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Beneath Central Park

Vision scrolls through profiles on a large monitor as Nicholas and Anthony enter. Anthony looks up, "Hey, I know that guy."

Nicholas gives him a curious expression, "Izo?"

"Yea, spent two years in a Chinese prison, due to a show getting a bit too rambunctious. He was my cell mate."

Darius walked by, "Ex-con, there's a shock."

Anthony glared back, "Really not liking that guy."

Ferrum NY

Jessica follows a dog out a rear door of the HQ. He stops around the dumpster and then wanders down the alley. Jessica grumbles to the dog, "Men and their toys." Then in a mocking tone repeats Fisk's statement, "Best scans in the world couldn't blah, blah, blah."

She continued on as the dog tugged its leash.

A roof top in the Latverian quarter

Scalphunter and Iron Claw stand over a quickly abandoned make shift campsite. Iron Claw picked up an arrow, "Think its his?"

Scalphunter nodded, "Unless there's a third guy out there using weapons about a thousand years out of date who enjoys a diet of 7-11 crap."

Iron Claw didn't respond as he continued searching what was left around, "He didn't leave much of a trail."

Scalphunter looked around, "We need to get some of Fisk's scanners up here."

Iron Claw grunted, "A dog would work better, he's not using any high energy weapons and has no super human abilities. Appears to be on foot, those scanners would be next to useless."

Kobuk Valley, Alaska

Zemo walks past Arson and Cutthroat as they watch television, he looks up as Cutthroat asks, "Hey boss man, you got another team working in New York?"

Zemo looks at the screen and sees security footage of two costumed men escaping a Ferrum building. The reporter stated, "The apparently haphazard caper was allegedly plotted by the wanted criminal mastermind Karl Zemo."

Zemo tossed his datapad on a near by table, "We're going to New York earlier than planned." He turned but before he stepped out, "The reporter's name?"

Arson answered, "George Sanderson."

"Mr. Cain when we get to New York put a bullet in him."

Cutthroat nods, "No problem."

Central Park

Jessica wanders up to a large empty patch of grass, "This is going well."

She looked back to the dog,"What are you sniffing girl?"

The dog sniffed and dug around a small area. Jessica looked down and noticed a ring around a patch of grass. She felt it,"Astro turf."


An alert goes off and Vision turns on a monitor that shows Jessica Mongoose standing over the rear entrance elevator. Distain and Vision looked confused, "How the hell did she track us?"

Vision replies, "Unknown we should be completely scan proof."

Jason stands next to Anthony, "Should we point out the obvious?"

Darius looked back as Jason states," Its called a dog, genius."

Anthony steps up, "This chick dangerous?"

Vision nods, "She is one of Ferrum's top assassins."

Anthony looks her over, "Eh, I can think of worse ways to die, I'll handle it."

Vision opens a cabinet and hands him a small gas mask, "She releases pheromones that can alter behavior, this should prevent it."

Hawkeye made his way out through an access to the sewer and came up behind Jessica, the dog yelped and fell unconscious. Jessica went to check and was relieved to find it breathing when she heard a voice behind her, "Mongoose, that's gotta be fake."

She ran her fingers through her hair, "You should really just give up."

Hawkeye replied, "Story of my life babe."

She looked and noticed the gas mask and sighed, "Okay then." She then swung her chain at him but he let it wrap around his bow and he yanked her toward him. She let go of the chain and instinctively fired some of her weaponized chlorine. "Still a gas mask lady."

She cursed to herself before attempting to bring a knee to his crotch, he swatted it away but she smashed her elbow into his neck. He pushed her back and threw a punch which she swatted away. They then stepped back and squared off. Anthony cracked his knuckles, "No don't hold out on me girl."

She pulled her gun from her holster under her jacket but decided to toss it to the side with a grin. She threw a hard punch that connected with his jaw but the gas mask protected it. He tried to return the shot but she caught his fist and gave him a hip throw planting him on the ground. He then swept her legs out from under her and pinned her to the ground. "Gonna say uncle"

She laughed, "You're chatty, I hate that."

She then punched him in the side and rolled him over. She then noticed her gun within arms reach so she grabbed it and put to his head," You gonna give up yet."

