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Iron Army comm/armory annex Shreveport, Louisiana 4 days ago

7 stops the Hovertruck just out of sight of the guard doing a routine security sweep. "This place should have what we need."


A few moments later Vision, 7 and David meet up and indicate the security has been dealt with. Vision asks, "Non-lethal force?"

7 nodded, "As promised, no unnecessary death."

David pointed out, "But that was a somewhat savage beating though."

7 shrugged as he went to open the door. Once inside he activated a device that disabled all the security drones inside and they made their way to the comm center. A tech who was monitoring the systems ran into them in the hall and 7 went to knock him out but Vision held his fist as he asked the man,"Are you a Soldier?"

The frightened man shook his head while still guarding his face with his arms. 7 sighed, "The exit is that way, and don't bother hitting the alarm its been disabled."


As 7 finished up some physical upgrades to Vision the android called Carol Danvers to inform her of his upload from her files. After a quick conversation Vision found a video of the Iron Army slaughter people in the streets of New York. This upset him a great deal. He instantly acquired a list of names and put a priority on those who could be most useful or the most dangerous.

Once his download finished he looked to 7 and thanked him for the help before going intangible and floating through the ceiling.

Just outside Doomstadt, New Latveria, 3 days ago

Ares stood in a field barking orders at his nephew, " On your feet boy, the blood of Zeus runs in your veins."

Jason breaths heavily as he pushes himself up. The machine on his shoulders manipulating gravity to make itself heavier. It is currently set at 97 tons. He makes it to his feet and glares at Ares who looks unimpressed, "Now run with it, 50 laps."

Jason looks shocked, "I can barely stand." Ares glares back, "That sounds like your problem, now Move boy."

As he runs Perun approaches Ares, "How goes the training."

Ares looks over, "Kid's doing pretty well, pretty terrible with a sword but the hand to hand is coming along. Almost got the street thug beaten out of him."

Perun nodded and handed Ares a message from Carol. He opened the small video device and turned it on as Jason came up to him after finishing his laps. The video shows Iron Soldiers slaughtering people in New York's Latverian Quarter. And then the device goes to static for a second before the face of Vision appears and he speaks, his voice comes in through the comms as well. "To any who will heed the call, Avengers Assemble."

Jason tosses off the machine, "Well, you heard the man."

As he ran off toward the small house to grab his gear Perun asks Ares, "Is he ready for this?" Ares grinned, "He's his father's son, couldn't stop him if I wanted to."

Near Madison, Wisconsin 3 days ago

Nicholas Rodgers sits by a campfire cooking himself some lunch when the Traveler pops up beside him. He jumps to his feet, "How about some warning pal."

The Traveler shrugs, "Where's the fun in that?"

Rodgers sits back down, "You got a name?"

The Traveler nods, "Yeah, but it has 18 syllables and its in an alien language that you don't have the vocal cords to pronounce."

He gives him a wary look,"Traveler it is then. Look man, I'm not much good in a team. That cluster stark on the moon proved that."

The Traveler nodded, "Wasn't exactly a highlight I'll give you that but the super hero team thing is like sex, the first time is always awkward, sloppy and you'll want to lie about how great it went to your friends."

Nicholas shook his head at the metaphor as the Traveler continued, "You need a bit of perspective."

The Traveler grabbed Nicholas by the arm and suddenly they were on a glacier in the North Atlantic. Nicholas looked up and saw a man falling toward the icy water and moved to save him but the Traveler stopped him, "This is a fixed point in time, can't change it. That man is Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America. This is the moment he was supposed to die. See that super soldier formula would protect him from the cold but it wouldn't stop him from drowning."

The Traveler then pointed out a man on another glacier, "That's me freezing time around his lungs, so the air in them will hold till he gets found. See I knew he was supposed to die, I was warned that saving him was a mistake but I just knew he deserved better so I helped."

Nicholas looked over, "How was this a screw up, he was one of the world's greatest heroes?"

The Traveler nodded as he took them forward in time to the scene of a vicious battle. A creature who Nicholas recognized as Thanos from the video he'd seen from the New Latverian incident. As all the heroes laid beaten around him Captain America still stood up to Thanos and said something they couldn't quite hear.

