Ragnarok will be permanent.”

The perimeter wall outside Asgard:

7 and the Shield agents pulled themselves out of the rubble they had stood to defend. The creed was disoriented and struggled to type on his gauntlet. “How are we still alive?” 7 heard agent Fry utter.

“What was that a nuke?” Jenkins exhaled.

“More like a couple dozen with a few antimatter warheads to really home in on the point.” 7 Growled as he analyzed the data his gauntlet is giving him. He shut off his screen and turned to see the Shield agents without a scratch.

The city burned around them. 7 didn’t know how long they were out but the battle had spread. The warriors of Asgard were engaging the Iron Army enforce. The sky above the city was full of helicarriers and transports. Valkyrior took to the sky, Iron soldiers of every kind dropped from the sky, destroying everything they saw.

“They’re so many of them.” Molly exhaled, brushing herself off.

7 had heard a rustling under a pile of what used to be the wall they all stood on. The rubble burst and several bloody red tendrils shot from the ground. It was David and the Carnage symbiote was out of his control again. “Argh!”

The teams were thrown away in every direction as David screamed in pain. “Get away from me!” David howled as he leapt into the besieged city.

7 instinctively ran after him. “David!” The Creed roared.

“Wait!” Molly said getting ready to chase after both men before a hand placed around her arm kept her from going too far.

“Stark.” Agent Phil Jenkins sighed. “Everyone the situation has just gone from bad to stark in a hand basket. We need a plan.”

“Jenkins is right, Molly.” Fry said quietly as he approached her.

“Well I got an idea. Say what happens if we lose here?” Agent Beth Walker spoke up. “The Supreme Commanders and his army have one way out. The Bifrost. What if we take that away from him?”

“So we find a way to disable the Bifrost and trap everyone here if the worst happens?” Agent Max Quartermain said as he looked out at the battle being played out in the city. They had the gods of Asgard on their side; the most powerful beings in the world were fighting for their home. Then the thought of defeat trickled into his mind as if being silently suggested to him. What choice did he have? “I’m for it. Any other ideas?”

The shield agents all looked contemplative and then blank faced for a moment. They all agreed. “All right we head to the Bifrost. Nothing else matters.”

Below the city:

Iron Claw, John and the assassin Scalphunter infiltrated the city and were now below on where the foundations of the city were located. “All fight and sexy Norse angel babes up top and we’re stuck below! This starks a big one!” Scalphunter pined as he took a huge bite of a burrito.

“Shut your mouth!” Growled Iron Claw who was growing more and more irritated by the assassin’s presence and his jokes. “Lord Stryfe wishes us to seize the castle of these Asgardians. We will give it to him.”

John stopped in midstride behind the two Iron Army killers. He took a deep breath through his nose and his face twisted. “Already?” he growled.

“No doubt I.C. wiener, I just got a weakness for steel driving hotties and their flying ponies!” Scalphunter said defensively, taking his time walking passed the next pillar to bend over at the exact same time a mace came swinging around the corner and into Iron Claw’s chest.

Iron Claw flew backward to John’s feet as Scalphunter did a hand-spring to evade his hooded mace wielding attacker. “My burrito!” He cried as his burrito dropped and the hooded man stepped on it in his pursuit of the assassin.

The Hooded man stopped and two other men and a woman clad in armor from head to toe carrying a very large claymore over her shoulder presented themselves. The fat one spoke first, “You will need to get through us ye villains if you with to get passed, Volstagg!”

A green garbed blond spoke next, “Fandral.”

The hooded man wielding his mace said, “Hogun.”

“We are the Warriors Three!” Volstagg announced.

The woman pointed her large sword at the group of killers with one hand. “I am Lady Brunnhilde the Valkyrie. You should not have come to Asgard!”


Secret research base:

The scientists were scrambling in the main facility. A hundred years ago the facility was built not only to serve as a research base but as a tomb for one of the most powerful corpses in the universe. The body was absolutely dead, only 20% of the body remained it still held great power. “I just received word from the Supreme Commander! He wants Project Galan primed and ready for discharge on his command!” The chief scientist ordered over his loud speaker to the engineers below.

He stared out of his window to observe the work being done. The body had been studied since before they were born and still had centuries of knowledge to gain from it. It was dead but power still coursed through it; waiting to be tapped. “Did I hear right!” Said another scientist yelled as she burst into her superior’s office. “Doctor Reed!”

Doctor Richard Reed chief researcher on Mars base looked over to the black haired woman, her name tag read, Gwyn Stormsend. “We don’t know what turning that thing on will do!"

