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Midtown Manhattan

Jason slamms into the ground not three feet from Jessica as she tried to stay lost in the moving crowd. Callous landed off to the side and Jessica, almost instinctively shot him in the head. He glared at her and started to step over Jason. Jason then smashed his fist into Callous' crotch and dropped his elbow behind his knee bringing him down.

Jason then wrapped his arm around Callous' neck and locked it in. After several seconds Jason gritted his teeth and practically growl, "Go to sleep, monster."

Callous dropped to the ground. Jason looked over to Jessica, "Thanks for the distraction."

She nodded," Think you can help me out of here."

He looked to the approaching soldiers and grabbed her as he leaped away toward where he assumed his team would be.

Upper west side

Distain and Vision flew through the air exploiting the weakness of the Slayer units quickly dispatching them by the dozen. Distain was amazed by the efficiency with how Vision destroyed their opponents. Somewhere in the back of his mind there was even a bit of gratitude. As the last Slayer hit the ground Vision turned to Distain, "We need to rejoin the group."

In the burning building across from Ferrum NY Anthony and Alexander Salazar stand back to back arrows drawn as Iron Soldiers stand around him, suddenly the room goes silent at the sound of the floor creaking. The brothers look to each other, "Window."

Alex plants an arrow in the forehead of the soldier blocking their path and they run and kick out a window. Anthony fires a grappling arrow at the next door building and they swing to the street. They look around at the piles of gore and shattered armor and Alex asks loudly, "What the stark happened here?" Anthony pointed down to the asphalt arms swinging at Scalphunter, "Bet that has something to do with it."

Alex nods, "Brings new meaning to the term rough neighborhood."

Scalphunter breaths heavily as he drops into an alley to catch his breath, "I thought you people were supposed to be jolly."

Absorbing man called out, "What."

"You literally have an ass the size of midtown Manhattan."

The head of Crusher Creel emerges from the road as Scalphunter continues, "Oh, fat and bald. That explains the temper."

Spikes shoot up from the ground under Scalphunter as he talked, "Two words, professional Help."

He then rolled away as Creel roared, "Shut the hell up and die"

Scalphunter then stood in front of Absorbing man, "What kind of a name is Absorbing man anyway, was Captain Suck taken?"

Absorbing man then rose to nearly sixty feet high, "f*** you"

Scalphunter waved his hands in the air, "Whoa, you kiss your wife with that mouth?"

He then noticed a glare from Absorbing man, "Yup Gerald, should of quit when you were ahead."

The entire block erupted with tons of asphalt, steel and stone all trying to crush Scalphunter at once. He dodged the first few strikes with ease but then a chunk of sewer pipe caught him in the knee shattering it and then a chunk of side walk smashed into his arm nearly tearing it off as the creature formerly known as Crusher Creel roared. For the first time in a very long time Scalphunter felt a very real fear of death and went for his teleporter. He reached down and cut his finger on the shattered metal that had been the device.

He then dove for the boots of a Hunter class armor torn off a soldier earlier and scrambled as far out of the way as possible and pulled them on. He then quickly took off on a sloppy hard to control flight away from the street.

On the roof of Ferrum NY Cutthroat yells into his comm, "Callous just got dropped in Midtown, the guy who did it is heading this way, that robot guy from the news is heading in from the west with Darius Stane, Oh, and if you all didn't notice Creel has apparently lost his goddamned mind."

Murmur replied over the comm, "Hold your position."

"Easy for you to say, you're not holding on to a roof like it was a pissed off Bull."

In the lobby of Ferrum NY a sword clanks off a shield, "You are quite spry, Corporal."

Corporal America then throws a punch at Zemo who dodges and attempt again to cut his enemy with his sword. Nicholas knocks the sword away and then slams the shield into Zemo's chest knocking him back a few feet.

Zemo chuckled as the building shook, "Ah, the scene is set, Zemo and Rogers at each other's throats, the Avengers fighting the villains outside the walls, so very dramatic."

Nicholas cracks his knuckles, "You sure do love the sound of your own voice, don't ya."

"Since I came in here its blah, blah destiny, my fore fathers blah, shut the hell up and fight."

Zemo gives a nod and comes back at Nicholas who catches his sword hand and punches him hard in the gut. Zemo countered with a punch to the face and then slammed the hilt of his sword into Nicholas' shoulder. Corporal America then went down and slammed his opposite shoulder into Zemo's gut and lifted him up to slam him into a wall. Zemo then drove his foot into Nicholas' stomach and pushed him off. Zemo then swung his sword down but was once again blocked by the shield. Nicholas then slammed the blade against the wall and snapped the blade in half.

Zemo tossed away the remains of his sword and went for his gun. It was then that he noticed it was laying across the floor from him so he made a dash for it. Just as it was in reach Corporal America's shield slammed into it and shattered it.

Zemo straightened himself out and looked to Nicholas, "Very well, I will just have to kill you with my bare hands."

Nicholas nodded, "What you waiting for, a written invite?"

The two met in the middle of the room, Zemo delivered a hard right cross to Nicholas' face, he countered with a knee to Zemo's gut followed by an elbow across his jaw. Zemo then kicked him hard in the ribs smashed his fist into Rogers' head. Nicholas shook off the strike and grabbed Zemo's arm and threw him to the floor. He locked him in a hold and asked, "We done yet?"

Zemo grunted out, "Not at all." He then drove the back of his head into Nicholas' nose and swung around and planting two knuckles in his throat. As he attempted to catch his breath Zemo swept his legs dropping him to the floor. Zemo then put his foot on Nicholas' neck, "That was invigorating but alas your time is up. The building shook violently causing Zemo to fall and Nicholas pulled himself up. He then slammed Zemo's head into the marble floor knocking him unconscious.

He then pulled himself to his feet, "See, you talk too much."

He then grabbed his shield and heard Vision over his comm, "Corporal, we are attempting to enter. We must first deal with the situation in the street. From behind Nicholas heard a voice, "Wow, he really does wear a pink sock."

He turned to see Hawkeye, "Where have you been?"

He cocked his head a bit, "Had some family drama pop up, but we decided to deal with it another day. The super guys are occupied, so how about we get to work in here."

Outside Jason landed beside Vision and put Jessica down. Vision looked to her, "You may want to go inside miss."

She looked up at the massive stone monster Creel had become, "I can be useful."

Hawkeye replied over the comm, "Send her in here, we could use the help catching the rats inside."

Jason kicked aside a car blocking the entrance before turning his attention toward Absorbing man.

Jessica stepped past Zemo lying on the floor and made her way to Corporal America and Hawkeye, "Well, I guess I'm in it now boys."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe said:

"Send her in here, we could use the help catching the rats inside."

Jason kicked aside a car blocking the entrance before turning his attention toward Absorbing man.

Jessica stepped past Zemo lying on the floor and made her way to Corporal America and Hawkeye, "Well, I guess I'm in it now boys."

Welcome aboard Jessica :)

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@batkevin74: Part 8 will be up tomorrow, till then feel free to give Clark part 4 a read, it introduces my second favorite Kryptonian

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Great chapter! Jessica has now completely switched sides I see. Loving these Avengers!

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@Time_Phantom: Chapter 8 will be up within the next hour or so meant to post it earlier but got caught up in Christmas stuff

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Casual bump to join part 8: THWACK!

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