The Traveler spoke again, "Before this, Thanos wasn't particularly fond of humanity, he saw you as an obstacle and a bit of an annoyance but this is the exact moment he began to see you as an actual threat. That's why he came to Earth a few months back and that's why he almost caused reality to collapse. So yea your mission sucked but my screw up cost thousands of lives and came with in seconds of ending everything."

Nicholas was silent as they returned to the campsite, "Well that was enlightening but I still don't see how that changes the facts."

The Traveler dropped his head, "Look, you aren't even supposed to exist, literally thousands of people died so that you could and to be honest you owe them better. I'm not asking you to be Captain America, I'm just asking you to keep what he stood for alive."

New York city 3 days ago

Vision looked around the empty field where the Avengers mansion once stood, he sunk deep into the ground and discovered the sub levels had been ripped apart and now sat in disrepair. Nothing was left. He rose from the ground and noticed a man sitting under a tree with a blanket over his head to keep the rain off. Vision looked to him, "What happened to the house that once stood here?"

The man Anthony Salazar shouted back, "Ain't you ever had a history class, place got torn down around a 150 years ago."

Vision looked over the man, "You wear the uniform of Clint Barton, have you taken on his mantle?"

Before he could answer a group of Iron soldiers arrived, "Freeze Salazar."

Anthony put his hands up as they approached but Vision rose from the ground between them and ordered, "Leave this place."

One of the soldiers chuckled, "Whose gonna make us, Red?"

The gem on his forehead began to glow and a beam passed over each of the 5 soldiers. Suddenly their armor fell to the ground. Vision had cut it apart leaving only a pile of worthless scrap around the now frightened soldiers. Vision then repeated loudly, "Leave."

Anthony walked up next to Vision, "You just kicked a hornets nest there friend."

Vision turned his head, "I need to find a communication center."

Anthony nodded, "Well you kept me out of prison for another day so I guess I owe you some help with that."

Sky over the mid west, Moving rapidly by. 3 days ago

Distain asks the Supremis, "Any idea how that machine over rode every communication device on the planet, you can't even do that."

The armor responded, "It seems to have accessed Ferrum's satellite system and forced an override."

Distain grumbled, "So its a Ferrum trap?"

The Armor replied, "It seems Ferrum is just as baffled by it as you, I traced the signal back to a Holo-Plus at a mall in Manhattan."

Distain stopped mid air, "This thing hacked the most secure communication network on Earth from a phone store at a mall?"

The Armor replied, "It would seem so."

Darrius chuckled, "Okay, my interest is piqued."

Brazil, 3 days ago

Jessica Mongoose sets on a building roof across from a hotel with a sniper rifle. Her target was a judge who had recently spoke out against some of Ferrum's business practices. She had tried to take him out at his home but after seeing his children present for some reason she couldn't explain she just couldn't bring herself to do it in front of them.

Now as she took aim her hand shook, she dropped down and grumbled to herself, "What is wrong with you girl?"

She then sighed and took aim but the thought of his children crept back into her mind and then she remembered seeing the look from Sable's daughters as they watched their mother die and she couldn't stop herself from tearing up a bit. She steadied her aim at the man but before she pulled the trigger a bullet hit him. She looked back and saw Scalphunter behind her with a rifle, "You can thank me later babe, boss man wants us state side."

He looked her over, "You sick or something?"

She shook her head, "Fine, having an off day."

Scalphunter found it a bit odd that she made no effort to insult him for the first time since they'd met but put it aside, "Mind if we stop for tacos."

She shook her head, "This isn't Mexico."

He looked down, "What they don't have tacos in Brazil? Racist."

She gritted her teeth as he activated the teleportation device.

(To be continued)

The will actually be interacting with each other next chapter

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@YoungJustice: Thanks, it'll start picking up some next chapter when the group starts coming together.

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@joshmightbe said:

Rodgers sits back down, "You got a name?"

The Traveler nods, "Yeah, but it has 18 syllables and its in an alien language that you don't have the vocal cords to pronounce."

ha ha ha clever!

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Anthony nodded, "Well you kept me out of prison for another day so I guess I owe you some help with that."

That's cool, Vision helps him, he helps Vision, very quid pro quo :)

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"Mind if we stop for tacos."

She shook her head, "This isn't Mexico."

He looked down, "What they don't have tacos in Brazil? Racists!"

Bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha very good!

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@batkevin74: Next one is coming soon, glad you like it so far

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