“My calculations indicate that most of the energy built up will be so potent upon reactivity it’ll just end up in an alternate dimension and discharge anything left. It could bring the house down around us.” Dr. Reed said in a matter of fact was before turning away from Gwyn."Very exciting."

Doctor Stormsend was terrified. “Wha— are you— what does he even want with this thing. It’s dead!”

“I asked the Supreme Commander that very same question only once. He told me he acquired the body through a deal with some powerful entity that had claimed our corpses living task back before the Shield was built to block out aliens from entering our solar system.” Richard cleared his throat as he silently marveled at the corpse and his army of workers hooking machines to this once great creature. “He told me…”

“Even dead gods dream.”

To be continued.

Your turn I hope I didn't put us in an un-writeable situation. It's just... Odin Force... vs. Styrfe. Have fun!

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Great chapter, I'm anxious to see where kev goes with this. I'm gonna have to step it up when my turn rolls back around

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It was a lot of fun Can't wait to see what is going to do next. Thanks for commenting.

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@Time_Phantom: I am pretty curious about your plans for Galactus

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@Time_Phantom: HOLY STARK! A DEAD GALACTUS CANNON! Now this is going to be fun!

Love the Warriors 3 & Valkyrie (may have to make some minor changes to them as Fandral was dead & Valkyrie is Jason's mum who may also be dead BUT regardless, that's easy to re-write around it's a comic!) and I love that Scalphunter 1) eats burritos & 2) burritos still survive in 2201AD :)

Shall see what I can come up with

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@batkevin74: I'm basically just going with she found a way to survive but it trapped her in Asgard with the rest

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@joshmightbe: I was just going to say that Brunhilde was a common Norse name, and Valkyrie is a position but if you want her alive (for the time being of course) then she is Valkyrie

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@batkevin74: I'm okay with her being alive. I'll come up with an explanation later

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Just noticed a continuity glitch, here Galactus is dead but in another Chapter I had the Traveler dealing with Galactus. But I found a way around it. the Other Galactus is a different guy who took up the role for the sake of universal balance and what not, we'll figure out the details later and yes I know it qualifies as a retcon but its the only way around it.

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@joshmightbe: Yeah that's what I was thinking. And a retcon was bound to happen. We've got too much stuff and its the three of us writing Iron age. (Remember when we had more members?)

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@time_phantom: A guy messaged me today saying he's interested in joining, hopefully more will follow.

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@time_phantom: @joshmightbe: Technically speaking, it's a retcon, because you've admitted it. However, had you just kept your trap shut and written the fix, it might have seemed like you planned it...and then wouldn't you guys have looked smart(er)? This isn't universe-redefining though, so I think you can proceed guilt-free. I mean, it's not a Crisis or Age of Apocalypse, so I think you're good. ;)

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@cbishop: I feel dirtied by your observation. *shudders* You have a point though. We could have written Ultimatum and just killed everyone.

@joshmightbe We're not nearing a point of uncreativity that the only solution lies in killing everyone right? And that's great news on the prospective new member! (so maybe we aren't?)

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@cbishop: I feel dirtied by your observation. *shudders* You have a point though. We could have written Ultimatum and just killed everyone.

and @joshmightbe...You guys forgive me for only maintaining the library, and not having read any of these yet, but did The Thanos Sanction kill Thanos off, or is he still somewhere in the universe? Because I could see Thanos wanting the power of Galactus as a way to destroy more life in the universe. And if that allowed him to be a threat to Stryfe too... :}

...Of course, if he's dead, then you'll have to go your own way. :^'

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@cbishop: Thanos and Doom are gone for good but the infinity gems are still around.

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@joshmightbe: Oof...is Doom not the player in this universe that I've thought? Do I need to change the pics in the library? Crud, someone should get me up to speed... or...y'know...I could start reading these things. :}

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@cbishop: I do believe Thanos is dead. Dr. Doom better have made him disappear permanently at least... wait you haven't read our stuff? :0....

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@time_phantom: Have you seen the amount of stuff in the MIA Library? lol ...It's a bit overwhelming. I will get around to it. :}

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@cbishop: Basically Doom finally got to be a real hero and died taking Thanos out for good. But he still casts a long shadow over New Latveria even in death since his people had nearly religious devotion to him anyway and he actually stepped up to actual savior status.

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@joshmightbe: Ah, gotcha. Okay. I'm good with the library's pictures then. lol

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@cbishop: Yea, Doom is still basically the big symbol of resistance to Stryfe only now he's worse cause he went out saving the world and bad mouthing him would at the very least be a PR nightmare.

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@joshmightbe: "Saved By Doom" is such an oxymoronic irony. :}

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@cbishop: If it helps he was kind of a dick about it tho.

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