He looked her in the eyes and winked, "I'm gonna get executed if I do so may as well get it over with here and now."

She went to pull the trigger but couldn't bring herself to. They both looked over at the sound of Iron soldiers nearing. Hawkeye used the distraction to slip away.

The first soldier to arrive asked, "Any luck Ma'am?" She looked the direction Hawkeye had left in, "Nope, guess your boss was right."

She then picked up the dog, "Poor girl, ran herself ragged searching."

Vision sat below watching the monitor curiously.

Time Square

George Sanderson steps out of a shop admiring his brand new shoes. A second later a woman walking past him screams as a skull fragment lands on her purse.

On a rooftop across the street, Cutthroat whistles a jolly tune as he puts his rifle away. His comm comes on with Shift on the other end, "You done?"

Cutthroat replies, "Yea, on my way back."

Ferrum NY

Zemo's transport lands in the street in front of the building and he comes out with a weapon. He fires it at the entrance causing a loud explosion before walking in and angrily declaring, "I have an appointment with Mr. Fisk."

Just outside the Bronx.

Scalphunter listened to his comm,"Wow, that was quick."

Fisk shouted back over the comm, "You knew this would happen!"

Scalphunter made a rude gesture with his hands as he replied, "He's a dude wearing a pink sock on his head, how rational do you expect him to be?"

Iron Claw announced, "Found him."

Scalphunter looked over, "Sorry man, I got a trap to set."

Fisk was incredulous,"What am I supposed to do?"

He shrugged, "Id suggest you haul ass before the bony guy shows up."

Back in his office Fisk roughly yanked out a desk drawer and pulled out a personal teleportation device and was gone.

On the ground floor Zemo forced a guard to show him the previous night's security footage at first intending to use it to make a point but noticed Nicholas Rodgers' shield, "Pause."

He enhanced the video and beneath his mask a grin formed, "Now, this is just destiny."

Beneath Central Park

Vision called all the Avengers to the conference room and turned on a monitor showing Ferrum NY, "We may need to intervene here."

Darius scoffed, "I say let them burn the place down."

Nicholas gave him a harsh look, "A Ferrum HQ being attacked means they'll call in every Iron Hall on the eastern seaboard to slash and burn the whole damn island of Manhattan if they have to in order to take out the threat, that's probably a few thousand innocent civilians that are going to be caught in the crossfire between Zemo's crew and soldiers that more than likely will be ordered to ignore collateral damage."

Anthony added, "Well I am dressed for the occasion."

Darius looked around the room, "At the very least it will be amusing to watch you all get yourself killed." The Supremis armor then formed itself around him.

The Bronx

Scalphunter dropped down beside Alex Salazar on a bus bench as Iron Claw stood behind him, "Hey I know you, you're this guy."

Scalphunter pulled out his holo-phone and showed him a wanted poster for Anthony, "Wait, nope that's not right, birth certificate says Alex."

Alex started to rise but Iron Claw shoved him back down, "You got 2 options here Al, 1. You can help me flush out your brother and his new buddy and maybe survive for a bit longer or 2. My potentially rabid friend here can turn you into a pile of shredded meat right here."

Alex grins, "If you wanted Tony, all you had to do is ask."

(To be continued)

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Can't wait for number 4.

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@YoungJustice: I'm gonna assume you mean 5. Glad you're liking it

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Ugh, sorry about that, long day.

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@YoungJustice: Its cool I assumed it was a typo. As is probably apparent by now I have no room to make fun of others typing ability since mine is terrible.

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Bump part 5 coming soon

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@joshmightbe: Dogs Vs technology, great idea! Love seeing Jessica 'change' slowly.

Master Izo & Anthony Salazar in prison...I MUST WRITE THIS! How cool.

And Alexander joining the bad guys, well there's a surprise :) If you can think of the why Anthony & Alexander hate each go ahead (I actually have no idea...probably to do with their parents or something...or a girl...I don't know...or just keep avoiding it like it I did and when they're about to explain; BOOM something else happens to change the subject)

I am so looking forward to Nicholas Rogers aka Corporal America smashing USAgent's shield into Karl Zemo's face!

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